PPN Shows

True liberty consists of four individual and important aspects. They are, “Spiritual, Political, Financial & Health”. Complete freedom & liberty is when one has partial or total control of each of these aspects in their lives. The importance of freedom and liberty dictate the show topics and subject matter covered in PPN Shows.

These are the hosts and shows broadcasting on PPN.

PPN Shows

  • Brent Winters - Common Lawyer Common Lawyer Brent Allan Winters

    Our common-law way of life and thought, says Brent, is not only the lifeblood and backbone of our U.S. Declaration of ’76 and Constitution, but is also the object of zeal that delivered our country to nationhood and remains the fellowship that defines Americans to the world. […]

  • Healing with Dr. Daniels Healing with Dr. Daniels

    While practicing medicine, Dr. Jennifer Daniels noticed that, despite compliance on the part of patients, the patients seemed to worsen under the care she had been trained to provide. She decided to give patients a choice between The Standard of Care, (doing nothing), and Natural Therapies, (diet, lifestyle, supplements, cleansing, herbs). Dr. Daniels found that the death rate in her medical practice went from four a year to zero. […]

  • Monty Ray Monte Ray Legal Dynamite

    Over the past 200 years, scholars, legislators and jurists have largely succeeded in creating an illusory, counterfeit legal system, parallel to the real one. I call it the Legal Matrix. Our real legal system is like a Rembrandt masterpiece that has been painted over. I am a legal archeologist. I search for real law buried beneath 239 years of deception and incompetence. I would like to share with you the treasure I have uncovered — […]

  • DJ (Donna Jean) - Pure Energy Connections Pure Energy Connections

    Let’s share how to be Eco-Friendly Warriors, Self-Sustainable, Aware, growing our own Food, and find Truth in all that Is, along with Empowering ourselves with the God given abilities available to us in order to have a quality future delivering Peace, Healing, and Happiness to all. […]

  • Remnant Report with Brian Howard Remnant Report with Brian Howard

    The mission is simple, a platform where we seek to separate the truth from lies and light from darkness. Like peeling back the layers of an onion, we dissect current events and topics to include our YAH given rights, the right to travel freely and the instrument that is used…..the birth bond. Remnant’s awakening is at hand and that Day draws nearer. […]

  • Roger Sayles Roger Sayles Radio Ranch

    Join us on The Radio Ranch and let us help you not only truly understand what has been done/is being done to us but, ‘much’ more importantly how you can “recapture” not only your true God Given Laws but also TRUE “Constitutional PROTECTIONS!” NOT the ‘civil rights’ most of you currently have been saddled with using “Treachery and Deceit” .. […]

  • Jim Ramm - Your DIY Health Your DIY Health

    Sarge discovered Dr. Joel Wallach and his research that proved that there are Ninety Essential Nutrients that every vertebrate (including humans) needs every single day to maintain proper health and that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO GET THEM FROM THE FOODS WE EAT! When Sarge began supplementing with the 90 Essential Nutrients for his body weight he was able to reverse the vast majority of his health issues within 30 days! […]