Pure Energy Connections

Where we Connect in Truth, Share Ideas, Heal and Manifest our Dreams!

Pure Energy Connections will explore Biomagnetism, Herbalogy, Dowsing, Kinesiology, Sound-Wave Technologies, including the Memory of Living Structured H2O, and how Electro-Magnetic frequencies affect the Body & Mind. We can learn Awareness in Food and Product, and, the Field of Consciousness, advancing to greater Meditations and the Art of stilling the Mind for abundance in Life. We will also look in to Quantum Theories, the Holographic Universe, Time, and more.

Consciousness and the Mind have abilities far beyond what most of us knew and/or used, and I believe that we should be able to Heal and Manifest anything in this Reality.

Donna Jean - Pure Energy ConnectionsI'm Dj, short for Donna Jean. My Father, a Purple Heart Marine, God Bless him, allowed me to find my way without pressures of a specific religion, and taught me to be Strong, Athletic, Shoot a bow n arrow, Fish, and showed me how to be Responsible, Dependable and Ethical, and how to look and think outside the box.

Truth in my opinion is a Journey - Our Truth and 'Knowing' comes from within, and our Future is a result of our current thoughts and internal visions.

Let's share how to be Eco-Friendly Warriors, Self-Sustainable, Aware, growing our own Food, and find Truth in all that Is, along with Empowering ourselves with the God given abilities available to us in order to have a quality future delivering Peace, Healing, and Happiness to all.


Pure Energy Connections

  • Life Coach, Creator V.I. Meditations 27+ yrs
  • Food, Product, Electromagnetic Awareness
  • Certified Biomagnetist "Wellness of the Future"
  • Essential Oils and our Health, "Young Living"
  • Studies in: Acupressure / Kinesiology / Herbalogy & Iridology
  • Trauma/Emotional Release Therapy
  • Avid Researcher / Marketing & Voice Over/Videography
  • Basic & Adv QE Healing Certification
  • Theta Healer Certification
  • REIKI I & II Degree 10-05-97
  • USUI SHIKI REIKI Master & Teacher
  • Licensed RE Assoc 21+ yrs
  • 9 Yrs Lic Mtg Broker - Retired; Reg. RE Appraiser - Retired

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