380 vs 22 vs 9mm

Easier to rack, than most 380’s, it also has fair three dot sights and has less recoil, just like you would think. I’m 60 & have several guns. Using hollow points placing 2 or 3 rounds in your attackers center of mass will stop anything smaller than a grizzly. Fill in your Billing Details and create an account password. Some give it the small-bullet talk while others compare it favorably to the decently regarded 380 ACP round. I’d take a 22LR over a knife any day. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!

The only reason to choose one is if you’re too feeble to control anything else. One ball, followed by a hollow point etc.. depends on the level of clothing. Common sense dictates: use what is comfortable and confidence-inspiring for YOU. I chose Privy Partisan 95 grain FMJ.

I have arthritis in hands so I want something that I can control good. my glock 19 was crap. Finally someone who realizes that not all of us are gym-crazed fitness nuts in the prime of our lives!

After looking at the available data, I have concluded that the LCP effectiveness would be limited to BGs who might be reluctant to risk an additional bodily orifice. of yore. My carry gun will keep me safe until I get to my “backup 9”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. HOOrah! .22 .380acp 9mm .38/357mag .40cal and .45acp were the test pistol calibers used and all were of normal size barrels as would be average to mid to full framed pistols one would carry. There are many more like us out here who desire to protect themselves and struggle to find information from people who will tell us the truth and not be worried about looking like the biggest John Wayne (meaning the coolest/baddest of course) in the room. It has about 68 percent more energy than the .380 Auto.

I love my little TCP. However, once the distance gets over 15 yards, accuracy is very difficult unless you are expert who practices often. Smaller, easier to pull, with ammo made to do damage is exactly what I need. It is a delicate situation to deal with, but I offer to let them shoot my .380 if they are struggling. P.S. I don’t see why you can’t hide a Glock 17 — though I don’t carry a Glock,I do carry a S&W M&P (similar size) in a Alien Gear IWB Holster with wearing a Next size up polo shirt or a unbuttoned “overshirt” with no problems — I work as a Close Protection Agent (Bodyguard) and sometimes “Dress Down” dressing like I said here and the weapon (S&W M&P) “hides” just fine. I hope I never have to find out. My wife trains with it when she isn’t shooting her Henry lever action .22, which my son-in-law and the grandchildren love to shoot too. The 380 was to be a back up, but carrying 2 firearms was a pain. I carry a .380 but it is loaded with very specialized ammo designed specifically for maximum internal damage to human tissues with very high resulting body cavity pressures. Got some 9mm and .308 today and the local wallmart was well stkoced, only thing out was .223. .

You are right on point about the .380. It is for home protection since I lost my husband.

I carried it in a shoulder rig along with 2 extra mags. We were convinced on the 9mm SW Shield, but, handling tipped the scale to the .380 Ruger LCP 2. Highway Patrol Academy. I love to shoot that gun. No point getting the authorities involved because someone thinks I’m the bad guy. With a 5 pound trigger pull and the easiest racking gun I have ever shot not to mention the lightest recoil I can shot it very accurately and quickly with out pain in my hands. I found that the little extra size and weight made a great difference in hitting the target and a lot easer on my hand. As a retired LEO for over 25 years I can tell you for a fact that no one wants to be shot, regardless of caliber. Stating that she will probably have more fun shooting the latter this making her a better shooter. As someone that will be purchasing my first gun, that’s excellent food for thought. Recoil like a .22, high capacity, and will kill the hell out of anything. Cher went early yesterday, before work, and cleaned out 2 different walmarts of all their .22lr. As an accomplished combat shooting instructor I’ve tried em all from 22 to 44 mag and I love this little round for all the right reasons. Now while most self-defense gunfights are 3 rounds, some are much more. Having been shot with the small 9mm and a Federal HST, I assure you that these are potent. The target dictates the level of precision you need to reach, and that part of the shooting equation never changes. Rapid fire will do the trick. I hope I never have to find out, but if I need to, regardless of the caliber, I’m confident that it will do the trick. This objection deals with identifying the gun and shooter? They end up using the gun as a rock or drop it and use knife or hard hands at that point. I was attacked by 2 pit bulls while I was walking. States can decide about concealed carry but cannot make it illegal to have guns in your house provided you followed 1-5 above.4. I also have a 380 Darringer just to have two extra shots if needed, just saying. Accomplish you have almost any? Then the Ruger LCP came out, and I got one. Maybe that will change with our new president. 9mm is a round that goes thru-thru. There is nothing wrong with a .380. You will not have the time to reload your revolver. I like the idea of the 10 shot mag.!!! Remember though, in any type of defensive situation with typical people who don’t practice much it will be decision making, not accuracy that brings you through safely. Sounds good, makes alot of noise but can you hit the barn. Before I purchased a pistol for my wife we went to our local range/gunship and tried several calibers. Thanks. (Those folks almost provide a viable argument in favor of gun control! Check out the Bersa Thunder 380CC. – Comparing the best guns for self defense: Learn when a.380 beats a 9mm in this Personal Defense Network article. If you insist on mouse gun size and weight, I agree you should stick to mouse gun calibers. Shot spread is about 3 inches.. That 40 inch spread you think about is at 40 yards. He shot the first block with a 9mm, small hole going in, larger hole (approx. NY tried the same thing, with the same result. While I regularly carry a .40, I often carry a .380 as backup and as an alternative choice when being discreet is an imperative requirement. 1-2-3.

That concerns me the most, because I can reload damn near anything else and have been stockpiling reloading supplies for some time now. The shooting world should stop and think about the end use of the gun, not how much raw power it produces. This was a good article. The ‘380’ is a good, ‘entry level’ firearm particularly for inexperienced shooters. A few stand out, but most suffer from shallow penetration in a .380.

My experience…a BIG bore is good for the first shot, recoil and re-targeting are a huge problem with rapid fire.

Btw getting hit with a marble or frozen paintball at 875 fpa can still kill you. A good 9mm that fills your hand is good for self defense with the right bullets. I use rounds similar to the old Black Talon round or the Golden Saber and have never had a feeding or ejecting problem. Glock: US.Glock.com At age 25 I owned a 357 magnum long barrel it was way too heavy and awkward. The .32 I leave in the glove box. Please do not move in next to me. I have blown heads half off with those rounds. The gun is typical for its class with a short 2 3/4 inch barrel and a 6+1 capacity. Problem is that he’s using that fatally flawed data to prove his point, yes I’ve read that article. I don’t like the trigger pull but it’s a very concealable piece. Facts, as John Adams pointed out, are stubborn things. https://discreetarmsdealer.com. A .380 Hydra-Shock hollow point type shell fills that bill nicely. I liked the pistol and learning to fire it was a real experience. At the end of the day, the best defense weapon in the world, is the one you have with you when you need it. Not to mention the internal carnage.

My advice - before you drop $$$ on anything - wait until after the class. Put hollow points in your 380 & rest easy. One of the more concise, to-the-point, unbiased articles I’ve read about this discussion. It comes with a “rug” and I found that by turning the weapon muzzle down and outboard again, ready to hand for retrieval, inside the rug which would remain unzipped, it fit the pocket perfectly, did NOT print (it looked even to experienced riders much like any of the different tool rolls riders would carry in exactly the same place. The 22 mag HP is a very serious caliber and round , and most definitely has the speed to penetrate.

This article is great at explaining what I as a gun store employee have been trying to explain to people for years!!! & 45 and prefer to carry the .380 when outside my home. It depends on where you are going and how you are dressed.

Gun sales and transfers will go thru dealers via instant background checks. I won’t want to go small than a .380 like a .22 or .25. If it is a .380, well and good. Thank you. I test fired three of the popular micro 9mm’s only to find, as this author did, I couldn’t get three rounds off, accurately, in time. I’m unclear on where you would put a serail number that couldn’t be removed but could be seen.2 -> All guns so far as I know are fired by the Mfg. That’s a bit out of mouse gun territory. Much better lighter an accurate at times of trouble ! Now reading what you said about the 380 I’m thinking maybe that’s direction I should go. wow, very fair article. Yea, they’re probably at work doing important things, not hanging out in their trailer, in their tighty whities crushing a 30 case of Bush and trying to convince people that Trump isn’t garbage, like I imagine you do every day.

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