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I first brought up Galanz retro refrigerators in my article about affordable retro fridges.

8. I love all of these refrigerators. I’d love to have a whole vintage collection.

Want to see more retro-fridges this size?Click Here–> 7 full size retro refrigerators reviewed.

Quick searches on the Internet give you the impression that there are only a few models and brands to choose from. Use appropriate storage containers that minimize access to air. Ft. Top Mount Freezer RefrigeratorPrice: $298~$566 Online. Unique Appliances retro refrigerator (Model UGP-275L AC) comes in Black, White, and Red. Unique’s 9 cu/ft bottom-mount retro fridge-freezer and it's narrow footprint packs convenient storage options into a design that is both space and energy efficient. They also make a smaller 7 cu/ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator with similar features to this model and available in Light Green. KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender, $104. Low noise compressor for quiet, non-intrusive operation. Transparent Door Bins – Clear bins allow small items to be seen and kept fresh. ft. retro refrigerator comes in both black and red models. The Galanz 12.0 cu.

I’d totally have one of them in my own home. Bottom mounted Freezer compartment with separate door makes for energy-efficient freezing, and keeps the more frequently used refrigerator items within standing reach. In looking for good options for a retro fridge-freezer, I considered both price and functionality. Adjustable glass shelves, and even split door-shelves provide loads of adjustability.

The ones that say manual defrost brings back horrible memories.

plastic containers should be sized appropriately for the amount of food inside, without a lot of extra room for air.

There are plenty of options out there for a “mini” retro refrigerator.

And, that is pretty much the rule when it comes to full size retro refrigerators. Ever since I bought it last year, there has been no regrets so far.

The Chambers MRS330-09 comes in 3 colors: Ice White, Butter Cream, and Sky Blue. Adjustable and removable Glass Shelves with Interior LED Lights for easy viewing of stored items. For example, they are branded as “Caloric” in Canada, and “Gorenje” in the UK.

Unique’s 9 cu/ft bottom-mount retro fridge-freezer and it's narrow width packs convenient storage options into a design that makes it easier to fit in more spaces within your home, cottage, bar, she-shed, or man-cave.

Nnniiiccceeeeee….my own “HiSense” back home is exactly like the “Galanz Retro Refrigerator Freezer, 12 cu. Thanks! Get your dream outdoor kitchen up and running THIS summer! You’ll find uses for this blender every day, whether you’re making a smoothie in the morning, or using it to blend soups, dressings, or sauces.

No more forgotten items spoiling due to “out of sight, out of mind.”. From the shelves, to the door-bins, to the specific-use drawers, it gives you generous storage options and adaptability. Ft. Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorPrice: $619~$749 Online.

When we buy our home, I’m seriously considering getting some.

Smaller, more compact refrigeration doesn’t have to be an uninspiring box. ft. Bottom Freezer, Unique Retro Refrigerator, 9 cu ft Bottom Mount Freezer, Galanz Retro Refrigerator Freezer, 12 cu. Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the post!

Convenient Drawers – Deep crisper drawer for all your fresh produce. ft. and larger is considered full-size. You might also have a particular retro feel in mind that you would like to bring to your otherwise modern home. Whatever the reason, these slightly smaller models come with an array of modern features, and space-saving designs that allow you to store enough food for the family and not feel like you're missing out on anything. It also includes a small “freezerette” icebox for convenience. As a general rule of thumb, stock your freezer with two to three pounds of food per cubic foot of space. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in Summer Mint Green, ENERGY STAR. At first glance this appears to be any ol’ Keurig. I've been running around the internet looking for better options, and here's what I've learned: So, in this article, I hope to introduce you to a few options that are more affordable, AND more adaptable to your space and budget. But, if you're looking for a retro fridge that: … then you might want to consider this mid-range category. I have been looking into these fridges for a while but couldn’t decide.

This has made me think a lot better about the choices. Now I got the whole list from you. 2 separate adjustable thermostats allow for optimal control over each compartment. I would find myself with any of those and be totally happy.

Or, maybe because it takes more expensive materials to “make them like they used to,” they need to skimp on size a bit to make it more affordable. I hope this article has given you a good place to start on your search for the best retro fridge for your budget and space. ft. and larger. Now I want to do the same for my family! Local store prices may vary from those displayed.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I’m in a need for such refrigerators for my new home. Dishwashing has never been so easy with this high-performance Whirlpool dishwasher. These are such cool retro fridges! So many of the microwaves in our homes or apartments are massive, installed years before manufacturers figured out how to get the same functionality in a smaller-footprint design. The PrintShield finish resists smudges and fingerprints for effortless maintenance, and the third-level rack provides ample space for spatulas, tongs and other long, flat utensils.

Galanz also makes a slightly smaller almost full-sized model at 10 cu. ft (6.4 Refrig; 2.3 Freezer).

View Gallery 25 Photos Dash. They are indeed a little on the skinny side, but that’s because I chose to review a few of the less expensive models. If what you're looking for is a “retro-style” and affordability, you might be willing to sacrifice a couple of cubic feet to get something that looks great in your kitchen (or other room), fits the retro motif, AND fits into your budget. We love the bright turquoise color, certain to put a smile on your groggy face when you brew your first cup of the day. AND, unlike the “Big Three” brands I mention above, you can buy a Chambers or Galanz retro refrigerator at major outlets online (see links in the reviews below). (e.g., As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) And while it would be pretty awesome to keep in an office, it would do just as well in a pantry, game room, basement, or garage to store extra drinks or snacks. ft. Galanz retro refrigerators are available in several other smaller sizes from 3.1 to 7.6 cu.

Complete with a four-cup coffee maker, a four-slice toaster oven, and griddle, this compact multi-use station has everything you need to make breakfast and more. ft. Galanz retro refrigerators come in several other smaller sizes from 3.1 to 7.6 cu. At 9.2 cu. It then maintains the ideal temperature in the refrigerator—regardless of how often you open the fridge—which offsets the thermal shock your food suffers when the open door exposes it to warm exterior air.

Adjustable 4 bottle wine rack for convenient and stable bottle storage. Disclosure: is a professional review site. And if you have any questions or concerns about the options I've listed here, please put those in your comments as well.

The “AdaptTech” technology analyzes how you use your refrigerator and learns to recognize your habits. Thanks for sharing! Also the largest for a company that specialized in retro mini fridges. I’ve never really thought to buy a retro fridge, but they looks so cute! ", "I purchased this at the labor day sale for $259.00, I went to look at a more expensive model but liked this one better, then I found out the price wow, I like the simplicity of pushing 2 buttons and walking away, it does a very good job getting our...", "I purchased this at the labor day sale for $259.00, I went to look at a more expensive model but liked this one better, then I found out the price wow, I like the simplicity of pushing 2 buttons and walking away, it does a very good job getting our dishes clean & is pretty quiet, hard to beat and the price is nice...It washes fine,,, not loud,,, but it does not I repeat DOES NOT dry the dishes,,,, I would have sent it back,,, but I didn't want to go through the hassle because I knew I would be giving it away soon anyway,,,,...Best Buy gave me good price on ", Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 2180 reviews, "It is a tall tub and allows for tall items to easily fit, but the racks seem smaller than our previous dishwasher, so I can't fit as many large bulky items like I did in our previous machine, though if I was only washing place settings it would fit a lot; I'm willing to take that trade-off for how great the dishes come out...When a legend makes dishwashers, and they offer an affordable version that's a removable shelf or two, and a large food grinder in the drain hole (who throws plates full of food in the dishwasher anyway...Got this washer special.

Finally, a dishwasher that gets it done right, the first time. I'm also giving you links to manuals, videos, and places to purchase, so that you will be well-informed enough to make your decision on whether or not, and where, to buy. I love them. I hope that helps! haha, Don’t they, though?
Most models are available in both right-hand and left-hand hinges.

Retro Mini Refrigerator with Dual Door and True Freezer in Black, 7.6 cu.ft. Whirlpool - 24" Front Control Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher - Black.

ft. retro bottom mount refrigerator transports you back to the 50s with its iconic retro design and chrome finished accents. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in Ocean Mist Turquoise, ENERGY STAR, 12.0 cu. Unfortunately, the blue color is not available in the US. This Retro Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator is the latest in the Galanz retro refrigerator line.

I wish I have one right now. Main Results.

ft. total capacity that features a full width manual-defrost “freezerette” compartment, 4 glass shelves, wine rack, crisper, and 4 door shelves.

You may have to shop around a bit to find which colors are available at your favorite stores, but you'll usually get a pretty good selection wherever they're sold. We love the chrome detail and straightforward functionality of this Cuisinart mixer.

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