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Chris, STOP saying you follow any sort of God you lying sack of crap.

He was still bad, even when reviewing bad NES games like LJN's Back To The Future, but he only got worse, once he started bashing good games like Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Aladdin on the SNES. I'm excited for some of those games. I have commented before that Puppet Steve is worse than Irate Gamer and and Dan just highlighted why. I've actually seen that video before. ", Losing Pose: Screams on a plush mario mushroom. Badr began uploading video game review parodies around 2010 and, similar to AVGN, focused on reviewing low-quality, bad games. That's the problem!-_-. ", Sophie: "This has been our commentary on Game Dude's Mario Kart review. I thought that was a nice Nintendo Direct today. ", Option 2: "You're awesome, but you suck!

You expected yourself to drive off to another part of the track, which you thought it was possible to do in Mario Kart 64? Look at the sunlight behind all the clouds in the dream-like background shines over the simplicity of the reflective ice while the incredible dream-like music plays and the classic Mario Kart flag approaches from the distance., Nitpicking at everything in the games he reviews, Conker (Even though he said he'll conquer it and that he concurs that it sucks), Kirby (Because he sucks more than a vacuum), "Some say Conker now sucks, but I concur, and I will conquer Conker! Mainly because Chris has deleted so many harmless videos, yet for some reason is keeping this one up. ", Sophie: "They're called Piantas, not Delfinos. His series, Game Dude, ran for 3 seasons and was cancelled 3 years later. Incident with them being let go in 2015 now a few former producers opening up about mistreatment by management marzgurl refering to this as abuse, If you are interested, here is a link to a lot of relevant threads: Oh, I'm a goner, dammit!" ", Game Dude: "Now look at this, Delfinos and Miis at the exact same time! "Chris goes on to claim that he has interacted with dozens of girls with similar looks and dressing habits and they all carried the same baggage. Alexander4488, real name Alexander Badr, more commonly known as Game Dude was a Canadian YouTuber who uploaded video game review parodies, similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd.

IT'S THE END OF THE UNIVERSE!! ", "Woah, settle down, boy, stop bothering the tree, now put your nuts away. ", Game Dude: "Double Dash is just one big silly playground, AND THE CHARACTER SELECTION IS DILUTED WITH A MASSIVE PILE OF WATERY HIPPOPOTAMUS DIARRHEA!

", Sophie: "Peanut isn't joking, Alex.

Apparently we're not allowed to move on from our mistakes. Same here, I wish the NC could be more like the CS and just do straight up reviews.

Like we don't need Rosalina, Daisy, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Ape with Pauline--", Peanut: "The joke you tried to make was messily executed. I feel sorry for all those contributors who had to suffer at their hands!I guess "Channel Awful" is being too nice! 242

List of Characters in Versions of Smash Bros Lawl, Possible Lawl Toon: Brother Location Characters, ", A thing I made up. Alexander Badr is a producer and director, known for Game Dude (2007) and DealBreaker (2016).

thank you, Edge and Dave for the well wishes :). First of all, how are they busy, silly, and different? Don't judge stats by appearance. Note that bold indicates Game Dude's lines. ^^, Ah, I remember him, those were the days...... ^^.

I gave up on Doug somewhere between GHOST RIDER and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Wish me luck. I'm going to be honest, part of me REALLY wants to report this video for bullying. I'm really glad I did it!" Linkara has left Channel Awesome. The problem is that he takes cartoons TOO seriously! Okay, I'm calling it. SuperMega also referenced Game Dude a few times during their lets plays. Damnit Lissa, your useless!! Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Looking back, however, I actually--Nevermind. What good is being Jason if you can't even do cool ghost stuff? Jelly: "My name's Jelly Otter," (picks up Baby Butter) "And this is … Italics indicate actions within Game Dude's video. Also, how exactly are they assholes to you? ", Down Taunt: *While holding a bucket of Sports games* "Who would want these", Up Taunt: *Holds the Sonic Heroes cover* "Sonic LOSERS!, SEGA hates you! As many awesome and memorable games as have come out in the past couple of years, could you imagine if he tried to talk about them? I look forward to any feedback you give and you're welcome, dude. ?” Or “I’m not sure who voiced these characters, but ether they used auto tune or they have the most pathetic people to play them!”, Dark Souls Remastered is just too hard! Alanna's parents quickly called the police and Badr was sentenced to court.

What happened to all that super cool fighting in Hyrule Warriors? By the way, with the unimportance thing, refer to my earlier statement, since I'm not repeating myself. I just think that the Adpocalypse caused him to make a couple of questionable decisions.

", Game Dude: "And you know what's really annoying? It's awesome if you ask me! Or reviewing Breath Of The Wild and being like "What?

Alexander Badr (Game Dude) as himself (archived footage) Transcript.

POO.F.O. Not to mention the Nerdspired disclaimer at the end to try to prove he was inspired by the AVGN, which was more like copying him. Puppet Steve is literally the most cynical approach to creating a YouTube channel. And Linkara was the one guy who defended Doug despite all the abusive work conditions back in the day.

In summary: Thomas go all over place, super cool. I used to like him, but he's been more complaining than actually reviewing! No matter what you do, you die, you die, you die. ", "Now he looks like a hairy shitball wedged inside a squirrel's anus! Enter is notorious for getting into a rant over the slightest flaw that anyone would just call for 1 second. You're not healthy. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but that Black Friday movie that Chris was in is no longer viewable. Birdo appeared in Super Mario Bros.

That site should be called "Channel Anarchy"!+_+#, Doug Walker looks like a psychopath now that he’s bald, In the newest Steve video, he's moved up tomisquoting Shakespeare, many times.

To be clear, I have no issue with anyone advocating or opposing gun control. And of course, anything thing he could've ever said about Undertale would probably have resulted in him getting literally crucified.

Wasn't he that egotistical retro-whatever gamer?But I think you can tell what I think of YW!^-^. ", Game Dude: "This is magic. What a load of bouncing grasshopper shit! Alexander4488 Enter takes shows really seriously. He constantly revises his shitty game reviews while failing to realize that his reviews are still unfunny and boring to listen to. My issue is Chris implying this young woman may be psychologically damaged or even abused simply because of the way she looks. That for wusses. Now, he's crying about invisible walls and no rumble on a game THAT CAME OUT BEFORE THE DUALSHOCK3! Dodging? From then on it was just bashing classics for stupid reasons. I can't see them looking like private parts. ", Game Dude: "Baby Park is way too small and should've been a battle stage instead. In the revisions I saw on YouTube, you didn't elaborate more, kept your contradictions and/or errors, added and removed clips to make the review barely better or worse depending on the game you're tackling, and called it a revised review. But if the movie isn't well known, then just make it a review and call it a day. ", Game Dude: "There's a nice variety of karts, but once you get the gold one, the rest are useless. This is the pilot episode of Sophie and PB&J's Rotten Reviews. I left a comment on an Alphabet Bunch video saying "The Alphabet Bunch is the perfect predecessor to the Letter People. But at least he admits it's one of his flaws. You could've used research before writing your script. Oh, like the kind you don't resort to.This would be a gift to the IG Parody community if they still cared. Also, you must unlock them later on in the game, so it's definitely not Mii Kart. ", Sophie: "Also, that comparison was invalid. There's a 99% chance that it the blaster can fire it at himself and dealing 6% damage.

Oh, and what's wrong with difference? Fearing I'm jumping the gun with the book right now. No, you're Chris so I said exactly what I mean. Heck, you mentioned him right before you copied his line! Sell custom creations to people who love your style.

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