alumacraft competitor 165 cs reviews

We’re talking no changing the gearcase lube, no spring tune-ups, not even going to the dealer for winterization since the engine fogs itself. The model I saw at the Toronto International Boat Show was shown with the optional vinyl rear casting platform that had hidden below it, a pair of seats that flipped up with one solid motion. And with a dry weight of 955 pounds you could tow it on a single axle trailer behind your bicycle. After years of watching friends go out and buy boats of their own, my constant begging and pleading finally paid off and my wife caved. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the, 2 persons, 1/2 fuel, no water, 25 lbs. 2020 Alumacraft Escape 165CS Review. My story may not be all that unique. The Competitor 165 series redefines efficiency. Families. For now, I’m running an Endura 55lb thrust transom mount I stole off my old duck hunting boat. The dealer I went to, Lakeside Marine, had some smoking deals on boats, especially some new pontoon boats from a few years back. Horsepower 90 hp 67 kW Max. Nothing wrong with them, but I wanted to mount something specific to my boat. The Evinrude E-TEC line, and the 50-hp in particular, is impressive. Alumacraft is one of the largest builders of aluminum boats and 16' is its most popular size. I inherited a 14 ft V-hull boat that was older than I am and has more leaks than a colander, but I used it regardless until it became just too dangerous. Compared to other boats from other brands, the Alumacraft Escape 165CS is a great buy! How much maintenance are we talking about? When we tested the Evinrude E-TEC 50 she was purring smoothly without a hint of struggle, and not only gave our Alumacraft Classic 165 CS a respectable top speed, but a cruise of 19.2 mph (30.9 kph) getting a noteworth 9.16 mpg (3.89 kpl). The boat held tight in turns thanks to this design feature and exhibited no jumping off track with each wave we hit. Horsepower 90 hp 67 kW Max. All said, at the end of the day, this engine showed some serious muscle. It cost just under $17,000 with the boat, motor and trailer, including taxes and licensing. My story may not be all that unique. I use a Raymarine Element 9HV with their HV-100 transducer. * At 16 feet 4 inches, with a modest 82 inch beam it’s the quintessential 16 foot fishing package. Powering across the lake at 25 mph confirmed that the ride of Alumacraft’s Classic 165 CS is the quality I liked best. We took the amenities you only expect to find in larger rigs and designed just the right layout to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need on the water and still have an open floor plan with excellent fishability. 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This means a range of 114 miles. My boat did not come with one installed, but that was not a huge concern. The truth behind these is that most dealers only sell a couple of those boats a year and it’s boats like the Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport that they sell by the truckload - and for good reason. It is a fairly low profile windshield that has the top aimed straight at your face, so I expected that I’d be getting a face full, but it never happened. Derrek Sigler. To Get full access to this content, please: When we tested the Evinrude E-TEC 50 she was purring smoothly without a hint of struggle, and not only gave our Alumacraft Classic 165 CS a respectable top speed, but a cruise of 19.2 mph (30.9 kph) getting a noteworth 9.16 mpg (3.89 kpl). How about no maintenance for three years or 300 hours? Created for Boaters by Boaters; providing the ultimate resource for researching and shopping for new & used boats of all types. We weren't able to post your message, please check the highlighted fields and try again. Historically setting the standard. Meet the Canik TP9 Elite Combat, Semi-Auto VS. Revolver: Pros and Cons for Concealed Carry, There’s a new SAINT in town: Field Trial of Springfield Armory’s SAINT Victor 308 AR Rifle, Summer Concealed Carry Guide: Tips for Carrying Concealed During Warmer Months. ; wind: 10 mph; seas: light chop, Rod storage-center floor up to 7' (Fisherman). Add the weight of the engine itself (240 lbs., 109 kg. Weighing in at only 895 lbs. That means you can run for 9.5 hrs for only $70.00. Evinrude, in the meantime, developed a cleaner-burning two-stroke E-TEC motor that is more efficient than many four strokes, and superbly quiet. Stability was also an important factor. And two, you can often score a little better deal than if you order one, especially if it’s new old stock. If you’re ready to buy, and like to hunt down the best deals, buying off the lot is the way to go in my opinion. You can often have this sent to a local dealer and they will walk you through the final steps to place the order. Our fishermen(and women) are hardcore and you will often find smallmouth bass anglers stretching the season out to the end of November. 225 watt handling power and 50 to 20,000Hz frequency response, 3 deluxe seats w/driver air ride pedestal, Combination USB and Aux adapter, charge port. Heading to the bow through the walk through windshield you will find first the massive 34 gallon livewell. 2016 Alumacraft Classic 165 CS. It has a big screen and it takes up a sizeable chunk of the dash, but it really is amazing. This translates into a rigid hull that was virtually absent the flexing and oil drumming that sometimes manifests itself in less stalwart aluminum designs. What this helm layout does is opens up a ton of space for Graphs, as that’s most important to any angler. One of the main factors for choosing an Alumacraft was quality. And with the modest price tag that this boat comes with you can spoil yourself with the upgraded graph, because hey you have the room for it! Evinrude is part of BRP, the Canadian company that owns, among other things, Can-Am, Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo. Fogs itself? Specifications, options and standard features are subject to change without notice. This means that when you stand on them, or jump up and down on them as I did, they’ll retain their shape. Copying or re-using any of the material, in whole or in part, on this site, including data, photos, articles and videos is strictly forbidden without the written permission of, LLC. Hull Thickness 0.145” 3.7 mm Freeboard Thickness 0.065” 1.7 mm Weight 1,040 lbs 472 kg Max. These charts give you detailed maps of most major bodies of water and coastline in North America, along with hot spots and tips on where to fish for specific species. of gear, 85 deg., 72% humid. The brand has an outstanding reputation, and when I started looking at what goes into the boat building process, I understood why. Being based in Minnesota, they know what it takes to build a boat that can handle rough conditions, and it shows. 2020 Alumacraft Classic 165 CS. The Raymarine Element 9HV also has full GPS, and I got both Raymarine’s Lighthouse NC2 charts and Navonics + U.S. and Canada charts. As a teenager, I … I wanted to get used to the boat before I added a motor up front anyways, and I’ll most likely add a Minn Kota PowerDrive unit down the road. It pushes my Escape up on plane quickly, even when the boat is fully loaded down, it scoots us across the water just fine. But take this boat out and you’ll see why the ride impresses. Added bonus: There are plenty of cupholders located nearly everywhere you look that perfect for a Big Frig 30oz Tumbler. That’s a pivotal point when the hatches are on a casting deck designed for you to stand on. Copyright © 2020 2020 Alumacraft Escape 165CS Review. Upscale Waterskiing Wakeboard and Sport Boats, Tournament/Professional Waterski, Wakeboard and Towboats. There are two ways to buy a boat; One is to go through the manufacturer’s website and select the boat and options you want. The main hull thickness is .080’’ | .065’’ (2.0 mm | 1.65 mm), and on top of that Alumacraft adds a second set of plates .065” (1.65 mm) thick at the bow where the brunt of any pounding will occur. That means fewer parts to wear out, no valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace. This might be the biggest in this boat’s segment. Located Saratoga Springs New YorkCOMPETITOR 165 CS Overhead Length 16’ 7” 5.1 m Beam 87” 2.2 m Transom Width / Height 87”/20” 2.2 m/0.5 m Max. Derrek Sigler. Operating in salt water? These engines are engineered so well that the maintenance schedule is the first hook that dealers can use to reel in their customers. Alumacraft Classic 165 CS or Competitor 165 Sport I went to the store looking for prices on a Classic 165 CS and the dealer showed me the 165 Competitor Sport and CS boats. See the price by becominga BoatTEST member. The second way to get a new boat is to go to your local dealer – or boat show – and buy one right off the lot. 68 L Livewell Bow 0 gal. We have sent your information directly to the seller. See, Alumacraft offers a couple of brand options, but the most economical move would be to use the parent company-owned Evinrude. Depth 35” 0.9 m Max. After extensive research, I found the boat that checked all prerequisites on my list – the Alumacraft Escape 165CS. Her only requirements were that I find something extremely well-built, and it MUST be affordable. I wanted to keep my options simple, and luckily my local dealer had the boat I wanted in stock., 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. The Alumacraft Escape 165CS was everything I was looking for, and more! Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. My story may not be all that unique. Getting to tuck behind that windshield for the ride home is a welcomed comfort. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of these out on the lakes in 2016 and get to your dealer to make sure you’re the first one in!

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