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", The pediatrician on-call had news: “We think she needs emergency surgery.”. ", The ad was a hit, “one of the smartest political ads I’d ever seen in Minnesota,” said Schultz, the political scientist. — Jonah Goldberg (@JonahDispatch) November 21, 2019 Joe Opatz, the sponsor on the House side, also said the drive-through deliveries bill was “the most significant legislation I was involved in.” He too was motivated by personal trauma — the birth of his son and the hospital’s decision to send his wife packing. Klobuchar hit back claiming that 'it is easy to go after Washington, because that's a popular thing to do. Political Reporter In Exeter, New Hampshire, For, Published: 16:56 EST, 10 February 2020 | Updated: 16:57 EST, 10 February 2020. Klobuchar, who made her living representing big telecom companies, was told to sign forms saying she and John had watched the required videos on infant care, even though there’d been no time to see them. There was some pushback against change in Minnesota. After one arrest, Amy found the word “drunk” plastered across the front of her school locker. California man snaps mystery aircraft that experts believe is successor to SR-71 Blackbird, NASA reestablishes contact with 43-year-old Voyager 2 which is 11.6 BILLION miles from Earth after repairs to antenna in Australia left spacecraft flying solo for seven months, Astronomers find the Moon's 'long-lost twin': Large chunk of rock that broke off from our satellite four BILLION years ago is found hiding behind Mars, Neanderthals and humans were engaged in brutal guerrilla-style warfare across the globe for over 100,000 years, evidence shows, 22% of New Yorkers have Covid antibodies: Study claims coronavirus has infected 1.7 million New York City residents - six times more than the official count, Pregnant women with coronavirus are 25% more likely to give birth prematurely - and face triple the risk of the infection becoming severe, Melania looks sensational in $4,500 chain-print Gucci dress as she votes in 77 degree Florida heat where final pre-election poll shows Biden with a narrow lead, Deutsche Bank 'looks for ways to end its relationship with Trump once the election is over after years of negative publicity' stemming from their dealings, Portland BLM protesters armed with Molotov cocktails run riot on Election Eve, torching a Starbucks and spraying walls with 'All Cops Are B*****ds' graffiti, 'Clueless' De Blasio says there's 'no reason' for businesses to board up their windows despite NYPD calling chaos 'inevitable', COVID-positive Americans CAN vote today, CDC says: People who are sick or in quarantine can still go to polls in masks - but should warn election workers if they are ill, Twitter and Facebook censor Trump by slapping warnings on his posts about 'dangerous' SCOTUS decision to allow late mail-in ballots in PA which he says will cause 'violence on the streets', Presidential candidate Kanye West says he's voting for the first time in his life 'for someone I truly trust... me'. And someone’s got to stand up and fight it.". She’s a 24-year-old aide to a New York city council member. She’s had to leave much of her campaigning to surrogates, friends and relatives who talk about her tenacity and spell out her ideas. 'I freely admit that if you're looking for the person with the most years of Washington establishment experience under their belt, you've got your candidate, and of course it's not me,' he said. She has made her name in Washington on issues such as toy safety, swimming pool standards, anti-sex trafficking measures and clearing the backlog of rape kits in sexual assault cases — topics that sidestep the usual partisan divisions. “I was obsessed with it, reading up on it,” she recalled. Her baby would stay in the hospital for a week and then face a precarious and scary first year. “New Jersey and Maryland were first,” Moore said. On that first day of Abigail’s life, Klobuchar’s friends and relatives called to find out when they could visit her in the hospital. She did a packed day of five campaign events to try and capitalize on her new momentum. “Then it just took off.” Laws requiring a longer minimum stay passed in three states in 1995 and another 25 in 1996. Not for me': Trump says election winner SHOULD be known tonight but admits his team IS preparing for legal challenges that could drag out results, Trump cuts guest list at his planned party inside White House from 400 to 250 saying he'll 'maybe' address the nation - as Biden prepares podium in Wilmington, Solar system puts on a show: All seven planets will be visible in the night sky this week - and you'll be able to see five of them with the naked eye, Troops roll into the battlegrounds: National Guard arrive in Philadelphia and Chicago as Illinois Gov. She got about 60 percent of the women’s vote. The baby “had all her fingers and toes and seemed quite healthy, except for some mucus in her throat,” Klobuchar recalled. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) speaks during a town hall at Nashua Community College on October 25, 2019 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Candidate Amy Klobuchar Unveils Her Left Eye for Democrat Debate Proving She’s Serious About Presidential Run. Yet another left-wing Democrat, this time presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar, has experienced a physical health breakdown on the national stage, which begs the question: What’s going on with the neurological health of all these crazy liberals?. “They didn’t tell her to do that. Klobuchar spoke to legislators for 12 minutes. Klobuchar’s story was set. Now, she geared up to compete for the job in the 1998 election. Play it now. Amy suffered the stings when her father missed birthdays, vanished on Christmas, went AWOL from her college graduation. They're finding a way to express themselves. And I did some research and found that many mothers couldn’t afford the longer stay and in most cases, it just wasn’t necessary.”, Mulder, a Republican who says his defense of the 24-hour stay got him elected against an incumbent Democrat he portrayed as a big spender, scoffed at the show Klobuchar put on: “Heck, I could get a hundred mothers to come to a hearing to say that, but that’s not science.”, But Mulder was realistic enough to see that Klobuchar’s maneuver would likely succeed: “You always get more votes if you side with the little guy, in this case, the baby.

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