australian mountain doodle

Our Australian Mountain Doodles can have a straight, wavy, or curly coat depending on the generation and parents used.

Plus, if anything is starting to happen, you can catch it early and get to the vet before it becomes a bigger issue. They also tend to be athletic dogs, so don’t be afraid to try different activities once they have finished growing. They tend to be a good fit for owners of any experience level. Can't decide between the Aussiedoodle or Bernedoodle?

Our Australian Mountain Doodles tend to shed very little if any at all. All Rights Reserved. Any mixed-breed dog can inherit health conditions common to one, both, or neither of the parent breeds. Tricolor Australian Mountain Doodles are either Black or Choclate and White with the traditional copper trim along their face, legs, chest, and above the eyes. Brushing teeth or using an enzyme toothpaste every day is ideal. Combined with the stellar temperament, loyalty and coat traits derived from the Poodle we knew this would be one extraordinary cross! Because these are average ranges, there can be some variation in the size of your Australian Mountain Doodle.

The Bernedoodle is more chill, more "I'll play and then flump down"; they have an "off button." Although they may take on any combination of traits from their parents, an Australian Mountain Doodle tends to be a friendly dog with a sweet disposition and a working dog nature. Consider the Australian Mountain Doodle where you get the qualities of the Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle that we love all in one package!

The will mature around 45-55 lbs. Basic training should start as soon as you take your Australian Mountain Doodle puppy home.

The Australian Mountain Doodle is a cross between an Aussiedoodle and a Bernedoodle.
As such, it’s important to keep training consistent, focused on positive reward, and to also be prepared for puppy training classes. A Standard Australian Mountain Doodle usually stands 23-25 inches and weighs 50-60 pounds. Over the course of two years we then sought out the perfect pairing to produce our first F1 generation Australian Mountain Doodle litter in 2018.

With working dog instincts, they need a job to do to be happy and need mental stimulation to keep from getting bored. It brings in the following breeds; Australian Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. With the Australian Mountain Doodle you get the best of all three breeds! Obedience classes can be a good idea even if you don’t necessarily need them as they strengthen the bond you have with your puppy and also offer opportunities to socialize a puppy. Combine that with the terrific temperament, the "clownish nature" and coat traits of the Poodle and we have an extraordinary cross! Featuring breed spotlights, seasonal activities, and helpful tips for every level of owner! They love to be with their family and get along great with children, other animals and even strangers. We fell completely in love with the personalities and characteristics that both breeds had to offer and thought how wonderful this mix would be combined together. A beautiful chocolate goldendoodle named Lazeeza and a stunning tri-colored bernedoodle named Henry were the proud parents of the worlds first golden mountain doodle litter. They do well in larger homes with room to run. We were one of the very first breeders to intentionally produce this unique cross! You can also ask to see any relevant health clearances or test results that have been done for the parents or the puppies.

Our goal for our Australian Mountain Doodles is to create a lower energy Aussiedoodle while improving the lifespan of the Bernedoodle side, thus enhancing the main trait that the other breed lacks. The health and smarts of the Australian Shepherd, the sweet and gentle nature of the Bernese, plus the allergy friendly properties and longevity of the Standard Poodle! The Aussiedoodle, sometimes also called an Aussiepoo, is a mixed dog breed that is more popular in the US than they are in Australia. Depending on their parents, Australian Mountain Doodles can either be a standard or miniature size. The Australian Mountain Doodle is a highly intelligent dog that picks up on things quickly and is eager to please. The name Golden Mountain Doodle was coined by Jamie Amell via a competition we held through our Facebook group and this breed has been a hit ever since! mellow, lovable breed with all the qualities we love from the Bernese, Aussie, and Poodle! We are super excited about them. Mountain Home Doodles specializes in multi-generational Australian Labradoodles … T his makes an ideal combination not only in looks but in temperament. Australian Mountain Doodles tend to have a friendly, playful, and upbeat personality and a sweet, gentle disposition. And, they can also adapt to apartment living as long as plenty of time is dedicated to giving them enough exercise, attention, and mental stimulation. We are now working towards perfecting a Multigen Australian Mountain Doodle line and hope to continue to spread the word about our newfound love, the AMD! But, low-shedding is not always low-maintenance. With the Australian Mountain Doodle you get the best of all three breeds! They have a medium energy level and are perfect for those who like outdoor activities or one who prefers to lounge around the house. The Standard Bernedoodle brings together two well-liked dog breeds that will not cover your furniture and floors with fur! They tend to do well in cooler climates.

As with any dog, they are sensitive to heat. This crossbreed is ideal for their temperament. mellow, lovable breed with all the qualities we love from the Bernese, Aussie, and Poodle! T, Australian Mountain Doodle-Mika and Jazper.

Use the options below to find your perfect canine companion!

They may have a working dog instinct, but they are also fantastic family companions.

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