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When the Base Computer becomes available in your Portable Technology menu, you can start building bases. If an older save is updated to the NEXT version of No Man's Sky (version 1.5+), the player will spawn without their base.

For every two units of Sodium and one unit of Condensed Carbon that go into the Large Refiner, we receive six units of Sodium Nitrate out (2:6).

Some 'investigate building' missions may possibly be bugged on planets with lots of water. A player may build only one of each Storage Container, but they can be built at any base they own, including aboard their freighter. When you’re standing at a Teleporter, you’ll be able to scroll through lists of all Teleport targets, Space Stations you’ve visited, your bases, or other players’ bases you’ve visited. Player bases are only visible from the same Game mode, although all uploaded discoveries, system and planet names are shared between all modes & platforms. It’s one-way travel, but it still lets you hop around to gather resources from different planets and systems much more quickly than warping or pulse engine-ing (and your ship follows along with you). To do either of these things, open the Build Menu, and hold down the left control key. Once you have a Base Computer set up and you claim a location, that base becomes available as a destination from the Teleporters on Space Stations. Give your bases names that stand out a little from the procedurally generated ones so you recognize them later. Creating a base allows the player to build a Base Teleport Module, which can instantly transport the player to their other bases. Some base missions are easier when the planet is not deserted and various buildings are close by. The player should build a Construction Terminal as soon as possible. Doors count base NPCs as entities so if a NPC is close to a normal door, normal doors will stay perpetually open unless the NPC is moved further away from the door. This means a player could have terminals at all the bases they build, and simply "call" the needed employee when they have the needed materials for their mission or to begin generating their mission structures closer to a base on newly discovered planets. For optimal base building, bring large amounts of, Carbon for Access Ramps, Interior Stairs and wooden components, Chromatic Metal for some of the NPC terminals, the Science Terminal requires Magnetised Ferrite, the Weapons Terminal also requires. At a Base Computer, you can choose to rename your base. Resources can be teleported to storage from anywhere but they cannot be teleported back unless the player is actually in the base where the resources are stored.

Paradoxically, this makes it feel pretty congruous with No Man’s Sky’s lonely, explorative, and constantly changing landscapes. Salvaged Technology can be obtained by scanning for Buried Technology Modules with the Analysis Visor and then digging up the module with the Terrain Manipulator once the player is close enough.

pillars, or trees, also interferes with exocraft missions. Later, you’ll get a lot more out of your bases by building Specialist Terminals and hiring Specialists. (note that these steps only work if the player is using the experimental patch as of 1.52. Build a base further away from the Base Computer as teleporting to it may cause the player's Starship to clip into their base if the Base Computer is too close to their base. The following blueprints are not available via Construction Research Unit and must be unlocked via the Expanding the Base mission and it's related missions and are in order of obtained: Additional components can be unlocked at the Construction Research Unit. Habitable base locations were located by a number of different methods: Finding them by exploring the planet surface. But you can choose to put in up to three Input elements. In general, selecting a location for a base is not restricted, however the following should be considered on selecting a location for a base: See Construction for a detailed description of construction information. With these, you’ll be able to build a very boring, windowless cube. Updated on September 28th, 2020 by Drew Ferguson: No Man's Sky has had an absolutely massive recent update (as No Man's Sky always seems to get), and with it has come a slew of new stuff. Why not?

With limited tools, players are making beautiful new homes in the game’s refreshed universes. On Steam, Beyond Infinity takes that influence even further by featuring an overhanging, glass walled structured, nestled between mountains. (If you don’t see the option to build a Base Computer yet, continue along the Artemis storyline and warp to a couple more systems, then check again.). You’re not going to have access to everything a base offers, though. In contrast, PattySpivotDoe’s sprawling base leans even harder into the sterile, science fiction feel by placing the landing pad inside it, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. Containers may be recoloured or named in order to keep track of where resources are stored, and also contain an external number from zero to nine. No Man’s Sky’s Foundation update allows players to finally start building bases. A player can choose to upload their base to be discovered by other players. You’ll start with the Construction Terminal. 2: Fly down to a planet's surface and use the Scanner. silos or batteries. When you start making your bases a little more permanent, the first things you’ll learn to build are wooden slabs. The large refiner will also let you start making some of the more exotic or difficult to find elements — like Phosphorus or Dioxite — on your own. In the event that a player wants to move bases, all they have to do is construct the respective terminals inside of their new base. Sigfried11's base hangs in the air, supported by a single hollow column, completely defying all physics and modern architectural sense. This means you don’t even have to go to Space Stations to hop to other planets any more. Base building allows the player to build multiple bases, which can be used for farming, storage and recharging Hazard Protection or Shield.

It’s interesting to see the influence of real architecture styles blend with future-y designs. This will bring up the following two options: If a player chooses the "Delete Base" option in the Base Computer, all components in the base building area will be instantly erased and added to the Base Salvage Capsule. In the image above, we’re processing Sodium with Condensed Carbon. No Man’s Sky features 18 quintillion procedurally-generated planets of many sizes, colors, and biomes. It will locate a Base Computer.

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