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I just switched to AT&T gigabit and am still having the same issue. Is it possible to turn off the IPv4 on the WAN side of the Nighthawk and have it only use IPv6 on the WAN, but still have an IPv4 LAN network? with the “AC” representing its protocol and 1200 representing its maximum theoretical bandwidth of 1200 Mbps. But who cares about that? . No wonder this router moves 10 x faster than any other router you can find anywhere. The HomeCare feature it utilizes is an anti-virus that protects every single device connected to the network. Sure, you bought a router, but you are now finding out that it isn’t compatible with your ISP. The router also on it's own internal speed test only get 350mbs down. Using the numbers obtained from. Is the spectrum router good? In short, when you connect your laptop to this device’s USB port, the maximum signaling rate you will receive is 480 megabits per second. Smartphone app interface; a tick in the box if you are someone looking for convenience. I’m glad for John, but above anything else, I’m even more thrilled that I have written this straightforward, simple to read buying guide about the best routers for Spectrum available on the market. When I run the Nighthawk's internal speed test it is able to pull 400mbps. That was probably true of a normal router anyhow. A modem brings the internet to your house. The former gives you the option to connect your computers, laptops, and other network-attached storage drives via LAN, which is the best connection you can get. technology. Using this, you can browse through a number of menus and can even set it to show the time or the current upload and download speed. Certainly not my cup of tea. is part of the BGFG family of websites. Design: this router has a vertical design that helps to minimize shelf space while keeping cool. The most secure router that covers 2,200 square feet. But what else does the MG7550 brings to the table? This is a router comparison website that lets you compare up to 3 routers at once to make your selection easier. And because of this, it’s relatively expensive, coming in at around $300 for the 2-set package. And if that’s the case, look for a router that supports. Yes, whereas you can do without a router, you cannot do without a modem. The idea of paying a monthly cost of $10 or more for renting the company’s router doesn’t sit well with you. Let’s check it out. At a glance, the device has 16×4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable that allows for faster download and upload speeds on your network. Yet another thing that makes this appealing, especially for most parents, is the parental control feature. But with a separate router and modem, you can just rectify the device at fault. And if you’re a parent, routers that support Parental Control is essential as this gives you full control over all devices connected to the router. Speaking of area, this mesh router covers a larger area than the Google Wifi; 2 of these can cover up to 4,500 square feet while it takes 3 Google Wi-Fi’s to do the same thing. With the Wi-Fi speeds on offer, I consider this a bargain buy at this price. In terms of price, the Linksys ES7500 is on the lower Spectrum of the scale, but don’t let this fool you. I can’t see any other router at this price point coming close to the Linksys EA7500 in terms of boasting as many premium features at an affordable price. The best router for Spectrum is often the 802.11ac. Tri-band, this means that your router will transfer data on three lanes. Beamforming capabilities, yes, enjoy an overall performance on your network, no need to worry about your router sending signals to areas where it’s not needed. : AC2200 (2.4GHz @ 400Mbps and 2x 5GHz @ 867Mbps; 1 used as backhaul), You need to pay for the built-in anti-virus (details below), Here we have yet another mesh router with the. Ideal for HD gaming and videos; you can forget about lags with this modem router combo. Let’s take a brief look. That said, at all costs, you must avoid buying single-band routers, whether Spectrum compatible or not. Expensive, but then again, this will depend on your pocket, size of your home network, and of course, your preference. In fact, you can’t even mount this on a wall like most of the routers featured above. Across the board, most modems come with at least a single connection to connect a wired device, and that’s all to it. Unlike most routers on the list, this features the latest 802.11ad WiFi standard-- supporting the 60GHz band that’s insanely faster (close to 1Gbps throughput) but also insanely shorter coverage. And that, at a ridiculously affordable price. Motorola MT7711 Vs NETGEAR C7100V Comparison. This router is specifically designed to prioritize gaming above other activities to give gamers the best gaming experience during dungeon raids or heated PVP battles in the arena. Just keep in mind that you’ll only get regular database updates on Parental Controls, QoS, and Antivirus for 3 years since you’ll have to pay for the service separately in the fourth year. The issue I'm having is that there is no way to disable the IPv4 through the interface for Nighthawk that I can find. Even more so as manufacturers include a lot of acronyms and other marketing terms that don’t really have significant real-life impact on most people most of the time. is the best wireless router for homes. When I connect the Nighthawk to the Spectrum Modem, the most speed I'm able to get through it is 200mbps. On top of that, this also has a built-in malware protection feature to keep everything safe. Let’s get right into it, shall we? But the 4 antennas aren’t just for show because it also features the 60GHz band on top of the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands. I was going to try and do a hard reset back to factory settings for the router tonight to see if that fixes the issue. Another budget-friendly router that ticks all the right boxes, and compared with the more expensive routers, it’s punching above its weight. Since the Google Wi-Fi system is a dual-band router, that means the 1200 Mbps is split across the two bands: ~800 Mbps for the 5Ghz band and ~400 for the 2.4 GHz band. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, alongside its combined Wi-Fi speed of 1900 Mbps, this device covers up to 1800 square feet with as much as 30 devices connected to it. Out of the box, it comes with the main router and 2 mesh points that act as extenders. Spectrum Internet 400mbps with Nighthawk only getting half speed, Model: R8000P|Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri Band WiFi Router, Re: Spectrum Internet 400mbps with Nighthawk only getting half speed, I did the hard reset and it didn't fix it!! The best Asus router in the budget category. But I don’t see this being a big issue for most of you, but depending on what you do on your network, you may view this as a drawback. However, this has a limited range, unlike the Google WiFi. And today, the Spectrum technitian whas here and connected Spectrum Router and showed me im getting 400 mbps on the wifi, but when i switched back to my Netgear router WIFI went sown to 200 mbps - ITS driving me CRAZY (-: Just replaced the CAT5 Cable from Modem to Router to CAT5e and still not getting more then 200 mbps....My router is set for 5gHrz / 1300. please start your own thread instead of hopping in on a different thread. Now, just imagine how cumbersome that would be; and a sure ingredient for a congested network. Your router can be as fast as you want it to be, but it doesn’t really matter since your internet connection is almost always going to be significantly slower (unless you’re in one of the few cities that have access to Google Fiber). It depends on your household need (s). Premium features: here’s where the Nighthawk R7000 excels over its counterparts at this price point. Here is the issue that I'm currently experiencing. Beamforming, yes, and no need to reiterate what this feature does, but the MG7550 comes with this functionality. I’m saying that getting a third-party router will give you the option of blocking out your children’s devices or all the devices on your network from whatever websites you deem unsafe for your household. . Traffic meter is also disabled. No other experience will surpass the one that the Nighthawk Pro XR700 will bring to the table. Besides, and this I consider as the worst of them all: “the router won’t be yours; you are only renting it until you decide to get your own.”. With that, it’s clear that this is a strong candidate for the best gigabit router on the list-- even the best Netgear router to date. I highly recommend this router to hardcore gamers. God-like processor, if the hardware is anything to go by, then everyone should get this router. You are looking for speed, long-range wireless coverage, low-latency, traffic prioritization, parental control, and all the other premium features associated with high-end modems and routers. USB 3.0 ports; experience the full speed of your ISP’s plan when moving or sharing files with external storage devices. Out of the box, it comes with the main router and 2 mesh points that act as extenders. Now, the further you get away from it, the more walls are in the way, etc, the worse your signal will get. But when it comes to wireless connectivity, you can definitely count on it. Most internet providers, like Spectrum, when you sign up for their internet plans, will offer you a compatible modem/router at no additional cost to you. And as such, I will walk you through the entire buying cycle, from start to finish. On top of that, this one also has a faster RAM and Flash memory. Besides that, the machine comes with three active antennas to help enhance the Wi-Fi signals on your network. So my issue isn't restricted to Spectrum. Speed, long-range, connectivity, Spectrum compatible, and many more boxes ticked. For instance, the standard speed of 802.11ac is 1331 Mbps– nearly 3x faster than 802.11n (450 Mbps) — while the 802.11ad can handle a lot faster speeds (about 7 Gbps) by using its 60GHz band (which is discussed more below). It’s a feature that comes with high-end routers. Ans: Even though Spectrum offered routers are not the worst in the market, they might still not be the best router … And has to work hard for every cent he/she earns, the Nighthawk R7000 is a godsend. Blistering fast speeds, this router can reach speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps. What does this mean? USB 2.0 ports, I’d prefer USB 3.0 standard, that’s because the USB 3.0 standard is ten times faster than the 2.0 standard. I’m gasping for breath already. MU-MIMO; this means that the router can transfer Wi-Fi to multiple devices on your network at the same speed. What makes the Google WiFi System one of the best on our 2019 best wireless router list is the fact that this can cover every household area because it’s a mesh WiFi. Dual-band, yes, eliminate congestion on your network with two lanes, one, a 2.4 GHz, and the other a 5 GHz for data traffic to travel freely.

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