blackthorn walking stick blanks

What a lovely post. --JimP.S. Thank you. Removing the bark from my diamond willows is like unwrapping a gift from Mother Nature. My highest recommendation.Thanks, Muffy, for posting about these.Cheers,Gary. Francis sells sticks from his Etsy store. It is superbly crafted and a work of art. Many such nooks have delighted my roving eye with, often, generations of undisturbed eloquence including the family’s ‘old sticks’. Cold Steel Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick Review -... Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick - Cold Steel Knives. The one we have at home isn't great quality but now I know where to source the one I want. Condition: New with tags. Terrific service. Dad and granddad made walking sticks from trees cut down on family land. Northwest Territories. I have a very small collection of walking sticks that I've picked up here and there. $31.19 Shipping. We have something of an antique walking stick (or maybe it's just old) with a handle made like a bird's head holding a little ball in it's beak. The ‘sticks’, et al, are always a little clutter in the door side dark and never ‘arranged’. This is the content for tab five. Not only are these walking sticks useful for temporal needs, they apparently have a magical property. I am a 6th generation stick maker.

My Irish grandfather is smiling.Sunny. We were climbing a steep hill with a walking club, and someone lent me a stick. Description. Shop Categories. They are both straight and dry. If you regularly walk on uneven terrain, a stick can be very helpful. ), "I remember my granddad giving me the tweezers to pull out the thorns from his hands thinking it was a game.". THIS AUCTION IS FOR A LOT OF 3 SHAFTS FOR WALKING STICK MAKING CRAFTED BY THE WALKING STICK COMPANY This listing is for the 3 Shafts for walking stick making shown in the picture 1 Pure Black 1 Dark Brown 1 in Natural colour Fitted with 3 cms rubber ferrule The length is 85 cms or 33" Length of the Hole: 6.5 cms or 2" 2/4 approx Weight: 180 grams approx. You will notice slight bends. Carving the blank is easy and fun to do: remove the bark. Blackthorn or Shillelagh Walking Sticks -... Blackthorn Walking Sticks and Canes from England. Carried it on to Edinburgh and then back home. I read this last night, enthralled by the content. GOOD LUCK& HAPPY BIDDING! I make diamond willow sticks in Fort Simpson. These were cut in November 2014 from the deep woods of Missouri. I am so happy to have this beauty rather than an ordinary cane (my feels so awkward in comparison) when out and about. I never used a walking stick until I visited friends in England. We also carry a selection of quality metal ferrules available for stickmakers and hobbyists at The Stick & Cane Shop. 19-20 mm Diameter WHOLESALE PRICE AVAILABLE FOR LARGER ORDERS! About Blackthorn Walking Sticks.
3 Chestnut Shanks Stickmaking Walking Stick Shafts Blanks Bark Seasoned Blank $ 33.79. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*a4%601gc%3E-149dc88c66a-0x10c-.

THE SMALLER ONE MEASURES 47 1/2" LONG WITH A 1 5/8" DIAMETER ON THE TOP AND A 1" ON THE BOTTOM. And umbrellas. Good for leaning on, too. Member of the British Stickmakers Guild No. Buy It Now.

It is 45 inches long. The stick itself is, somewhat surprisingly, made of bamboo. In this charming and decorative doorway “hide”. Other providers of products are listed in the relevant entries, or in the list of sponsors. He doesn't have a "collection" per se. Whitethorn cracks like crazy when you are drying out, with plenty of places to split. It curves slightly at the top and has a small knob grip. Mine aren't intended for use as weapons, so they tend to be on the light side.

In fact, they are carried as much as actually used but are still an essential aid to walking. It was love at first sight. Walking sticks, staffs, etc. I use a walking stick every time I go out tramping around in the woods, usually everyday. A super activity for the beginner to the expert. Known by many names, including bata in Gaelic - which means, fighting stick. The diameter of shaft is 7/8 inch under the handle 5/8 inch at the end. These are, in a word, excellent. This i s an uncarved diamond willow stick. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal. If the stick is made from the trunk and root then is doesn't have an awful lot of barbs/spikes. I am 5' 11" and ordered a 36 inch walking stick. I'm going to do a little Christmas shopping on the Etsy sites. I live in the USA (New England) and ordered it on Monday and had it on Friday. 6755 . They are also great for scaring squirrels away from bird feeders and clearing a path to check for snakes.Thank you so much for this post! I received my Blackthorn Walking Stick from McCaffrey a few days ago. This old New England domestic region; a narrow and vertical three cubic feet beside the door, is a tattletale as to the qualities of the home one is ‘looking around in’. All are Completely dry& ready to be peeled& carved A fun& rewarding project that would make thoughtful gifts. RAW DIAMOND WILLOW ~BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF 2 WOOD CARVING WALKING STICK BLANKS~!!! Bid with confidence.

I was only able to trace back 6 generations as many records were destroyed or didn't exist for my family past then). I have experimented with different lengths. Click here for Price List . A very nice looking Walking aid modeled off of a shillelagh, a stick with a very long and intriguing history of Irish origin, by far my favorite of all the ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, We and third party providers from us use cookies on our pages. The good news is that I've connected with with Francis who is following up to provide me with a genuine Shillelagh made from the Rowen tree Mountain Ash to compliment my other Blackthorn canes in time for our 6 week road trip since it never hurts to have that extra cudgel protection on the road. "MMH, This was a perfect post for me. Saw this ... thought of you...

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