blood hag 5e

[1] They blasphemed deities whenever given the chance and often refused to acknowledge the powers that were. From the bottom of the multiverse, a pit in the Gray Waste known as Hag's End, she brewed new abominations and used profane magic in her spiteful schemes. I was told not t' trust hags by me late mum... Shoulda listened to 'er. Your creature type is both humanoid and fiend. Night hags typically live in the Underdark, and Lower Planes, and have purple, black, or rarely pale white skin. [2], The powers of hags were as variable as they were, but there were several common abilities between them. Innocent folk were an excellent defense against righteous opponents and their unassuming appearance allowed them to act as a hag's eyes and ears, whether they were acting as spies or representatives.

[1] Covens with more powerful hags could gain even greater control over their immediate environment, but only if the hag in question desired them to and possibly only during certain time periods or under specific conditions, depending on the strength of the hag in question. Hag Spellcasting. Half-hags are always female, male half-hags are practically unheard of.

Half-hags, unless they actively fight against their nature, find themselves to be of an evil alignment and even those that do resist find themselves to be more neutral than good.Size. You have advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and Charisma checks against those creatures for 24 hours.Sand Keeper. This claim seemed more superstition than the others and had never actually been proven, although given hag access to weird magic it was difficult to put anything past the ability of their rotten witchery.

The options are Green Hag, Night Hag, and Sea Hag. [2], Typically a mortal would have to be the one to start hostilities, because hags would rather combat those incapable of defending themselves than fight fairly, attacking the weak or sleeping rather than the tough and alert.

Sea Hag, as they appear in 5e's Monster Manual. Ability Score Increase. LG NG CG LN N CN LE NE CE Half-hags that embrace their heritage will often take on such names. [2][1] The most powerful hags were known to have more direct control over their lairs, able to pass through its walls and magically lock and open its doors and windows at whim.

The ravenous hags could devour entire humans in only ten minutes, preferring their flesh to others and consuming that of demihumans or creatures like orcs when needed.

Normally this was only done rarely, but it was said that hags sometimes made use of this method in short succession to kickstart their own covens, either as members or masters, or believed based on ancient lore that eating certain types of children, such as twins, triplets or the seventh child of a seventh child, would grant their own spawn rare magic. Activity cycle

1 Hags 1.1 Physical Description 1.2 History 1.3 Society 1.4 Relationships 1.5 Hag Names 1.6 Hag Traits 1.7 Hag Subraces 1.7.1 Green Hag 1.7.2 Night Hag 1.7.3 Sea Hag "Aye, lad.

[2][8] Even though hags didn't like each other, they were still members of their shadowy sorority and as such had to abide by an ageless code of conduct when dealing with one another. So with this theme of sacificing life for power I created the Blood Mage. [18][19][20] She viewed lesser night hags as sisters and kept numerous types of hags in her rolling boulder fortress in Malbolge.

It required them to stay within 10 ft (3 m) of one another the entire time and prevented them from making hag eyes that month or using their coven abilities the day after, the brewing having already expended all of such magic. Better to have spent a valuable resource and live long enough to possibly replace it than to die and lose everything they had. The hag goddess Cegilune brewing something vile in her cauldron. By doing so, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution Modifier (minimum of one), and enemies within 30 feet that can see you must make a Wisdom saving throw or become frightened until the end of your next turn. In response to these prayers, the moon came into existence, and with it a queen to command the light, Cegilune. [7] They haunted the legends of all cultures, and though a few common tales could be found, it was difficult to tell their veracity. Additionally, you have a swim speed of 40 ft. Additional Language.

Just as emblematic as the hag eyes were the bubbling cauldrons from which hags toiled trouble, combining wicked ritual and cannibalistic feast into a depraved form of mad alchemy. [7][10], The amount of time that hag's spent dormant was said to vary based on the methods used to bring them into the world, but nonetheless ended in something known by hags as "the change", the final transformation into one of their kind.

Others rode in and on clay statues, tombstones, cauldrons and butter churns, or giant versions of bird nests, woven baskets, or mortars. Similarly, you can hear the holder of the token, and not the noise around it. Night Hag Sly and subversive, night hags want to see the virtuous turn to villainy: love turned into obsession, kindness turned to hate, devotion to disregard, and generosity to selfishness. Her prophets were given the ability to walk on water so as to spread her good word, the songs of Cegilune bestowed beautiful voices to allure others into service and her protectors the strength to protect other worshipers from harm. Your Charisma score increases by 2.

[2][3][8] Their reversed sense of value extended to aesthetics as well, for hags were known to relish their moral and physical ugliness, as well as the horror that they evoked, and be disgusted by the beautiful to the point of disfiguring those who were attractive. Hags name themselves, and they love to do so in darkly whimsical ways. The closer a half hag becomes to the evil alignment of their hag parent the more hideous their form becomes. Pick a subrace based on which type of hag you were born from. Type

Cruel creatures of the Feywild, it takes a very brave and adventurous hag to become an adventurer, but for the few rare parties that have them, they are very powerful allies. In which case see page 31 of the Players Handbook.

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