can a tarantula survive dks

Is it still moving around okay? Is it moving around at all? Thank you!

Molting is a natural occurrence for a tarantula, but it is also a period where they are quite vulnerable. Heating for them in older homes can be a bit of a chore if you don’t want to go the space heater route. I’ve had her for almost 2 years now.

I’m so sorry for the delay (and to hear that your T has DKS). ( Log Out /  Are you sure it’s dead?

Tom, Thanks for your input but sadly she has passed. And it sure sounds like you did absolutely all you could do to save her. She wouldn’t have been exposed to any pesticides or chemicals that I am aware of unless my apartment complex came and sprayed without me knowing. If she’s not cottoning to the wet paper towels, just keep her in her cage and make sure water is available. For a tarantula entering a death curl-like position, all hope may not be lost. Thanks so much! Whether they survive depends on how far they fall, and onto what type of surface. That said, some won’t eat until they’ve settled in (created a burrow or webbed) so it can be a couple weeks. That would be an explanation for her behavior that didn’t involve the temps. My 2″ male A. insubtilis shortly after being acquired in February. I’m certain it was a sudden male death that took my pink toe 2 years ago too. She went to the pool (which contained shallow water), laid down and didn’t move for a day. If it clotted, it should be okay. All the best, and sorry to hear about your spider.

Usually when they are bleeding from a leg, they will purposely cast their leg off. Feeding Tarantulas To Tarantulas: Controversial Feeding Practices, The Love Language Of Tarantulas: From A Therapist’s Point Of View, Tarantula Tales: The Time Spidey Did A Tarantula Mating Call At Me. In my experience, my Poecilotheria species are voracious eaters and don’t usually fast. She eats fine and always finds the crickets/roaches no problem. My new Genic was slightly smaller than the old one was when she died, but like I said, this new one has more than doubled in size since it moulted yesterday. Sometimes, they can fall and get flipped over. How was the T kept? GREAT idea rehousing her if the substrate was too moist.

I end up using an empty acrylic cage and put an open Kritter Keeper full of water in the center. We have glued the wound but she does not move. Just something to think about.

Congrats! Every time I hit Walmart, I check out their Sterilite containers. Hopefully one day we will have the cure so less tarantulas have to suffer through this.

I rescued him from abuse. Putting is on moist cloth or paper towel was a good move. If it’s on it’s back, it’s molting. However, as young adults, the jump in size between molts isn’t as profound.

hello there, I have my choco golden knee, its been 4 days since I bought it, and she didn’t eat since then, she is 8 months old, almost 3-4in and she is always in the side of her cage, I don’t know what’s wrong because it’s my first time to have a T. Hope you can help me. I know they can be spirited, but I’m kind of surprised that they are on the aggressive list. It’s very sad and frustrating. Thanks, I’m so glad you like the blog!!! I don’t know if this was just a short term fix and it would return again or if these tarantulas had a “mild” DKS but it makes me even more confused about euthanasia because you don’t want them to suffer and you just desperately want them to survive its like what do you do? Sorry for the delay; I didn’t get notification of a bunch of site comments. Unfortunately no on the pic, no internet on my phone. I had five slings. Unfortunately, it did not make it. More studies need to be done before we can determine this completely, but that’s the most popular theory about how tarantulas develop this disease.

I haven’t heard of Ts molting out of DKS but that’s something I’d definitely be interested in looking into. Is the substrate dry? Keeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula SpeciesKeeping Moisture Dependent Tarantula Species (And How to... Cerotogyrus darlingi “The Rear-horned Baboon” Care and HusbandryCerotogyrus darlingi “The... Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Also I just inspected her and she has a small hard spot on her abdomen.

Oh, no…I’m so sorry to hear this. That said, another thing that will make them climb is substrate that is too moist. Anyhow, when I found her, she was literally stuck to the side of the enclosure in a death curl. The poor little thing died during the night anyway, but I do hope that I gave it all the right care in its short life. As I do not like watching anything suffer, I’m considering euthanizing him before it gets worse. She is not leaking any fluid what so ever.

What are you currently keeping it in? I nearly put one of my slings in the freezer yesterday because it had stopped eating, curled up and was displaying almost drunken behaviour when it moved. What size is yours? When they are bleeding, the best way to stop it is to put corn starch on the wound (it helps it to clot). If so, you may be okay. When a spider is showing signs of DKS, it’s the result of some underlying cause. They have “valves” up by where the legs connect to the carapace that they can close off to stop the bleeding. But thank you for your very quick response. Hi, Johnny. I would try offering food again once you catch her hanging out on the ground.
In her hide position .

I very gently touched her but she doesn’t appear to be moving I don’t know what to do. Her abdomen seem to have shrunken in and when I tried to push her, gently (to confirm whether she was dead, as I haven’t heard of a molting taking 3 days), she’s all soft and limp. Will it live ?

Notice how the legs are curled beneath the animal. Did you, perchance, treat your dog or cat with some type of flea and tick prevention? If you suspect that your tarantula is in the “death curl”, here are a few a few question you should immediately ask yourself: There are obviously other ailments that can lead to a tarantula death curling (mites and nematodes are sometimes mentioned), but the three options listed above are the most likely. How large your T? Hi, Jazz. Before she went into the molting position, when she would walk she flicked her legs and ran around like she couldn’t see anything. Avic WILL web, but they will do it more if you give them some fake plants and stuff to web to. I just saw this.

She would stagger around the enclosure as if she was drunk, her legs were flailing around as if she had no control over them at all, it was really quite pitiful to watch.
Yes, when they die, their legs become flaccid and their abdomens “deflate.” They don’t stiffen up like mammals. Or, they do what you did and heat a larger tank and put the smaller enclosures inside it.

It’s possible it could be brought back. I saved a T from a negligent cousin who left her container open, only for Little Red Rump to get out and fall from a really high height (I would think it it almost fully grown – cousin got it from a friend who got irritated because said T was aggressive…) Anyhow, by the time I took possession of it, it had already lost one limb and the abdomen was dwindling. The one in the video was mine, and it died a couple days later. They were good for 2 days ate like champs were wbbing a bit etc.

Tarantulas can live anywhere, but usually as pets. You did the absolute right thing by slowly raising the temperatures up, and you’re right not to poke her. Could you tell me how did you euthanizing your T? What is going on with it? I will not be able to get any untill tomorrow. She lasted for about 3 days like that and I did everything I could to save her. Unfortunately, some of them just aren’t fit enough to survive, and tarantulas can die for no apparent reason. One was impacted with feces, one died for no apparent reason (it had water and it had just eaten), and a third I’m pretty sure died due to my negligence when it’s enclosure got too dry.

Having fallen from more than a few inches, it’s possible that it injured itself internally, which is why it’s not eating and losing abdomen size. Here’s another video of a tarantula who was affected by DKS, by Josser’s Jungle: Unfortunately there is no cure for DKS, and many tarantula owners choose to put their tarantulas out of their misery if they feel their spider is suffering from this deadly disease. I wish there was more info available as well T owners aren’t very supported. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The next day, it was much worse, and I realized that my poor guy was exhibiting signs of DKS, or Dyskinetic Syndrome. Slings can be a bit more resilient due to their size, but a couple feet could prove deadly. Both are said to be 3 yrs old. If her abdomen is sunken in, she is dead. Hi, Teresa! Got it from a pet store, unknown age and sex. Ts will build mats to help them sense when prey is nearby and to give them a safe place to eat, and they don’t lay them down before every meal. For the last ten days or so she has burrowed herself and not come out at all.

Oh no! Oh, dear! Could you possibly send me a photo of it at ? What size was the pink toe? It depends on a number of factors. Tarantula Anatomy: What Is A Mirror Patch? So, my question is, have you ever had (or heard of) a tarantula dying STUCK to the tank wall, and what your cause of death opinions might be? My A. insubtilis just moments after I used a Q-tip to remove a stuck patch of Exuvia from its abdomen. No joke. Is she still eating for you? Hi, i’m rio from Indonesia. Oh, dear…I’m afraid that it sounds like she is dead.

Wow! Thanks. 20 years ago, I almost made the same mistake with my first T. I found her upside down and thought she was dead! Her abdomen was squishy and the rest was stiff.

Also, was it not eating before it molted? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hi, Lou. A special thanks to Caroline Dellinger for letting me use her photo! Normally, I wouldn’t mess with a T in obvious stress, but in this case, I wanted to get a short video for records and to show others.

But oh well, looks like it died on its back… Much like the one in your picture. When it started the T was really looking like it was stretching and twitching and moving back and forth, if anything I would say it was like looking at a turtle stuck on its back. My mature male H, incei gold after dying of old age. Usually if their abdomens are sunken in, that’s a sign that they are dead.

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