can slim screener

A company like Bombardier, for example, can cover up their quarterly earnings by laying off thousands of staff and cutting labor expenses, but it’s just a short-term solution which doesn’t address the real problem – they aren’t selling enough planes. Finding the stocks is only part of the battle. The trailing stop may be used in conjunction with some of the other rules, such as if the stock flies higher by at least 20% in the first three weeks don’t take any exit signals, and hold the trade for at least 8 weeks (if the stock collapses back the entry point though, probably best to get out and reassess). is a comprehensive stock screener and they have compiled screeners based on the CAN SLIM method for subscribers. What triggers your entry? Does the company have some sort of new product or service offering? We don’t’ need to hold these stocks forever (exit rules will be discussed later), we just need to hold them while everyone loves them and is clamoring to get a piece of the action. The CAN SLIM method provides a bit more confirmation that the price is moving higher, but results in sometimes paying a slightly higher price than what is required. You want to make bets on companies with solid growth and a viable business model, while at the same time being sensitive to price movements and the actions of other investors in the market. I just compared today’s results to Market Smith. .hide-if-no-js { The CAN SLIM investing system is a rules-based system that mixes fundamental analysis with momentum investing principles.

The angled line shows the potential trendline break trade, while the horizontal line shows an entry more in line with the CAN SLIM method. Forex Strategies Course For Weekly Charts, Forex Strategies Guide for Day and Swing Traders, Seasonality of Stocks, Currencies, and Commodities, Forex Investing Strategy with 30-Year Track Record, perpetrating a billion dollar accounting scandal in 2015, American Association of Individual Investors, how the stock is performing relative to other stocks, Forex Strategies Guide For Day and Swing Traders. It must be pointed out though, that while the CAN SLIM strategy has rules (and we still have more to get to–on entries and exits), there are still subjective elements. With the latter, there is more supply (although this will be discussed a bit more in section I: Institutional Sponsorship). In addition to extremely strong quarterly earnings growth, keep your eye out for high sales growth of at least 25%. If a price falls more than 30% off its high, it may be best to avoid the stock because that big of a decline shows potential weakness and a possible trend reversal. In How to Make Money in Stocks, O’Neil outlines lots of specific details on what patterns should look like, the different types of pullback patterns you should trade, and when these patterns should be avoided. When the price breaks to the upside out of that consolidation, by another 200 shares, etc. and Cory Mitchell, CMT: Trader, investor and author of the Forex Strategies Guide For Day and Swing Traders and the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course. N – New High Price, S – Supply/Demand Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, or a recommendation to buy or sell any particular securities.

Start by creating a New > Condition (PCF) Formula. Please reload CAPTCHA. In a confirmed downtrend, it is best to not even bother. ); I – Institutional Sponsorship

Approximate CAN SLIM entries are marked by the horizontal lines, while the alternate method entry points are the tops (breakouts) of the small boxes.

Most of these features require a subscription to the site.

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