clump kousa dogwood

The leaves develop [25][26], C. kousa in June at the UBC Botanical Garden, C. kousa 'Samaratin' in an arboretum in Vossem, Belgium, Cornus kousa 'Satomi' in the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, British Columbia, Media related to Cornus kousa at Wikimedia Commons, Species of small deciduous tree commonly known as kousa dogwood, "Cornus kousa subsp.

The tree is extremely showy when in bloom, but what appear to be four, white petals are actually four spreading bracts below the cluster of inconspicuous yellow-green flowers. A tree for all seasons, the Kousa dogwood has berries that resemble raspberry fruit in autumn, and the peeling bark on the mature tree trunks gives the bark an attractive mottled appearance. Fruits and nesting sites attractive to songbirds.

Shrubby and slow-growing, to 10' tall and wide. The blossoms appear in late spring, weeks after the tree leafs out. Kousa Dogwood has a horizontal branching structure that reaches all the way to the base, forming a natural pyramidal shape. Elliptical/ovate, 2-4" long, 1-2" wide, acuminate, dark green above, glaucous below with yellowish tufts of hair.

The rind of the berries is usually discarded because it has a bitter taste, although it is edible. Sports gray-green leaves that are edged in white, with occasional splashes of variegation throughout the foliage. Sometimes referred to as the Chinese dogwood, this Asian cousin to our native flowering dogwood can be used as a specimen plant or in shrub borders. While less popular than the berries, young leaves can also be consumed. Forms a small, densely branched tree that may never exceed 15' tall.

As a Kousa matures, it develops more horizontal branching, rounded form, and becomes more wide-spreading. Underneath the tree seedlings sprout prolifically and can be weedy.

Best sited in a shady location to avoid leaf scorch. Dropped fruits can ferment and attract yellow jackets. flowers.


Mildly resistant to deer damage.

In late The habit is rounded and gentle, a mature specimen is attractive. Cornus kousa 'Greensleeves' back leaves veins, Cornus kousa - berry up close with no foliage, 'Variegata' Flower and Leaf (Biltmore, NC).

Prefers acid, well-drained soil, sunny location but tolerant of moderate shade, more resistant to drought problems than C. florida. This tree does better in open areas like lawns than the native trees do but is prefers some light shade especially in the afternoon. chinensis (Osborn) Q.Y.Xiang", "Taxon: Cornus kousa Hance subsp. The branches are held in broad, horizontally layered bracts which surround a central cluster small, less conspicuous green Insects, Diseases and Other Plant Problems:  Calico scale, dogwood borer, dogwood sawfly, Japanese maple scale, leafhoppers, oyster shell scale. The soft pulp is sweet with a similar flavour to a ripe persimmon but the presence of hard seeds that are well attached to the pulp can be inconvenient when eaten directly.

gently rounded canopy.

This plant has 2-4 in. The deepest red-pink bracts of any cultivar. Kousa Dogwood is a small, deciduous tree with a beautifully spreading, In fall, the leaves develop attractive pink to red coloration. It is edible, with a sweet and creamy flavour, and is a delicious addition to the tree's ornamental value.

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