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That doest their cause so mightily defend: But most, all wemen are thy debtors found, That doest their bountie still so much commend.’. Best knowne by bearing up great Cynthiaes traine: Faire Galathea, with bright shining beames, Yet there is not her won, but here with us. With hoary head and deawy dropping beard. Blame is, quoth he, more blameless general, Than that which private Errors doth pursue: For well I wote, that there amongst them be Full many Persons of right worthy Parts, Both for Report of spotless Honesty, And for Profession of all learned Arts, Whose Praise hereby no whit impaired is, Though Blame do light on those that faulty be; For all the rest do most-what fare amiss, And yet their own misfairing will not see: For either they be puffed up with Pride, Or fraught with Envy, that their Galls do swell.

Book I. Canto VII.

Under the foote of Mole, that mountaine hore, Keeping my sheepe amongst the cooly shade. Colin Clouts Come Home Againe (also known as Colin Clouts Come Home Again) is a pastoral poem by the English poet Edmund Spenser and published in 1595. A Pastoral Elegie upon the Death of the most noble and valorous Knight, Sir Philip Sidney. Such Grace shall be some Guerdon for the Grief And long Affliction which I have endured; Such Grace sometimes, shall give me some Relief And Ease of Pain, which cannot be recured: And ye my fellow-Shepherds, which do see And hear the Languors of my too long dying, Unto the World for ever witness be, That hers I die; nought to the World denying This simple Trophy of her great Conquest. This article was sourced from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Colin Clouts Come Home Againe. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She is the Well of Bounty and brave Mind, Excelling most in Glory and great Light: She is the Ornament of Woman-kind, And Court's chief Girlond, with all Vertues dight. And only woond in fields and forests here.’. He dedicated the poem to Sir Walter Ralegh in partial payment for the "infinite debt" Spenser felt he owed him. Canto XII. Thomas Birch: "He was honour'd with a Visit from Sir WALTER RALEGH, with whom he must have been acquainted, while the latter was a Captain under Lord GREY in Ireland. Book VI. To serve that god, that is so greatly dred; For him the greatest of the gods we deeme. Book II. By Sam Meyer, Published on 01/01/60. There learned arts do florish in great honor. Ne thee less worthy, gentle Flavia, For thy chaste Life and Vertue I esteem: Ne thee less worthy, curteous Candida, For thy true Love and Loyalty I deem. Both Heaven and heavenly Graces do much more, Quoth he, abound in that same Land, than this; For there all happy Peace and plenteous Store Conspire in one to make contented Bliss: No Wailing there nor Wretchedness is heard, No bloody Issues, nor no Leprosies, No griesly Famine, nor no raging Sweard, No nightly Bodrags, nor no Hue and Cries: The Shepherds there abroad may safely lie, On Hills and Downs, withouten Dread or Danger; No ravenous Wolves the Goodman's Hope destroy, Nor Outlaws fell affray the Forest-Ranger. 1590: Faerie Queene. In all this skill, though knowen yet to few. And ye, who so ye be, that shall survive, Which she to Colin her poore shepheard shewed.’, Much was the whole assembly of those heards. 1596: Faerie Queene. Notice of Non-discriminatory Policy, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. And ye, whoso ye be, that shall survive, When as ye hear her Memory renew'd, Be witness of her Bounty here alive, Which she to Colin her poor Shepherd shew'd.

Bold men, presuming life for gaine to sell, Dare tempt that gulf, and in those wandring stremes. Avenge thy selfe on them for their abuses! This sun would faile me ere I halfe had ended.

1590: Faerie Queene. Till Thestylis at last their silence brake, Saying: ‘Why, Colin, since thou foundst such grace. 1751: The Faerie Queene. google_ad_width = 160; Of which, among you many yet remain, Whose Names I cannot readily now guess: Those that poor Suters Papers do retain, And those that Skill of Medicine profess: And those that do to Cynthia expound The Ledden of strange Languages in charge; For Cynthia doth in Sciences abound, And gives to their Professors Stipends large. In whose brave mynd, as in a golden cofer. 1595: Astrophel. But of great Cynthiaes goodnesse and high grace, Finish the storie which thou hast begunne.’, ‘More eath,’ quoth he, ‘it is in such a case. On which faire Cynthia her heards doth feed: Her heards be thousand fishes, with their frie.

Book I. Canto VI. And round about with mightie white rocks hemd, Those same, the shepheard told me, were the fields. Meyer, Sam, "An Interpretation of Spenser's Colin Clouts Come Home Again" (1960). And to mine oaten pipe enclin’d her eare. Hast made us all so blessed and so blythe.

And fill with stones, that all men may it know. Comments & Suggestions He found himselfe full greatly pleasd at it: And plaid theron; (for well that skill he cond). In thy late voyage, we thee would entreat. For with lewd speeches, and licentious deeds. Canto VI.

But vain it is to think by Paragon Of earthly things, to judge of things divine: Her Power, her Mercy, and her Wisdom, none Can deem, but who the Godhead can define. Then first gan heaven out of darknesse dread. Hast sole possession in so chaste a brest. Her Looks were like Beams of the morning Sun, Forth-looking through the Window of the East; When first the fleecie Cattle have begun Upon the perled Grass to make their Feast. For as we stood there waiting on the strond. Ne less praise-worthy is her Sister dear, Fair Marian, the Muses only Dearling; Whose Beauty shineth as the Morning clear, With silver Dew upon the Roses pearling. Forth on our Voyage we by Land did pass, Quoth he, as that same Shepherd still us guided, Until that we to Cynthia's Presence came: Whose Glory, greater than my simple Thought, I found much greater than the former Fame; Such Greatness l cannot compare to ought: But if I her like ought on earth might read, I would her liken to a Crown of Lillies, Upon a Virgin Bride's adorned Head, With Roses dight, and Goolds and Daffadilies; Or like the Circlet of a Turtle true, In which all Colours of the Rainbow be; Or like fair Phoebe's Girlond shining new, In which all pure Perfection one may see. Through him the Cold began to covet Heat; And Water Fire; the Light to mount on hie, And th' Heavy down to poize; the Hungry t' eat, And Voidness to seek full Satiety. 1596: The Fourth Booke of the Faerie Queene. Amongst the shepheards daughters dancing rownd. Canto X. 1590: Faerie Queene. Most wretched he, that is and cannot tell.’. Reproduction Date: Colin Clouts Come Home Againe (also known as Colin Clouts Come Home Again) is a pastoral poem by the English poet Edmund Spenser and published in 1595. Neæra ours, not theirs, though there she be. 1908. But auncient truth confirm’d with credence old. That they list not their mery pipes applie?

1590: Faerie Queene. 1596: Faerie Queene. [Works, ed. Like as himselfe us pleaseth save or spill.

Or else by breeding him some blot of blame. For Beauty is the Bait which with Delight Doth Man allure, for to enlarge his Kind; Beauty the burning Lamp of Heaven's Light, Darting her Beams into each feeble Mind; Against whose Power, nor God nor Man can find Defence, ne ward the Danger of the Wound: But being hurt, seek to be medicin'd Of her that first did stir that mortal Stownd. There interrupting him, a bonny Swain, That Cuddy hight, him thus atween bespake: And should it not thy ready Course restrain, I would request thee, Colin, for my sake, To tell what thou-didst sing, when he did play. Doth hold, and next unto her selfe advance. Ne any there doth brave or valiant seeme. Ne less praise-worthy Galathea seems Than best of all that honourable Crew, Fair Galathea with bright shining Beams, Inflaming feeble Eyes that her do view. Well may it seeme, by this thy deep insight. Book IV. Faire spreading forth her leaves with fresh delight. The passed fortunes, which to thee befell.

Did stand astonisht at his curious skill. Ah far be it, quoth Colin Clout, for me, That I of gentle Maids should ill deserve: For that my self I do profess to be Vassal to one, whom all my days I serve. Can deeme, but who the Godhead can define. But her old Sire, more careful of her Good, And meaning her much better to prefer, Did think to match her with the neighbour Flood, Which Alla hight, Broad-water called far; And wrought so well with his continual Pain, That he that River for his Daughter won: The Dowre agreed, the Day assigned plain, The Place appointed where it should be done. Retrospective Review: "In the year 1595, Spenser published Colin Clout's come Home again, a sort of pastoral, giving an account of his return to England, of his presentation to Queen Elizabeth, and of several persons attached to the court. Edmond Malone: "Spenser, whose history, like that of many of our celebrated English writers, is involved in a mist of confusion and error, published at London, in 1595, or consented to the publication of, a poem, called Colin Clout's Come Home Again. Where each one seeks with malice and with strife. Emongst the seats of angels heavenly wrought, Much like an angell in all forme and fashion.’, ‘Colin,’ said Cuddy then, ‘thou hast forgot.

And yet would live with heart halfe stonie cold. Till I have told her praises lasting long: Hobbin desires, thou maist it not forsake. 1590: The First Book of the Faerie Queene. And yet doth beare, and ever will, so long, As water doth within his bancks appeare.’. And long affliction which I have endured: Such grace sometimes shall give me some reliefe. Borne without syre or couples of one kynd. how great a Loss Had all the Shepherds Nation by thy lack? So, being former foes, they wexed friends.

Book III. Book III. WHEBN0025410481 Book VII. Canto II. Nor swelling Waves, but thorough them did pass So proudly, that she made them rore again. For each mans worth is measured by his weed. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2707004110972434"; Besides her peerless Skill in making well, And all the Ornaments of wondrous Wit, Such as all Womankind did far excel; Such as the World admir'd, and praised it. He, sitting me beside in that same shade. //-->. Yet, were he knowne to Cynthia as he ought. That her bright glorie else hath much defamed.

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