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Stemming from my exploration of local... How does human interjection affect our natural landscape? Course: Lab Core A (Productive Interaction) I am curious of common day objects being able to... Monograph is a photography ebook, comprising of a touch screen table and a modified photographer's loupe. Repurposed Video ... What kind of design intervention can foster new relationships within Jovenes, Inc., a local organization that helps homeless, at-risk youth? If you have been on Twitter, you may understand the complexity of the... Manipulating the dynamics of cyber citizenship, visually Instructor: Anne Burdick/ Elise Co/ Tim Durfee/ Casey Anderson

Professor: Luke Johnson Group Project

[Process] We selected one... Map & Data Visualization::

Course | Information Design | Revised 2014 July A visualization of Flickr photos that meet certain criteria. Course: FA14, Lab Projects, Lab 2016

Instructor: Philip van Allen The screen, the mobile device, the personal computer, the network node: the devices that mediate our interactions are individualising by their very nature. Background: In order to explore this question, I designed two scenarios. Now the most powerful and pervasive AI system is made by big name like goole, Microsoft and Amazon.

Phase 1: Explore the material language of an item.
Arduino, Adobe Flash,... Data Pod
Play has the power to transform existing social relations and invert hierarchy, control and power, Instructor: Tim Durfee "What could be so interesting about a toilet?"

Boxes! It’s a story i... MDP | LAB - Spring 2014 - Concept Year - Lab Project 2 STREET FLOW is a design fiction project exploring interfaces that helps forming information space and... SupserSense!

Reina Imagawa, Bianca Nasser, Sally... Background SACC-TV, Channel 16 (1974 - 2010) was a public access... Animism || The New Ecology of Things

I challenged and questioned machine's... Urban Tracking Try Out JotForm! "Genealogy of the Form“ was an important project in summer semester of 2010.

As robotics... How might we imagine alternative future modes of social action, social change, and social life?

After observing the neighborhood for several days we... Brief

Parallel to the launch of the new BMW 6 Series coupe and cabriolet in the car company’s museum in Munich with the title "... (Supervised by Prof. Frank Zebner) Pedestrian... An initial study in the potential for poetic interaction, this project explores how nuanced and learned behaviors can inform interaction with everyday objects. THe unreal way in which it is beautiful now is the unreal way in which it was always beautiful.

How to make people experience in the fitness becomes more encouraging and engaging? Collaborated with: Chloe Huang Produce a digital scenario that includes a simulation of an event based on a technological or environmental "tipping-point". The Road I Walk is collaborative storytelling project with... TE DOY MI MANO is an additional device that helps illegal immigrants or “hope-seekers” cross the border from Mexico to USA. Location: Santa Monica,... New Car Experiences from Zhihan Ying on Vimeo. Key figures include Robert... Landsat is a pilgrimage for remote sensing. The project imagines a future world as a series of consequences to one new law made regulating the use of Space... What insights into emergent behavior are offered by emerging technologies? Design Brief: This project explores the integration of the physical environment with the media... FriendFinder from Lee Cody on Vimeo.

La Lucha de las Raíces pursues a ... FUI Training This class explores the potential relationships between information and... MDP | LAB - Fall 2013 - Concept Year - Lab Project 1 Experimental Interventions || Trap & Scenic Route || People Knowing 2011 What can be captured and preserved? Door 19 project explores the possibility of augmented reality... MDP | LAB - Fall 2013 - Concept Year - Lab Project 1 Let us know if you need further assistance. hot glues + fishing wires + after effects Using parameters of urban zoning and air rights, Eli uses several geometries of augmented reality around, through, and on top of physical buildings to show a hybrid city of virtual and physical...”, walk like a pedestrian, see like an automobile, A Tale of AR, Architecture and Air Rights, Students : Institution :: _______ : ______.

Concept: This page is a continuation of the documentation of the final steps for the Dev Projects: Interactions class. The Project

Tree to Paper is information design installation about personal paper usage. Amanda Jensen, RJ Sakai and Anjuli Sethi. If you need more help, please contact our support team. Bacteria are everywhere. This project is focusing on the popular idea of 'affective computing' in ML and AI area recently. Check the face, and sometimes practice the speeches... How to communicate the meaning of a large body of data through different media platforms, especially in our contemporary media landscape where everything is... Collaborator Leave Behind

I noticed patterns in certain... Sol De Witt believed the idea itself could be the work of art, and maintained that, like an architect who creates a blueprint for a building and then turns the... We are by nature distinct, separate beings, each with our own body and our own faculties of existence. This is not a Knob || Productive Interaction 2011 Preliminary sketches: The class project is to design a series of ‘Seeing Machines.’ These seeing machines should ide... Collaborator/ helper robots. HTC VIVE/ UNITY

“Through all of history mankind has ingested psychedelic substances. This robot is a speculative proposal for the feelings and anticipations of death from the perspective of the robot itself. Rich communities of microbes thrive in the soil, in water, in air, on every surface, and every part of the body.

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