degrassi clare and drew fanfiction

Drew sees Imogen outside with beach bash props and asks if he's still dreaming.

Dallas says Drew was eating ice cream and placing an order online. In You Are Not Alone, Drew is seen sitting with Dallas hearing Zig and Maya talking about starting an artsy for the school to put on and he agrees to it and supervising it.

He confronts Katie and she tries to brush it off as if it isn't her fault, but he blows up and they get into an argument and he knocks over a chair and leaves. In You Don't Know My Name (2), Alli is now trying to play "hard to get" with Drew, while he attempts to move on from her. Drew and Bianca go to the ravine and start making out when Bianca says Drew shouldn't go to the basketball game just to show K.C. Drew says that he doesn't think Clare would dance with him after what he did.

Designed by Manasto Jones.

Then Drew. He asks if there has been any news, but Audra says that Adam has only been in surgery for 45 minutes so far.

Riley considers it, but decides not to and he earns the spot. Zoë promises Drew she won't yell at him.

In Come As You Are (2), Drew is hung over, and is yelled at by his mother when she sees that he is taking easy courses. behind him pin him to a flagpole, strip him of his clothes, wrap him to the pole with tinfoil, and duct tape his mouth shut for everyone to see. ", (To Jenna and K.C.

Clare is crying not because of the election, but because everything is falling apart.

In How Bizarre, Drew is in class presenting something to the class with Dallas and Dallas asks him what is wrong. Drew then meets Bianca after school and asks if he is in the clear and she says yes. Drew says if he did anything different that his brother would still be here.
She says that she is going to fix it. In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Drew attends football tryouts with K.C., Conner, Mo, Owen.

Then, he brings Rocky downstairs when something seems wrong with him. — Drew to Katie Matlin.

Drew has Adam tell Alli that Jenna wanted to meet her in the photo booth. She reveals that she is looking for a roommate and then they talk about the assignment, offering to split it together. Drew seems confused, and Adam jokes around saying she might just not be interested, while Drew believes that is impossible. A jealousy looking Adam gets sad looking at them. She calls him messy and he retorts that it was messy before he came. Later, Fiona visits Drew at work and offers him a kids meal in exchange for his absence in the loft during the party since Katie and Jake will be there. Owen’s car wouldn’t start.

While kissing, Dallas, Imogen, and Jack rescue them from the Boiler Room.

Drew makes a scene and talks back.

He replies that he feels powerful as if he can survive. When Drew ask Katie if it is true, Katie denies it. Drew has a severe concussion from being hit on the head with a basketball, jumped by a gang, knocking out after a hit to the head during a cage-fighting match, and falling down his stairs and bouncing his head off the ground while drunk.

They find a man named Vince who reveals to have taken Bianca's bracelet and used the name to find out everything he needs to know about she and Drew. Later, when Alli, Drew, Jake, Marisol, and Katie arrive at the cabin, at first Drew and Katie decide to go explore the woods, but instead stay inside because Marisol says she is scared and wants someone to keep her company, so instead they go in a room and make out. Then, he decides to throw a party for his campaign, which he assumes people will vote for him that way. In You Oughta Know Drew is seen holding auditions for Degrassi TV. Drew comforts her, and offers for her to be his vice president. When Drew contacts his mom, Audra travels to Las Vegas determined to put a stop to the ceremony, leaving Bianca furious that Drew is second guessing the nuptials.

In Nowhere to Run, Drew is first seen with Katie and Adam in the living room at his house slicing "Welcome Back Degrassi" posters, while Katie is reminding him to cut them straight because she wants the first day of her presidency to be perfect. She says it wasn't anyone’s.

Then when they are about to leave Drew comes up to Riley and says, "I knew there was something between you two (another member of the team; Zane) and if you want me to keep your secret a secret you better step aside for QB1." Student Then she smiles. Drew proves to be the best drummer and the next day, Sav calls him to tell him the good news. In Barely Breathing, Drew is seen talking to Dallas. Drew is still groggy when he and Bianca have a conversation and she asks if he should be in class and then states it's 9:00 AM.,,,,,,,, He walks into another room leaving Bianca alone and sad. Later he is playing video games with Dallas. Later, after Colton runs off, Drew sees Adam looking for him. Drews decides maybe she's right and they end up making out behind a. closed curtain. Later, Drew walks with Dave and first talk about Dave and Alli. Bobby cheated on Fiona with Tinsley and later dated Tinsley. In Take a Bow (1), after Katie questions Drew, she tells him that if he gets tested, then they will have sex one day.

Mr. Simpson tells Drew he trusts him and says "hang ten" before walking away. The relationship between Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards is known as Eclare (Eli/Clare). In Believe (2), Drew and Becky are in the woods scared hearing noises and it was Becky's mother who found the both of them. Clare says everybody is lost without Adam, and that she thinks about him everyday.

Luke Bilyk

Clare then debates, and makes Drew nervous when she says that you can't "please" everyone all the time.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Drew has gotten a black eye from his fight with Fitz because he tried to stand up for Adam. The next day before the mock round, Bianca asks why he's doing this and he tells her he didn't want her to think he was stupid.

Drew refuses to go to the study help, since he doesn’t think there is anything in it for him, so Alli says that if they pass, they'll have a dance. It's just over. Later, he is seen in his basement playing with blocks with Dallas and Rocky. Drew begins bouncing the tennis ball again and Dallas catches it as it is bouncing back toward Drew and walks away with it.

In Sabotage (1) , Drew surprises Bianca in science class with tickets to a sports game and plans to spend the weekend shopping and in a hotel room, but she has a big chemistry test and needs to focus on studying. He tells her that he is letting Audra get to her.

He was the first character to mistakenly think he was the father of someone's baby. Relationships Drew asks how a piece of paper will protect him, and his mother hugs him telling him that she warned him about Bianca. realizes that Drew isn't paying attention, and decides to give up.

Drew is just glad he finally got some sleep. The first was, Drew is the third character to be stricken with post-traumatic stress disorder. He then goes to Adam's memorial page and scrolls through the comments then he stumbles upon a video posted by Clare and plays it. ", (To Katie then Marisol): "You said you wanted to have fun. Drew agrees and falls asleep in the meeting and has a nightmare about getting beaten up. K.C.

At the dance, Marisol tries to make an advance on Drew, to which he tells her he likes Alli. Additional friends of his include Imogen Moreno, Connor DeLaurier, Alli Bhandari, Mo Mashkour, Julian, and Owen Milligan, who he used to have a heated conflict with.

She goes down thinking that Alli did give him a blowjob.

Drew asks Clare why she would say that and Clare repeatedly whispers in his hear "Adam". Clare asks Drew to let her have a normal day and get her out of the hospital. Job I don’t want to go with him. Drew had brought a puppy, who is named Waffles, to the hospital. Drew then explains to Dallas that he took sleeping pills and he thought he slept so well. he went to Degrassi as a new person his self and then he hit on the hottest girl Bianca until Drew was with her and then Drew is shown laughing.

Drew starts to hallucinate as he jumps back from Zoë. Drew tells Dallas he will sleep just fine.

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When he first sees Clare with her back turned away from the door, he assumes he and Adam have the wrong room.

He dropped out of Degrassi in his first senior year, but later returned and won the Student Government election, making him the president for his second senior year in the 2013-2014 school year. Drew was the second Degrassi School president to get impeached by the student body. In Jesus, Etc. Drew is beaten badly in public by a group of thugs. In class the next day, he meets Fiona and looks for his assignment.

He and Adam suggest that Clare wear wigs. While discussing it and overhearing Alli and Drew talking while playing for chips at the da, nce, Bianca walks up to Alli and tells her that she's crazy to think that kissing was all they did. asks 'You're high at the biggest game of the year?'

Clare then wishes him good luck in the debate.

Later at school, he puts on an act with Owen, and K.C. and Dave how important he is to the team. Drew is the second character to threaten to out. Bianca says she doesn't need them talking crap about her and leaves. She calls him an idiot and lets herself in.

In Basket Case, Drew flips out at Miles for throwing the party and he told Miles that his dad another plan for his campaign if he messed it up. Before "failing" the exams Drew looks at Bianca who smiles and then looks at Alli who smiles and waves.

Drew tells her that she's great and that he is really happy she fell into his arms. Becky and Drew in the Boiler Room kissing. At his home, Adam quizzes him and he begins getting answers correct from remembering movie quotes.
Drew then asks how do they move on and Dallas responds, "we find a way to say good bye.". lunch, Alli and Drew go and sit down, and they begin talking, Drew claims he wants to study, and they talk. Drew also mentions he just wants to sleep but Zoë reminds him that they had a deal and Drew says he can't go like this. He gets up and gets a pass from Mr. Armstrong. She asks him again what he took, and Drew, already half-asleep, says a couple of sleeping pills.

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