depop selling rules

One of the things were to promote on social media. I was just a beginner mid 2018, and there were a lot of things being said online that were supposed to help me with my shop and a lot of it wasn’t key to my success. I will decide on a price and run with it. Are you baffled with how to sell on Depop? In general, the best time to bump your closet is around times around the following circumstances: You know one day I think I am going to test what will happen if I edit my closet like 6 times on a Friday–payday to see if it will make a difference. If you want to go the extra mile, here are some things you can do: Send your buyer a private message thanking them for their business and when you plan to ship, Offer a discount if they decide to buy from you again. You can also share your Depop account on your social media accounts so your followers can see what you’re selling. try to negotiate you down. I think this also is a reason that weekends are good for sales too. Don’t believe me just look at my reviews the majority of them mention fast shipping. In order to successfully use the Depop app, you need to abide by a few simple rules: Depop strongly suggests saying “no” to buyers if they want to take the transaction out of Depop, even if the seller is saying that you could purchase the item for cheaper- this … This PRO TIP: You can often make more money on your items if you are willing to wait. Because some items are different, they have different prices you paid for them. What the what are However, I don’t want you to lose money EVER so that is why I am saying free stuff like maybe from your closet or someone else closet you know and real cheap like less than $2 at the thrift store. PRO TIP: If you have already sold on other platforms I would suggest you find a way to point to your reviews on those other platforms without violating any terms or conditions of Depop or course. of advice out there about increasing your pricing by 10-15% or $5 and I can Stay tuned I got you? then the best way thing to do is to contact a seller. In reality, I couldn’t sell it for less than the listed price. I have a very intense job and family life and I’ve detoxed from social media years ago for the most part. In order to download the Depop app on your device head over to the Apple App Store or Google Store. To bump your item on Depop is easy, just go to your listing press EDIT then POST LISTING and then voila you should see your item on the top of the feed! Swapping or trading items with another user must always be for the full value of the item. process. Products recalled by a manufacturer or another government agency.

ENOUGH with all that listing and promoting for me…I was done with all of that. Vintage. This was due the investment of money and time I had spent into procurement.

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