electrical conductivity periodic table trend

Ac - Actinium, 90 In a similar way, graphite (a non-metal) also has delocalised electrons. Click on 'Element Atomic Number', 'Element Symbol', 'Element Name' and 'Element Electrical Conductivity' headers element, click on the element symbol in the below periodic table. Fm - Fermium, 101 Periodic Table of Elements with Thermal Conductivity Trends. Mn - Manganese, 27 Generally METALS conduct better than NON-METALS. Lu - Lutetium, 72 Og - Oganesson. Fl - Flerovium, 115 Pa - Protactinium, 92 Cl - Chlorine, 18 In - Indium, 51 Os - Osmium, 77 Kr - Krypton, 37 That is, there is a trend in the conductivity of the period 3 metals: from left to right the conductivity of METALS increases. Md - Mendelevium, 102 Sb - Antimony, 52 Pr - Praseodymium, 60 Pa - Protactinium, 92 No - Nobelium, 103 Np - Neptunium, 94 Ru - Ruthenium, 45 Lr - Lawrencium, 104 Rf - Rutherfordium, 105 Am - Americium, 96 Ho - Holmium, 68 Bi - Bismuth, 84 A Level Nb - Niobium, 42 Nb - Niobium, 42 This Thermal Conductivity chart table gives the Thermal Conductivity of all the elements of periodic table in K - Potassium, 20 Pr - Praseodymium, 60 Nd - Neodymium, 61 Db - Dubnium, 106 Pm - Promethium, 62 Ba - Barium, 57 Pm - Promethium, 62 N - Nitrogen, 9 Ag - Silver, 48 conductivity increases from Na to Al: Si: metalloid: giant covalent: conductivity much less than Na, Mg and Al: P, S, Cl, Ar: non-metal: simple molecular (Ar is monatomic) do not conduct electricity Sodium, magnesium and aluminium are all metals. Therefore, the larger the atom the weaker its attraction is to the nucleus, allowing it to be free and to conduct electricity. Pt - Platinum, 80 Y - Yttrium, 40 Re - Rhenium, 76 Explore Interactive Periodic Table of Elements. Cr - Chromium, 25 Ds - Darmstadtium, 111 They have no free electrons that can move around and carry charge from place to place. I - Iodine, 54 Electrical Conductivity measures a material's ability to conduct electricity. Cl - Chlorine, 18 periodic table. Sr - Strontium, 39 Br - Bromine, 36 Pu - Plutonium, 95 In the below periodic table you can see the trend of Thermal Conductivity. Hs - Hassium, 109 Cd - Cadmium, 49 Fr - Francium, 88 After studying this page, you should be able to: The table shows electrical conductivity values for the elements Na to Ar, relative to aluminium. to sort. Ar - Argon, 19 The table below gives a brief summary of these sections. Y - Yttrium, 40 Se - Selenium, 35 Dy - Dysprosium, 67

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