end of evangelion script

), ----------------------------------- But, what are you two within my heart? ----------------------------------------- Or, do they plan to initiate it here!!? Thus, in order to meet these demands, it was decided to remake episodes 25 and 26." The first half, Death, was a highly condensed character-based recap and re-edit of the TV series. Use the satellites if you have to! Misato:

Misato (off screen): I don't really understand reality. Anti-AT Field critical limit exceeded! Misato (off screen): We've been cooped up here for a week now... Misato: Episode 25': Kazuya Tsurumaki Episode 26': Hideaki Anno Asuka: All (chanting): Eva series and Geofront passing through the E layer! in...). have disappeared, it will still exist as long as even one person still -----------------------------------. 2 Command Center - Invaders on lower left floor. SCENE:  Water drop- Yui caressing Shinji's cheek R-10-20 Yui:

Bakelite). 77 Computer Room negative. (Asuka clasps her mother's hand and EVA-02 awakens. Gendo: According to an episode of the Japanese anime show Anime Yawa aired March 31, 2005 on NHK's satellite TV, the final line was initially written as "I'd never want to be killed by you of all men, absolutely not!" Kaworu: We want to feel needed, even if it's only physical. Souls flow from the Earth to the Black Moon and then into Lilith-Rei's Asuka (thinking): MAGI is only the first skirmish. While somewhat fewer than planned, it will have to do. If their real target is the Evas, they'll be going after the pilots! Even if you lose your own words, or become lost in others' words. JSSDF Sub Commander:: EPISODE 25' -  Love is destructive Asuka (on speaker): listening to enemy movements on a dead soldier's radio If you don't say anything? Shinji: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ritsuko: Shinji (voice): Fuyutsuki: illuminating the night sky, and leaves. Right, Pen-pen? Go to First Level Battle Stations. Misato (angry): Rei...! Anywhere can be heaven as long as you have the will to live. Concentrate all fire power on the cable! Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me! fish in a bucket under the sun, a dog lying dead on a street, fish head

Hideaki Anno ):

Shigeru: The sequence ends with Shinji's voice saying, "This isn't it, I am not here," proving it is a false reality much like the one he sees in Episode:26. in their own heart. Rei, and Asuka). - Pick one! -----------------------------------

How pathetic... Shinji (weakly - getting to his feet): It seems to have begun... Misato (over Shinji):

You're all just hiding behind a smile!

Gendo: It's the only Gendo: If I can only hurt people, then I'd rather not do anything at all! (Screen text:  ...Is it okay for me to be here?) 5 freight entrance! Mama...? Geofront). Episode 25': Air, uses the original script intended for episode 25 of the original series and forms roughly 2/3 of the previous film, Rebirth. SEELE 07: That's why you hurt other people...

asking. Dammit, get away from me! Rei (voice): Background announcement: -----------------------------------. Ritsuko? Your AT Field can no longer hold your shape. That's right! -----------------------------------.

But that's just pretending - a self-intoxicating belief... like a prayer. AHHHH!!! Makoto (off screen): 3 underground barricade destroyed! I'll even stand here and watch. Has the assimilation with Rei begun? Damn! SCENE:  Outside NERV live forever... together with the human soul that dwells within it. Shinji: Misato (on phone): (disengages Rei from him and clasps her hand) The pilot hasn't arrived yet!

Nothing personal, kid. no ending credits are shown. JSSDF officer: :Translated Script. All non-combat personnel, evacuate via route 87. Asuka (voice): Shinji: After all, I didn't exist there... which is the same as no one existing. Prepare for launch! SEELE 09: As soon as Asuka is inside EVA-02, hide it in the underground lake. Choosing your man over your own daughter... Gendo:

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