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I mean no offense to you, but I think very few people who are playing the game right now are doing so because Zak Smith did some consulting on it. That's simply making sure the news is news, not fiction.Please -do not- make statements you did not check in the comments, that is the entire problem here.Science shows publishing inaccurate information in public -even if it is corrected in public- still makes people believe it, because people are stupid.So: I am not going to compound the problem of stupid people reading misinformation and believing it and taking action on it here. Typical of rapists to pull this nonsense". Zak Smith (born July 16, 1976), also known as Zak Sabbath, is an American artist, role-playing game author, and adult actor. We appreciate the The core issue here is that Raggi should have immediately stood up for his friend if he believed that Smith didn’t abuse and rape those porn actresses. Also interesting that your link goes directly to his blogspot which also links to the same "proof" on his Blog shilling his latest progress. (I'm the second "Unkown" in these comments, which I don't even really know why it says that.) Appalling as that is, at least that's it... right? Folks, I'm locking this thread, and making another announcement soon. He didn't get cut off from every significant publisher and forum for that though. Find one or create one that has the same vibe you like so much. There's some truth to this, alas (which is not to say there aren't some great LotFP modules). We created hilariously familiar and everyday stories that parents everywhere could relate to.
Warhammer 40K. I honestly do hope that you're "exonerated in the eyes of the court", or that your accuser is found "guilty of defamation", or whatever the correct fucking legal term/concept is.Not even because I know you that well, but because the same people jumping on the "Zak is guiltaaaaayy" train have a bit too much overlap with the sorta people that have astroturfed most online ttrpg communities. This is the best take. Interesting how this year old accounts first post was on Zak S with most of it's comments on Zak S threads defending him. I can't imagine Ettin would have done all this if his position was defensible.

Then I tried listening to Matt Finch interview Raggi and turned it off when Raggi proudly boasted about targeting Scandinavian women to facilitate emigrating from the US. From my understanding this isn't true, and its been proven Zak is an asshole and abuser. Rules for playing D&D 5E in an Avatar Universe, The Plane of Lightning & Thoughts - Fulmens - Spells of the Storm-Wracked Noosphere. What a terrible hill for them to die on. We were tasked to bring this futuristic look and feel, as well as Bradley Bellflower, to's various social media channels. The reason people are calling me a Zak sockpuppet is because they've got a very strong predetermined assumption about Zak and anyone associated with him. He shoulda got banned way earlier just for being a generally belligerent arsehole online. TW: sexual assault, domestic abuse. I am a dumb motherfucker, if it is obvious to me you need a new act. Zak Smith (born July 16, 1976), also known as Zak Sabbath, is an American artist, role-playing game author, and adult actor. I feel that I am in a strange bind. I have... very strong feelings about using a sexual assault scandal as marketing. But anyway, whenever I hear a man talk about his "crazy b*tch" ex girlfriends telling lies about him alarm bells go off. I don't recall any specifics but it seemed vaguely omnipresent. Outrage can be addictive.

I'll just say the title is inspired by certain people in "They all settled on Zak Smith, author of Vorheim, A Red and Pleasant Land, Maze of the Blue Medusa, Death Forst Doom and Frostbitten and Mutilated, has a Google plus collection called "Some RPGS people who sucks" where he mocks privately people who he does not … And haul even the most precious cargo. Well, that's pretty bad. Whatever makes you able to live with yourself. [1], Apart from his work as role-playing game author and artist Smith is also known as a hardcore porn actor. Why is it illegitimate for someone to prove that what they're saying in public is true? vs. Electric Bastionland. It's still something. There are no easy answers. [10] Smith describes himself as an anarchist. You should probably remove your last comment, man., I don't have the buy-in that others do, including you. I thought i replied to this but can't see it. You can (and should, if the rest of this post is going to make sense) read my response here. is always a more popular headline than "A PERSON LIED ABOUT SOMEONE BEING BAD" its basically entirely up to their victims to fix the situation themselves. was accused of sexual assault and abuse. [4][5][6][7] Some of his works are shown on Artsy. Nature of Man & the Satanic Power He Contains”.
Which is valid if he's a rapist, and not if he's not. He’s way too much of a shit-stirrer to be tolerated there.

Wherever he is would be improved if he left, and the scene is infinitely more pleasant for his exile. The spot garnered over 21 million views on YouTube and continues to be the animated face of the brand. He has posted just 2 RPG-related posts immediately before or immediately after throwing water on the Zak grease fire. The rest of his posting history is "I'm totally not convinced by Zak but I will use his pedantic browbeating tactics to fight tough and nail to win him an inch.". It might be due to a bad translation.

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