frommer stop serial numbers

I have not seen this marking before but I have seen two Frommer Stops with serial numbered magazines in the manner of German Police armorer work if this is helpful. BL: 10cms

The shoot only one shot, the sleeve is not sent out. "A police proof" is how it was suggested.

Due to lack of available data, these are estimated approximate dates and serial numbers for the Frommer Liliputs: ( Log Out /  The early mfg hard rubber grips shown on the far left and the later mfg serrated wood grips shown on the near left, both marked 'FS'.

The Frommer 'Stop' pistol was the standard pistol of the Hungarian Honvéd (the purely Hungarian element of the three separate forces which comprised the Austro-Hungarian Army) during the First World War. Not the bullet shaped floor plate like yours, and all bottoms are marked with Frommer and 7.65. See my Balkans collection on my website, specializing in rifles with soldier graffiti. PP Walther. trigger springs are difficult to reinsert.

Mod. A kid at the range took an enlarged photo . A very rare post-WW1 Czechoslovak Army acceptance mark on the trigger guard: 'S' [Czech Lion] '4'. I will try to get some photos from the inside on this blog. Contact It is forced to rotate by the moving barrel and unlocks after a quarter (?) Write For Us

They could only suggest that it is post-war (I think we could figure that out from the serial number range) and may have been sent abroad (contract?). Factory data for the Liliput as produced in 1923 are as follows: total length, 110 mm. Because of their rarity not many of these will be encountered. Stamped left rear of frame. Budapest 1917 proof mark 3. with random serial numbers up to 180000. The first 1906 pistol was chambered for a small, underpowered 7.65 mm. The mushroomed edges must be filed down to disassemble these 295812 is proofed Bp-20, 295945 is proofed Bp-21, and 300448 is Bp-21. Internally it has a spring and a very simple metal spring follower. whole: L: 16.5cms BL: 10cms Calibre: 7.65 x 17.

A 9mm (.380 acp) variant called '39M' was reportedly made for special export order. Both disconnector pin and sear pin must be driven out to detach sear.

Are any of those marked Sr.? 169 to 171). There is no doubt that a dictionary is well known source - but there are many words that contain "S" and "R", or begin with "S" and end with "R". At the instant of firing, the Stop is locked by a rotating head on the two-piece bolt, similarly to the MM.

The Frommer Liliput pistols bear an official proof mark on the left front side of the trigger guard. SERIAL NUMBERING: It seems to have been shot quite extensively, and neglect built up some rust on the outside. Fig. There are three proof marks: one on the exposed part of the barrel at the port, one on the right rear of the slide and one on the right rear of the frame. - Plain wooden grips. caliber. I just received a reply from them and this is their first exposure to such a proof. Ten specimens with serial numbers ranging from 5152 to 69,909, examined by the author, were all marked „jhv" (German code for Metallwaren, Waffen u. Maschinenfabrik, Budapest) and were made in the period 1941 to 1943. All parts were manufactured using the highest quality materials available with strict tolerance standards, so all parts were interchangeable between pistols. case as it does so. 170. I'm not sure how they dated Fommers, but I see nothing wrong with the serial number on yours? 48). German Contract acceptance mark: crown over a gothic 'B' and/or 'D'. Then the bolt gets unlocked and feeds the next round from the mag, which of course doesn’t get far as the chamber is not empty. Sectional view. Left side markings: FEGYVERGYÁR - BUDAPEST - FROMMER - PAT.

The Police Museum Budapest answered my email today.

Other .22 variants have been reported. Press in the barrel nut retainer (use the corner of the magazine) and unscrew the barrel nut. During this forward (!) wasted on a relatively low-powered cartridge which can be handled by a simple blowback action' should check out the following ammo section. The Liliput had an external hammer and a grip safety. Gerhard Bock discusses this pistol in some detail in the 1923 edition of his Moderne Faustfeuerwa f f en, but does not give the date of origin. All Frommers are sequentially serialized, started with Model 1901 and continued through all Stop model changes, with the exception of the Liliput. Bolt catch and trigger with trigger bar can now be Frommer Mod. 2.

It was made by the Hungarian firm but apparently not for Hungarian service issue. The bolt is then released to run forward, chamber the fresh round, and rotate its head to lock the breech. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Cock hammer and pull bolt body out to rear. The origin and use of this pistol is unknown. Frommer Stop Sectional Drawing Sectional view. Also a variant, the 39M, was produced, this is the Stop in “9mm kurz” (.380 ACP).

Original checkered grips are marked with a caligraphic 'FL', should not be confused with the similarly 'FL' marked Friedrich Langenhan pistols. cheers! and 9 mm. Too bad - but at least you were given another lead to follow. Model: Frommer Stop Serial Number: 212803 ... During WW1, the Frommer Stop pistols were also sold to Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey. I also have a Franz Stock that doesn’t consistently chamber without jamming. ### Without depressing this safety fully the trigger can’t be moved.

This firm was the post-World War I successor to the Fegyver es Gepgyar Reszvenytarsasag which had made the earlier Frommers.

[The WaA63 should be on Mauser K98k rifles.] WARNING: A few Frommer Stops were stamped with fake Nazi marks (WaffenAmt WaA63). The dual crest was used on these guns after Emperor Franz Jozeph's death on 11/21/16.

guide. barrel. 1901, though there seems to be no such official designation. The initial order of 50,000, given by the Germans, was filled by the second month of 1942. Their reply was in Hungarian and I had to rely on a free internet translator. - Pearl grips The military forces are probably equipped with the Russian Tokarev.

173. By 1910, Frommer had crafted his early masterpiece, the Stop (with some arguing the name alludes to its ability to “stop” a target). Photo by Martin from Germany. Use on personal social media accounts, provided the individuals are not promoting themselves commercially. Usage of the gun was well into WW2. It's designation was 'Frommer Stop', it had no

i have a frommer stop 7.65. I would say that the English-Hungarian Dictionary is a rather well known source of reference. The .22 caliber series was numbered from C-10,000, but it seems that only a few dozen were made. It is a functional, complicated design, required above average maintenance and was reportedly not popular with some of its users. (2.95") ; thickness, 18.5 mm. Object details Category Weapons and ammunition Creator Fémáru Fegyver és Gépgyár, Budapest Materials. 1933-1945: Mauser Lugers. Perhaps it would help to know what kind of pistols the Hungarian police carried in that era? Doug. Rotate bolthead clockwise to separate from body. I wrote a description how to do it and it is not rocket science you will immediately see if the extractor is damaged or just dirty. The serial number of this pistol indicates that this pistol was originally part of the 1916 German Contract. A community dedicated to Lugers, Central Powers, Axis, Allied and related WW-I and WW-II pistols by their scholars, collectors, owners and enthusiasts. 6.35 mm. Pull out the magazine. During forward movement of the bolt (the case held onto the bolt by the extractor) the spring flips the ejector out from its barrel groove and the cartridge is banged against the ejector, being sent sideways out of the ejection port of the barrel (opposite of the ejector). On the triggerguard is a stamp with +++flags and 3 krones and the number 18+++.

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