german hanoverian registry

Mares out of well-bred foundation lines with a secured prepotency are the most valuable property of a horse breeder.

the “overall score” is derived, representing the mathematical average of all assessed features.

Only whole scores are given. The Hannoveraner is one of the most successful horse breeds of the world. This is still a fact today. Thoroughbred and English halfbred stallions were increasingly used to refine the breed “Hannöversches Pferd” at the beginning of the 19th century. Registering with the different studbook divisions requires certain conditions when it comes to pedigree, conformation and basic gaits. With us you find a suitable horse on the Verdener Auctions, in one of our sales portals or directly in our advertisement section. Guidelines cope with up-to-date fields of action, and the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program forms the pillar for this partial population.

16,000 registered brood mares and more than 300 stallions, Hanover occupies a pole position worldwide and has considerably influenced many other riding horse breeds.

The registration result is announced after the walk ring.

Particularly the Hanoverian breed provides a huge number of outstanding dam lines that constantly produce excellent competition horses for the different disciplines, licensed stallions and valuable mares.

The Hanoverian horse is one of the most important horse breeds of the world. 60 state stud sires at its different insemination stations. The other stallions are privately owned with a huge part of these owners being organized as association “Verein Hannoveraner Privathengsthalter P.B” (Association of Private Stallion Owners). Moreover Verden hosts the famous Verden auctions. The Hannoveraner Verband is also active in the field of sports promotion with its “Supporter’s Club for Hanoverian Sports Horses” FRH. Hanoverian and Rhineland Horse Breeding The Hanoverian horse is one of the most important horse breeds of the world. It is only logical that the presenter has to run at high speed from time to time to achieve this goal. Hanoverian horses were bred and raised for agricultural and military purposes. The dates are offered all over Germany and in many European countries. +49 (0) 42 31 / 67 30, Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020, Springlehrgang mit Heinrich-Wilhelm Johannsmann.

The Verden auctions are appreciated showcase of our breed. Fees and dues are to be paid on site. Keeping with tradition is one principle, but at the same time regularly searching and revealing new options is as important. +49 (0) 42 31 / 67 30, Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020. The results of the studbook inspection are announced after the walk presentation, stating exactly in which division of the studbook the mare will be entered.

There are different options to register a mare with the studbook, either at separate dates or during mare performance tests and mare shows. » Read more, Changes in the office of the Hannoveraner Verband due to the corona virus.» Read more, Chacna and Mexico's Enrique Gonzales win Grand Prix in Coapexpan/MEX» Read more, Hannoveraner Verband e.V. Box 957 Folsom, LA 70437-0957 Phone: 985-796-3650 Fax:: 985-796-9459 E-mail: 300 stallions available for breeding. It goes without saying that the mare has to be in a perfect feeding condition with shiny coat which reveals an excellent general condition and state of health, as well as well-maintained hooves. Welcome to the Hannoveraner Verband. Hanoverian Stallions. However, it is also possible to have mares of other riding horse populations registered and used in the Hanoverian breed. There are different options to register a mare with the studbook, either at separate dates or during mare performance tests and mare shows. Today, the breeding of Hanoverian horses is focused on sports purposes. As your mare should be able to present her skills in both gaits as perfectly as possible, she should move as independently from the presenter as possible. We recommend to practise and exercise making the mare stand and presentation in the trot and in the walk before. However, it is also possible to have mares of other riding horse populations registered and used in the Hanoverian breed. The following features are evaluated: These features are combined in the score “quality conformation”. Amount of fees as specified in the fee schedule. With approx. More than 1,800 Hanoverian dam lines form the maternal background of the breed. The breed was consolidated after 1870 under consideration of native lines with the focus being placed on the horses being suitable as coach or military horses. Most venues have a registration office where you can deposit the horse passport of your mare. The Hanoverian breed was once again refined with Trakehnen and thoroughbred horses and developed into what it is today: an excellently to ride, noble, big-framed and correct warmblood horse, appreciated all over the world as sports and pleasure partner. It is also a common practice to have the mare’s mane braided. We are happy to help you find your foal, brood mare, dressage, jumping or eventing horses. They provide the foundation of success of the Hanoverian breed and are the result of thorough selection measures over generations. Verdener Pferde-Seminar: Hufkunde und Hufbeschlag – No hoof, no horse. A Hanoverian or Rhineland CP imparts significant worth to the horse to which it is issued since it is an official document issued by a reputable registry that readily identifies the horse and attests to the horse’s lineage, date of foaling, breeder, and owner. Breeding horses was an essential basis of existence for the farmers. There are approx. You want to buy or sell a horse? Before the mare is presented, please contact the officials at the registration venue who are responsible for the schedule. Hanover's outstanding position at national and international competitions is only possible due to consistently pursued selection measures. Batido & Madison Elite Stallions by Bolero & Matcho - CA Classic Sires Classic German Hanoverian Sires - Imported frozen semen - CA Davignport AHS Sporthorse Stallion of the Year '99 - by Davignon - MD Donavan Elite Stallion - 5th in AHS/USDF all breeds at Intermediare II - 2001 - WI Gold Luck Rolling Stone Farm - PA Mattgold & Rodero Pangaea Farms - Ontario, Canada

The Studbook Registration Commission awards scores from 1 (very bad) to 10 (extraordinary). The mares are presented to the judges in-hand while standing (conformation), on the triangle in the trot (evaluation of trot and correctness of gaits) and in small groups while walking (evaluation of walk). While special importance was placed on using the horses in agriculture in the years between the two World Wars, the Hanoverian breed was reorganized and restructured after the World War II. The Hannoveraner Verband registers foals in the studbooks for Hanover, Rhineland and Hanoverian halfbred racehorses. The beginnings of purposefully breeding Hanoverian horses can be traced back into the 16th century.

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