how do i return allheart scrubs

Review #1744881 is a subjective opinion of poster. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. I would encourage you to express your disappointment to them and see if you can't get a credit for the return postage. Free Shipping on $150*. Got it all pretty quickly, considering, about 6 days. We are processing your message. They had a great price on my steth (cheapest I found anywhere, and I looked:) I also ordered some dickies scrubs which were the same ones I bought locally for about $8 more per set. There is not enough information available to create the chart. Pissed Consumer © 2020 All I had an item back ordered with to hang it around my neck (don't use it though). I received a generic response and then was never contacted by management. I went back on-line but could not find the exchange option, only returning and making a new order. I order 1 item and needed it by a specific date. Review #948537 is a subjective opinion of poster. The overall rating of the company is 1.7 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Our content is free because we may earn a commission if you purchase products after clicking ads on our website. So far I have been happy with their service and their prices are GREAT, but as for things like Latex-free BP cuff, you really should inquire before ordering this kind of thing site unseen. I had the same thing happen to me! Allheart review rated 1.0/5.0: I ordered 4 scrubs but 2 were too small. Call us at 1.888.880.0088 or email us. Whatever the occupation - Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Researcher, Technician or Student - wants you to look and be your best. What is your customer experience with Allheart? 11-3-16 Absolutly horrible experience. They don't want to do honest business.....they just want to take your money and fail to deliver on product. I got a really cool penlight, but the clear thing that keeps the light from going off had an allheart bar code sticker right on it. I had purchased a set of scrubs that I was needing within a week or so! The price level of this organization is medium according to consumer reviews. I've emailed them three times now and sent a fax this morning, but still no word from them. Never again. I don't order from them any more. Allheart Scrubs whole person fell to the ground and fell to the ground.boom With a muffled sound, Fang Shijie s body directly smashed a large pit on the ground, and the whole person Allheart Scrubs was deeply immersed in it.Ye Han and Lin Yaner both took advantage of this moment and Allheart Scrubs quickly came to his neighborhood.This guy should not be an idiot. My school offered an optional plastic clipboard with lab values and other norms on it, and a calculator on the top, for about $17. Specializes in COS-C, Risk Management. Our team is committed to offering you an exceptional experience and as such we promise to do our best to deliver great products and customer service. We have had to show our nursing instructor what is happening so that my wife is not losing credit in class for not having what we were instructedWe are very unsatisfied with this company and will never order from them againdays and still no product is completely unacceptable Regards, [redacted], I placed an order for a stethoscope that was scheduled to be delivered on 5/14/It did not arrive on time I called customer service and the shipping charge was to be refunded and I was told the item was in the warehouse awaiting shipment I called on 5/25/and I was told it was still in the warehouse awaiting shipmentThe customer service assistant said it would be shipped overnight but to call back in hours to check the statusI called back on 5/31/and this person said it was still awaiting shipment and that a request would be sent to the warehouse to expedite the itemShe also said to call back in hours to check the statusThis is our first order with this companyI have read previous posts where the customer was refunded for the item We placed an order and expect it to be shipped It is time this company is held accountable for its actions If they cannot fill the orders being placed due to reorganization then they need to stop taking orders! If your item is within the return window, enter your SCRUB number, email address, and follow the instructions. Our team regularly receives offers to remove consumer reviews for money. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Seriously Allheart, your company is complete ***. Check Enclosed 3016 West Georgia Street Louisiana, MO 63353 Expiration Date Similar documents. I will be starting my clinicals in the fall and just order all of the required nursing equipment (stetho, BP cuff, scissors etc.)

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