how much does it cost to run a 8,000 btu air conditioner

For example, if you plan to run the air conditioner for three hours each evening, multiply 3 by 30 to get approximately 90 hours a month. You may find amps instead of watts. Fortunately, there are more than a few measures you can take to help cut back on cooling costs. Tosot 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Temperature-Sensing Remote … And if you've ever chosen between premium rims and a Bluetooth-enabled stereo, you know exactly what he means. Compared to central air, the same source estimates that these types of split systems are 20-to-60 percent more efficient. Divide the air conditioner's watts by 1,000 to convert it to kilowatts. According to 2018 estimates from HomeAdvisor, installing a ductless, mini-split air conditioning system clocks in at a national average cost of $2,000, or about $1,300 on the low end and $4,500 on the high end. Check the manual or packaging to find out how many amps your AC draws and how many watts it consumes, then multiply the amps by the watts. Senica Air Conditioning: How Many Watts Does an Air Conditioner Use? On the higher end (running for more time each day in a large space),'s 2017 estimates place central AC cooling homes of over 1,200 square feet at an average cost about $245 per month.

One thing that's invariable is that running an air conditioner will increase your power bill. For example, an EER of 8 would translate to 1,000 watts.Check your electrical bill to find your cost per kilowatt-hour, or kW, of electricity. When you think about this cost, it certainly doesn’t seem like much … The costs to run whichever type of AC you choose will vary depending on your city electric rates, how often you run the unit and how your AC performs regarding energy efficiency. With point-of-entry costs coming in at a few hundred rather than a few thousand dollars, window units are an attractive option for the budget-minded. You can find this under the ... Recharge Air Conditioning with Freon in a Lincoln Navigator - Examine your air conditioning lines for damage. Choose Energy: Electricity Rates by State in 2018. estimates that Energy Star-certified AC units use 8 percent less energy than average models and can save you a minimum of $70 per year in cooling costs. - by eHowair conditioner | air conditioner unit | air conditioner units | air conditioner portable | portable air conditioner | repair air conditioner | air conditioner repair | air conditioner window | window air conditioner | in window air conditioner | portable air conditioner units | air conditioner btu | btu air conditioner | window air conditioner unit | window unit air conditioner | air conditioner window unit | air conditioner system | window air conditioner units, Copyright © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear());

Let's also assume that you're running the unit for eight hours per day. Multiply the kW by the cost per kilowatt-hour to get how much it will cost to run your air conditioner … This aligns fairly neatly with's 2017 estimates, which place a medium-sized window unit (12,000 BTU) at an operating cost of about $62 per month and a large unit (20,000 BTU) at about $100 per month. Stephen Curry vs. Damian Lillard: Who’s the Better Player. Choose energy reports that, at an average of 9.68 cents per kWh, you'll pay the least for energy if you live in Louisiana.

These ... Recharge Air Conditioning with Freon in a Kia Spectra - Test your air conditioning system for leaks. Washington State University's Energy Program offers a free air conditioner cost calculator at their website, but you can also do a little old-school calculation to estimate your costs.

An 8,000 BTU window AC can typically keep a 300 to 350 square-foot room cool, according to the California Energy Commission. Using the same averages to create an estimate, running two window units every day will cost about $91.24 a month. As Chris Forbes of Choice Air Care told in 2017, "the cost of an air-conditioning system is as customizable as your vehicle." Similarly, look for Energy Star-rated machines, a mark that designates energy efficiency.

At an average of 33.45 cents per kWh, you'll pay the most in Hawaii. If you're using multiple window air conditioners, you can save on your power bill by zoning your cooling, or only running the air in parts of the home that are actively occupied.

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