how to install a lenco transmission

1.50% Uses 22 tooth planet gears, a 44 tooth sun gear and an 88 tooth ring gear. If you should shift into First at high speed and you are not on the gas, you won't pull the engine down or lock the wheels. 1.17% (1.165) - Uses 22/38 tooth planet gears, a 24 tooth sun gear and an 84 tooth ring gear. Lenco transmissions essentially combine the best of a manual and automatic transmission into one unit. All burnouts should be started in Second gear, then the transmission should be shifted to Third as soon as the tires start to spin. When setting up your clutch packs they need to have the proper air gap or clutch pack clearance. Never blip the throttle. guess i'll pass. INSTRUCTIONS FOR LENCO TRANSMISSION MOUNT ITEM QTY PART NO. JavaScript is disabled.

0000001857 00000 n Since all LENCO transmissions utilize the same internal gearing design you can easily change from a manual shift set up to the CO2 configuration or vice versa. We want to thank Greg Sumek, Paul Mendoza and all the rest of the people at Lenco for spending the time to show us their factory, and to explain how their transmission works. RATIO CHART 1.25% ratio uses 32 tooth planet gears, a 22 tooth sun gear and an 86 thooth ring gear. Lenco celebrates over forty-five years of the engineering and manufacturing of the most successful drag racing transmissions ever built. a few years ago Lenco started making a "street" trans to compete with the Jefco. 0000002928 00000 n For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. UPS lost the Lenco for two weeks after I waited on it's production for about 6 months. Our most common style clutch disc is the green disc and it comes in two sizes depending on which style transmission you are working on. 1.46% - Uses 22 tooth planet gears, a 37 tooth sun gear and a 80 tooth ring gear. Its sliding design makes removal easy. To install lever remove bolt, insert lever in shift tower so that it faces forward and install bolt. 1.566% Uses 18 tooth planet gears, a 45 tooth sun gear and an 81 tooth ring gear. 1.28% Uses 32 tooth planet gear, a 25 tooth sun gear and an 89 tooth ring gear. You always need to come out of the water box in high gear to prolong the life of the transmission. The 727 first appeared in 1962 as the "early model" that had a large-spline input shaft and was sometimes operated with a push-button shifter. $5.66. A forum community dedicated to Chevrolet Chevelle owners and enthusiasts. still the more i read it seems that you can't back off the gas without destroying them, not to good on the street. I have over $6000 in this transmission. It uses a clutch and flywheel assembly only to engage the transmission … 0000006708 00000 n 1.35% Uses 26 tooth planet gears, a 28 tooth sun gear and a 80 tooth ring gear. 1.48% Uses 22 tooth planet gears, a 40 tooth sun gear and a 83 tooth ring gear.

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1.16% Uses 21/36 tooth planet gears, a 22 tooth sun gear and a 79 tooth ring gear. 1.368% Uses 21 tooth planet gears, a 25 tooth sun gear and an 74 tooth ring gear. 1.378% Uses 23 tooth planet gears, a 28 tooth sun gear and a 74 tooth ring gear. That means the governor and kick-down are out of the equation. Add to cart. Once installed, make sure the air servo is loose and can turn freely. Sight through plug hole, where you will see the outer edge of the rotary shift plate. Then start the tires spinning, now shift the front section so that you are now in high gear. LENCO transmissions are shipped with the shift levers removed in order to prevent damage during shipping. In order to achieve an underdrive first gear launch ratio the LENCO transmission relies on planet gears which rotate around the sun gear. 1.35% Uses 26 tooth planet gears, a 28 tooth sun gear and an 80 tooth ring gear. I have a Lenco ST1200 and all the parts to put it in a Fox Body behind a small block Ford, minus the clutch. 1.50% Uses 22 tooth planet gears, a 44 tooth sun gear and an 88 tooth ring gear. Come join the discussion about restorations, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 0000012524 00000 n Small Sprag Assembly - This is a our small Sprag, note the snap ring in the outer race and single brass thrust washer. 0000011596 00000 n 1.44% Uses 22 tooth planet gears, a 35 tooth sun gear and a 79 tooth ring gear. Shafts are available in Marage or 300M material.16 or 32 spline. LENCO transmissions are a planetary design. 1971 Chevelle SS454, T56 Magnum 6 speed, 3.31 Posi.

If needed you may vary 1 full turn up or down from your 2 turns out in order to achieve the shift pressure desired. Now rotate counter clockwise 1/2 to 1 turn and tighten lock nut. No further adjustments are necessary as there is ample reserve travel in the servo. CS-1 style or center shift transmissions: Adjustment:

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From what i've seen they seem very bulky. I don't know how the stick shift ones work. The kit includes qty-2 18" long 1" .049 4130 tubes, qty-4 4130 mount brackets, and all hardware.

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