how to reset android tablet using pc

7 seconds) then release. Step 1:Enable the USB Debugging in the android settings.Open Settings>Developer options>USB Debugging. The standard answer is a factory reset, which wipes the memory and restores the phone’s setting, but there’s a growing body of evidence that, for Android phones at least, the factory reset isn’t enough. are getting installed of its own, then only way to recover the problem is to flash the Tablets. Performing a factory reset on a phone returns it to its out-of-box state. Press and hold Volume up and Power button at the same time until you boot into the Android system recovery. Now enter and type this also “adb reboot recovery”. Select it and your tablet will get hard reset. To enter the Recovery Mode hold down the Power button for a short while. After your Tablet restarts, it won’t ask for a screen lock password anymore. “C:\Cd program files\android\android sdk\appdata\local\android\android-sdk\platform-tooles”. That’s it! Question: How To Reset An Android Tablet? In the recovery menu select option “wipe data/factory reset” and click on it as shown in the image below. And when asked to enter the pattern, they does not remember. Enter into the sub-menu. There you will find another option “ Yes — delete all user data ”. Tough one or more tablets can have same button sequence. Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button. Open the CMD-Command prompt. Even the memory card will get formatted. Here we have to use Command Prompt to unlock the tablet using Android Developer tool. Press and hold Volume Up + Power key for a couple of seconds. Press the power button to select this option. Just insert any pin in it which will reset the phone directly. Quick Answer: How Do You Know What Operating System You Have? To do  hard reset first you have to enter into Android system recovery menu by pressing combination of buttons on the tablet. Method 1. and files that are installed or created by the user will be deleted. To enter into recovery menu you have to press few buttons on the tablet in a sequence / press combination of buttons … ***Device must be 70 percent charged, to perform Hard Reset. From the Android Recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset. Factory resets don’t remove infected files stored on backups: viruses can return to the computer when you restore your old data. turn off the device if it is still turned on by pressing and holding the power button; press and hold the volume up, home, and power buttons until the recovery menu appears; Then, To go to the Recovery Mode menu hold down the Power key for a short while. Part 2: How to Factory Reset Android Phone or Tablet in Recovery Mode. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and select “wipe data / factory reset“. Most of the time, Kids within the house change the Pattern of Android Tablets. Wait for about 10 minutes to ensure the tablet has gained enough power to start. If your touch screen doesn’t experience any physical damage but suddenly stops respond to your touch, this may be caused by software issues.

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