how well do you know the groom

Check out the top fun reception games to have the most cherishable time of your life. Put yourself at ease and make sure you have a pen and a paper to take notes because you will get a list of how much do grooms know brides game sample questions from the following paragraphs! For a fun option that lets you put the bride-to-be on the spot (in a nice way) perhaps you should take the opportunity to find out how well her and her groom-to-be know each other. The so known “how much do grooms know brides game” is probably one of the evergreen games for bachelorette parties to get the guests to know the bride and the groom as a couple, and of course, to spend funny moments seeing how well the two know each other. Large marshmallows can also be used (the bride can't chew these! Enter your email address below and we'll help you reset your password. General wedding quizSplit the quiz into sections, such as 'romantic movies,' 'love songs,' 'famous couples,' and, of course, 'bride and groom to be. How long did it take him to kiss the bride?

(You guys should all know this one...). But no worries; here are some guidelines that will definitely help you out! If you have ever been to a traditional wedding shower you have probably played the bridal shower game "How Well Do You Know the Groom?". You could even record the groom answering the questions, and play it back after the bride has answered, to see whether she’s correct. Here I’m using my favorite new 1″ tapes from Little B… isn’t the gold foil just gorgeous? What was the bride’s most embarrassing moment? You can even take bets!

At the end, I will leave you some sample questions which focus on something memorable, something that will stuck in mind, which the groom and bride will remember forever when thinking about their big day. • When was your first date? password? The bride-to-be must have a drink for every wrong answer she makes.

Guests love to see just how well the bride thinks she knows the groom and little trivia about him. Who is the bride’s ultimate Hollywood crush? Before you print directions for your guests, check them with someone else to be sure they are clear. During the hen’s night party ask the same questions to the bride-to-be in front of the group. June 30, 2015. It will be fun to see just how well the bride knows her groom-to-be!

An affiliate link means that we may receive a commission on sales of some of the products that are linked in our posts; it costs you nothing and we are rewarded for the introduction. ), The Freimuth Residence on Christmas Night, While having a romantic dinner at Thai del mar, Surprising Kaelin in San Diego one weekend, Traveling to Spain to visit Kaelin abroad, Leaving roses and a card on Kaelin's car for Valentines Day, Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. This has the side benefit of helping them realize how well they actually know one another and allows everyone to have a few laughs. How well do you know Brandon and Kaelin? It will be fun to see just how well the bride knows her groom-to-be! Ask simple but entertaining questions.

What is the bride’s favorite pizza topping? For every wrong answer, she must put on an item from the dress-up box - feather boa, eye patch, fairy wings, lingerie, witch's hat: the more outrageous the better.Rigged quizMake up answers for all the questions, and provide a 'cheat sheet' to one of the guests. What is the groom's favorite place to vacation? Find 20 bachelorette party musts here with some conventional and many unconventional ideas that you can try for the perfect bachelorette party. Do You Know Your Groom? Traditional and Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers. The harder the questions are for the bride, the more entertaining the game becomes. Happy Crafting!

Do you know the definition of trisca-deca-phobia? How well do you know the Bride and Groom? You do not want anyone getting lost. Give everyone a few minutes to write down an answer for each question, and then everyone reveals their answers to the group.Questions may include obscure facts (collar size, inseam, first pet's name), more well-known facts (middle name, what kind of car he drives), and personal anecdotes (location of the bride and groom's first kiss, most embarrassing moment). Can you touch your toes without bending your knees?

Which three things would she bring to a desert island? Get ideas here as you plan the wedding of the millennium! Check out 10 step-by-step guide to help you make the party just as special as the bride’s big day. Have them write down how many of the twenty questions they think she will get right. Then, after you collect his answers (you can either record a video on your phone or write them on a sheet of paper), you ask the same questions to the bride at the bridal shower and see how many answers they have in common. If Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump were both drowning and you could only save one, who would it be? | DIY Wedding …Free How Well Do You Know The Bride & Groom Game!Personalized Printable How Well Do You Know The Bride Game – … These personalized pencils would make a great addition to the game!eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'somethingturquoise_com-banner-1','ezslot_17',110,'0','0'])); As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! Hope you have fun (and get an A!) The person with the closest guess (without going over) will win a prize! There will also be a prize for the person who can answer these questions correctly (how well do you know “Bride” and “Groom”?)

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