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iracing font un peu chier avec le cockpit imposé, avec 90cm de recul sur mes ecrans c'est faut 3x 1m20 de large en 16:9 720p 120hz 178 de fov 45 entre les ecrans c'est mieux sur assetto où on peux s'approcher du capo function calcSingleFOV(monitorWidth, viewingDistance) Field of view calculator A super simple way to calculate the mathematically correct field of view (FoV) for your racing simulator, based on monitor sizeand viewing distance. font-style: normal; @font-face { Where is the side monitor angle measured in reference to the centre monitor? On a single monitor you want to use the width of the viewable part of the monitor, on a triple monitor, single renderer, setup you want to use the width of the viewable image as well, but include the center bezels, that is treat it like one large monitor with some annoying black lines on it. 6 – カバー font-family: 'Droid Sans';

This helps me out massively with buying new cars and tracks in iRacing!

Reducing the distance form your monitor to your eyes will increase … Your email address will not be published. Check them out!

5 – 水平FOV(視野) 水平FOVとはシミュレータ内の視野角のことです。 人間の目はおよそ 178 度のFOVを持ち、ほぼ真横近くまで映像を認識しています。 シミュレータは、適切なFOVに設定されていなければなりません。適切なFOVは

Reducing the distance form your monitor to your eyes will increase the field of view. return 0;

If you know …, Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most popular drivers on the Formula 1 grid, and has become known for crazy …, CSL Elite F1® Set – officially licensed for PS4™.

// given the monitor width and viewing distance, calculate the correct FOV { }

TIA, Your email address will not be published. // calc distance

This will align the monitors to the original number that made your monitors straight, but also keep the driver's eye line to the horizon. { We have shirts, mugs, stickers, hoodies, banners, posters and more stuff being added all the time! Once you have a number that works, set only half of that number to Vanish Y. Home » Tools » The Best Sim Racing FOV Calculator. font-weight: 700; Setting this correctly can give you a massive advantage over other drivers, and even make you quicker, since you will be able to better judge distances on the race track., このテーマにおいては、モニタサイズ等、環境によって異なる値があることを念頭に置きましょう。27 インチ未満なら理想的な距離は約 60 cm、それより大きなモニタでは 10 cm 遠ざける必要がありますが、それ以上は必要ありません。リアルとバーチャルオブジェクトの間に一貫性がなくなってしまうため、70 cm 以上離すことは推奨されません。 }

StreamLabs:, StreamElements:, Patrons of my channel get perks and benefits, depending on the tier you choose. { // calc FOV

Try get as close as possible to the value that they give.

(usually until I can see around half the windscreen and I don't feel like I have my nose pressed up against the steering wheel.). If you like the videos I create and would like to support me, you can do so here. // given the monitor width and viewing distance, calculate the correct FOV If you have triple monitors configured to render as if they were one large monitor then line the monitors up in a flat row and use the total width of all three monitors to calculate the FOV.

function calcTripleFlatViewingDist(monitorWidth, targetFOV),, 曲面パネルの場合 src: local('Droid Sans Regular'), local('DroidSans-Regular'), url( format('truetype'); 3 – ステアリングの位置 FOV Calculator One thing often overlooked in iRacing is the FOV, or Field of View, that your car should be set to. function calcTripleFlatFOV(monitorWidth, viewingDistance) Setting this correctly can give you a massive advantage over other drivers, and even make you quicker, since you will be able to better judge distances on the race track.

form.viewDist.value = (calcSingleViewingDist(form.monWidth.value, form.FOV.value)).toFixed(2); } document.write(""); Ottinger Clinches 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series Title, Shearburn Wins Finale, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

return 0; Though this can make driving also hard if you have a small display. function calcTripleAngDist(monitorWidth, targetFOV),,,,,, 大画面やプロジェクタ、リアプロジェクタを使う場合のSUPER FOVに言及しておきます。, これらは特性として、ステアリングホイールとドライバーがスクリーンにとても近くなります。まっすぐスクリーン 1 枚だけでは正面と側面の映像が同じ距離に見えません。,,, パネル 3 枚の場合 So, using the FOV calculator I linked to to get matching FOV between sims works great. font-style: normal; If your eye line to the screen is too far vertically off center, then you will need to adjust the Vanish Y. if(viewingDistance > 0 && monitorWidth > 0) { return calcSingleFOV(monitorWidth * 3, viewingDistance); This website is not associated with Codemasters, and all game logos are trademarked to Codemasters. You can find all these videos in my How To Videos Playlist.

moi j'aime bien avoir le même FOV , certain qui n'ont pas de calculateur intégré (souvent quand ne supportent pas le triple screen comme dirt 2.0 ou ACC) il faut mettre le fov donné par un calculate… }

Any support is greatly appreciated and helps me get better equipment and services which enables me to make better quality videos, more frequently.

src: local('Play Regular'), local('Play-Regular'), url( format('truetype'); All rights reserved. font-family: 'Play'; You can improve your skills and iRating in the sim with just a few weeks of coaching. return monitorWidth / (Math.tan((Math.PI/180) * targetFOV / 2) * 2); src: local('Play Bold'), local('Play-Bold'), url( format('truetype'); FOV Calculator One thing often overlooked in iRacing is the FOV, or Field of View, that your car should be set to. function calcTripleAngDistAngle(monitorWidth, targetFOV) return calcSingleFOV(monitorWidth, viewingDistance); font-family: 'Play';, 疑うことなくシミュレータの中でバーチャルリアリティは調子が良い。多くのシミュレータに互換性のあるOculus Riftが注目されています。, デジタル化された腕やステアリングやコントローラがないことには減点せざるを得ないが、解像度やFOVが向上したことで、現実のような没頭感とドライビングシミュレータのNo.1チョイスとして話すことができるようになってきました。,, […] 詳細な環境セッティングにはこちら「正しいシミュレーションのための分析」を参考にさせていただきました。 […], 日本語サブフォーラムができる以前のコミュニケーションは Japanese iRacers という長いトピックひとつでやりとりしていました(あまりに古いトピックなので残っていません)。, iRacing Sporting Code日本語訳

font-weight: 400; Assumes all monitors same size. { Use the tool below to correctly calculate the field of view setting for all sim racing games.

Joins iRacing as Executive Director, iRacing Rallycross presented by Yokohama Preview: Hell, iRacing Downshift #30: Josh Berry, eNASCAR Championship 4, and More, Fanatec Podium DD1 – DD2 Direct Drive Revolution, Thrustmaster T3PA Add-On Sim Pedal Review, Thrustmaster VG T3PA Pro Add On Pedal Set Review, Thrustmaster Sparco Shifter and Handbrake Review,, iRacing Triple Screen Setup With Nvidia Surround, Job, Holzmann Earn 1-2 for Red Bull in Nordschleife Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup Feature, iRacing IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Week 3 @Road America. 9 – バーチャル リアリティとメガネ型デバイス, ※Carlos Casas氏によるオリジナルPDFはこちら(でした): If this page or video helped you out, consider donating to my channel, it really helps me out and allows me to continue making these kinds of videos. This way you wont need to adjust to the incorrect field of view.

, function handleSingleFOVSubmit(form) On games that use a vertical FOV instead of a horizontal one, enter the monitors height to calculate the correct FOV. return 3 * calcSingleFOV(monitorWidth, viewingDistance); { font-display: swap;

// given the monitor width and viewing distance, calculate the correct FOV

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Only half useful, glad you say horizontal width at least, the amount of people who seem to think you measure diagonally is worrying.

In this article, you will get a better understanding of FOV and how to set your sim correctly in iRacing (bare in mind that other sim platforms use similar methods). Trading Paints

function calcSingleViewingDist(monitorWidth, targetFOV) font-display: swap; Adjust the Vanish Y, until everything across all monitors looks straight. }, @font-face { Reducing the field of view will increase the seating distance. form.FOV.value = (calcTripleAngFOV(form.monWidth.value, form.viewDist.value)).toFixed(2); return monitorWidth / (Math.tan((Math.PI/180) * targetFOV / 6) * 2); form.sideAng.value = (calcTripleAngDistAngle(form.monWidth.value, form.FOV.value)).toFixed(2); form.FOV.value = (calcSingleFOV(form.monWidth.value, form.viewDist.value)).toFixed(2);

i’m getiing 3 Iiyama ProLite XU2792HSU-B1 (27″) for a triple screen setup but cant make out what the ideal viewing distance has to be and the angle between the screens? Another way you can support me is by getting yourself some goodies from the merch store. This is a translation topic. form.viewDist.value = (calcTripleAngDist(form.monWidth.value, form.FOV.value)).toFixed(2); If you have an incorrect field of view all objects when looking through your car’s windscreen will appear either closer or further away than they actually are. Original Spanish topic is here “INMERSIÓN EN LOS SIMULADORES” ( closed) by Carlos Casas of Total Spanish Simulator (*domain closed). The smaller horizontal width is the one without bezel correction.

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