iroh vs ozai

I mean, that is more impressive to me than burning a huge forest like ozai did, the biggest feat Ozai has pulled of, beating Aang without AS, has not necessarily been matched by Iroh. Iroh has literally nothing but redirection, which is by no means enough. To further prove my point in the same episodes where the Souzin's comet came they showed both Ozai and Iroh (in white lotus) firebend and Ozai overall output and power was bigger and more destructive than Iroh's.

Ozai was the most powerful firebender in the world.... @dontcarebye: yet the same creators in the show went to iroh to defeat ozai he only said no because aang had to do it he was the avatar never said he could not do it. Iroh was a more creative and innovative firebender. A scenery that would have enough water for waterbenders and enough earth for earthbenders. Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend Dumps Him, Reportedly Over Trump Endorsement, Mady Gosselin, 20, Shares Gorgeous Photo Of Her Halloween Costume With College ‘Roomies’, ITV’s new film paints a picture of how fragile abortion rights are in Trump’s America.

Their styles are also completely different: Ozai draws from rage, while Iroh learned from the dragons, the real way to firebend. During the Avatar: The Last Airbender series finale, “Sozin’s Comet: Part 4: Avatar Aang,” Azula and Zuko fought an Agni Kai, a traditional firebending duel. With such a partial perspective, it’s no wonder Fire Lord Ozai’s strategy to defeat the Avatar was to wait until the moment when his firebending would be at its peak, using Sozin’s Comet as a crutch to amplify his firebending abilities. AT12, Round 2: Iroh vs Ozai. Because...Iroh didn't take the throne? Hell, even within the Avatar universe, Azula is known to be more powerful than Zuko and starts losing the mental battle in their Agni Kai.

With such a partial perspective, it’s no wonder Fire Lord Ozai’s strategy to defeat the Avatar was to wait until the moment when his firebending would be at its peak, using Sozin’s Comet as a crutch to amplify his firebending abilities. Ozai tires out? He wins.

Five old men essentially took back the most easily defensible city in the world from an army, the fire benders of which were also all boosted by the comet. We don't know how much older than Ozai he is, but if it's likely that Iroh had received royal training for longer than Ozai has been alive. This is actually incorrect. I get that the creators said Ozai was in his time the most powerful (at one point at least), but Iroh was much more knowledgeable, which is also important during fighting in the avatar universe. Even with the smallest portion of the sun after the eclipse Ozai shoots a powerful band of lightning at Zuko. I have stated Iroh's status earlier in this assessment. Even without lightning Ozai would’ve killed Aang if the rock doesn’t hit his back. I know this is during the comet but Aang is a fully realized avatar using every element including fire.

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