is peter navarro related to ana navarro

One of his main missions is to focus on behaviors by other countries that he considers abusive, cheating, illegal, and unfair against the U.S.[54][55], In April 2017, the National Trade Council became part of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, of which Navarro was appointed Director. "[3], Navarro has called for the United States to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement, and has tried to convince Trump to initiate a withdrawal. [137][136], Director of Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Peterson Institute for International Economics, The Coming China Wars: Where They Will Be Fought, How They Can Be Won, "Trump Taps Peter Navarro, Vocal Critic of China, for New Trade Post", "Navarro left a trail of political wreckage in California", "Why Most Economists Are So Worried About Trump", "After Defeating Cohn, Trump's Trade Warrior Is on the Rise Again", "The 'Madman' Behind Trump's Trade Theory", "Trump's Trade Warrior Is the Most Unpopular Economist in the Class", "How Trump or Clinton could kill Pacific trade deal", "AllPolitics – Congressional Races – California District 49", "Peter Navarro Used To Be a Democrat. While Navarro had previously run for office on Democratic tickets and championed Democratic causes, he became an economic policy adviser to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. [60] Trudeau’s remarks and Canada's response to these tariffs were already public and well-known when Navarro made this comment.

[88] In July 2020, Navarro touted a widely criticized study as showing that hydroxychloroquine was an effective coronavirus treatment; public health experts pointed to limitations with the study and to the fact that multiple randomized controlled trials failed to conclude that hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment. What he's writing and saying right now has nothing to do with what he got his Harvard Ph.D. in ... he doesn't do research that would meet the scientific standards of that community.

After teaching there for two decades, he now holds a professor emeritus status.

In truth, the American economy will suffer severely.

[21], Navarro has written over a dozen books on various topics in economics and specializing in issues of balance of trade. Peter Kent Navarro (born July 15, 1949) is an American economist and author.

An investigation by the Chronicle of Higher Education found that no such person existed, and that Ron Vara (an anagram of Navarro) appeared to represent views that Navarro himself held. ... China's aspirations are so insatiable, he claims, that eventually there will be a clash over "our most basic of all needs—bread, water, and air. "[4], Navarro’s political affiliations and policy positions have been described as "hotly disputed and across the spectrum." [5][6][7] A strong proponent of reducing U.S. trade deficits, Navarro is well known as a critic of Germany and China and has accused both nations of currency manipulation. Now He's the Mastermind Behind Trump's Trade War", "Orchestra Leader is Dead from Detroit, Michigan", "Navarro Says Loan for Race Was Inherited: Mayoral candidate admits $300,000 was given to him by his mother, but all the money has been spent", "Former San Diego politician Peter Navarro is fighting for Trump's tariffs", "Peter Navarro is about to become one of the world's most powerful economists", "Here's the Economist Whose Ideas Guide Trump", "Peter Navarro – Google Scholar Citations", "Publishers Weekly review of The Coming China Wars", "China's not-so-secret plan for world domination", "Economist Peter Navarro says U.S. manufacturing is suffering 'Death by China, "Election Results – Mayor, City of San Diego", "California's 49th Congressional District Elections", "Election History – Council District 6, City of San Diego", "Navarro's shifting political affiliations didn't work, consistency on trade did", "Conservatives have always won in San Diego", "How many San Diego elections did Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro lose? Navarro examines China as an emerging world power confronting challenges at home and abroad as it struggles to exert itself in the global market. [62], In May 2019, Navarro said that Trump's decision to place tariffs on Mexico unless Mexico stopped illegal immigration to the United States as "a brilliant move". [44] Navarro and the international private equity investor Wilbur Ross authored an economic plan for the Trump campaign in September 2016.

[120] Dermot Hayes, an agribusiness economist at Iowa State University, described Navarro's statement as "uninformed".

"[47], In August 2019, Navarro asserted the tariffs of the ongoing China–United States trade war were not hurting Americans.

Dan Ikenson, director of the Cato Institute's Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies, goes so far as to call Navarro a "charlatan" and says that "99.9 per cent of respectable economists would eschew" what he says: "He says imports deduct from output, and he calls that accounting identity the 'economic growth formula'.

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