is plan b on the shelf at shoppers

According to Harris Teeter’s own materials, the chain’s “pharmacies provide shoppers with a number of services to make their experience easier.”. He was nice. “In terms of identifying women's need for it, I think women do a pretty good job of it themselves,” she says.

“The Plan B decision has been made based on current, evidence-based science.”. Oct 15, 2020 Thus ended a lawsuit brought in 2005 by organizations and individuals concerned with women’s health, as well as minors and their parents, to challenge FDA’s denial of a 2001 citizen petition seeking OTC access to Plan B (which is no longer marketed) for all ages. I got the feeling we both felt awkward, though he was professional and rang me up quickly. Rebecca Lerdau, a 13-year-old in Charlottesville, Virginia, agreed to attempt to purchase emergency contraceptives at Harris Teeter as part of research for this story. Good to know: Plan B® is available over the counter in all provinces and territories except Québec, where it is kept behind the counter.

“I think retailers can do better and they need to start doing better.”, About Harris Teeter’s policy, she said, “I do not think putting a card on the shelf versus the product on the shelf follows the spirit of the FDA regulations.”, Further, she pointed out, the chain’s claims via Twitter about prioritizing HIPAA—which protects patient privacy—are called into question by its practices. You have hours remaining to take Plan B®. without a contraceptive or have a contraceptive accident? “It’s really simple. Of course, you should take a pregnancy test just in case the morning-after pill doesn't work. Plan B® is also available at many CISSS. That is decidedly not happening with emergency contraception. The Canadian Medical Association, meanwhile, asked the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities not to change the drug's status until it had time to consult its members and was “surprised not to have been consulted,” says Briane Scharfstein, associate secretary general for professional affairs. Please contact a healthcare professional for advice. Well, that’s a great question, and one for which national representatives of the chain have supplied a variety of confusing, incorrect, and self-contradicting answers. My guess is he was about to ask for my identification. But policies like these can make it embarrassing or unnecessarily complicated. Cost is definitely a barrier to access, particularly for young women, and qualitative research suggests that privacy issues have been a barrier as well, she says. The picture in Alberta is also uncertain. More than four years after the Food and Drug Administration authorized retailers to sell Plan B One-Step over-the-counter without age or point-of-sale restrictions, mid-Atlantic regional grocer and pharmacy chain Harris Teeter continues to direct customers to the pharmacy or the customer service desk in order to purchase the emergency contraceptive. Available for all women who need it . “We now have a regulatory framework in which women and men should be able to get this product very easily, and they are not able to, and it affects people’s lives,” Kelly Cleland, executive director of the American Society for Emergency Contraception and a researcher at Princeton University, told me. It is important for the production, repair, and functioning of DNA for all cells. The morning-after pill is about 75  percent effective for preventing pregnancy, but its effectiveness decreases with time. This product may not be right for you. Another side effect is spotting. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. These professionals know all about Plan B® and will treat your request sympathetically and confidentially. “When I was done I felt a strange rush of adrenaline. I’m not sure why. Indeed, thanks to a convoluted regulatory history that Rewire editor in chief Jodi Jacobson called “a decade-long case of scientific and public health malfeasance,” it is true that some years ago a person buying emergency contraception had to be a certain age and fork up a driver’s license. If taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or following a contraceptive accident, Plan B® works by: Plan B® is available on shelf in pharmacies‡ across Canada, and you don’t need to visit your doctor first. According to the Plan B One-Step website, “you can start by looking for Plan B One-Step in the aisle. Emergency contraception is something that when you need it, you need it quick. Please contact a healthcare professional for advice.

Our practice is that the product will be sold by another pharmacy associate or by the salaried Manager on duty or other [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] trained clerk. Hesitantly I went up to the counter and asked if they had Plan B. Take it as soon as possible. 2. No matter how old you are, there is something embarrassing about publicly admitting you have sex. You are not. It's important for sexually active people to be aware of the different types of contraception available. “Me, my mom, and my babysitter Elana first went to the Harris Teeter near the University,” she wrote to me. She estimates 25%–30% of women don't need the medication when they ask for it. * Find it on the shelf at your local pharmacy. Black Moms Have Been Jailed for Less. Call them first to make sure they have Plan B® in stock. Use AND/OR/NOT between keywords or phrases for more precise search results. “It just doesn’t make any sense,” Cleland said. This product may not be right for you. UPDATE: This article’s headline has been updated to clarify that Plan B One-Step is available without a prescription at Harris Teeter.

The sooner you take Plan B®, the better it works. Always read and follow the package instructions carefully. But, it's in a much higher dose in the morning-after pill. The progestin-only pills are available as a single pill (Plan B One-Step) or two pills that have to be taken 12 to 24 hours apart (Plan B and Next Choice). All of a sudden, you feel like you're in an '80s sitcom. If you're going to have sex, it is crucial you be smart and cautious enough to protect yourself from an STD or unwanted pregnancy. The latest news, delivered straight to your inbox. “The question that I have been asked most often in the past has been how long after intercourse can [the tablet be taken] and still be effective?”, APhA sponsored Professional Liability Insurance. Find a pharmacy. Visit us today! That's why it has such a name.
These professionals know all about Plan B® and will treat your request sympathetically and confidentially. I wanted to see for myself, so I went to a Harris Teeter and took the card off the shelf. Always read and follow the package instructions carefully.

The new packaging now has the words “New! So, please don't add the "Am I having an abortion?" If taken within 72 hours (three days) and preferably within 12 hours of a contraceptive accident or unprotected sex, Plan B® can prevent pregnancy.

Plan B® is available on shelf in pharmacies ‡ across Canada, and you don’t need to visit your doctor first. I can also personally attest to the additional side effects of increased hunger and emotional liability. But this is 10 times worse, since this purchase occurs after the fact. Plan B® is here if you need it, but it should not be your plan A for birth control. So, as much as you want to first go to brunch with your BFF and drown your guilt and anxiety in a bucket of cheese fries, go straight to the pharmacy. But that is no longer the case—and nor should it be. The wholesale price on the OTC product is priced about 7% higher than when it was prescription only. Dunn, who conducted and published a study based on a pilot program allowing Ontario women to access levonorgestrel without a prescription (JOGC 2003;25:923-30), says her research indicated 98% of women who came in and asked for the medication obtained it. The Pharmacy Prep Kit gives you an idea of the type of questions they might ask. If you can't go in person, call and discuss Plan B® with them over the phone. Having a complete stranger acknowledge that fact (while exchanging currency) can ignite a spiral of shame. Brush your shoulders off and purchase that pill with confidence. When I brought it to a pharmacist, he asked, “Do you have your, uh … actually, I don’t need that anymore.”. … I will probably give the Plan B to Elana for her dorm because one of the girls there is a lot more likely to need it than I will.”. Shopper Vantage Point: In its most simplistic form, shoppers think of shelf placement as “where the product is.” But there is considerable science to support the notion that shelf placement yields instinctive responses from shoppers and can greatly impact purchasing decisions. You should expect your period to be off that month. “When we arrived at Harris Teeter we discovered that there was no pharmacy.” This represents just one level of unnecessary complication in Harris Teeter’s reported process for selling emergency contraception, since theoretically a person can go to the customer service desk if there is no pharmacy or the pharmacy is closed, but that was not clear to three people motivated to find the product. “I am in the process of making a locking-glass display near the register, and we will most likely keep it there.”, Who buys Plan B One-Step? Both Rebecca and I were able to buy Plan B One-Step at Harris Teeter—although it took Rebecca visiting three stores, including one competitor, before she was able to locate and feel comfortable purchasing the product. The pattern at Kim’s pharmacy has been women in their twenties and thirties. Plan B®, the original morning-after pill, contains 1.5 mg levonorgestrel. The progestin-only pills are available as a single pill (Plan B One-Step) or two pills that have to be taken 12 to 24 hours apart (Plan B and Next Choice). So, I must ask: If it's clearly so frequently used, why do we never discuss it? My patients rarely ask about emergency contraception, even though I'm sure there are many questions and concerns about its use. If you have any questions, please call us. (Canadian residents only) You should take the morning-after pill as soon as possible after unprotected sex. †IQVIA/IMS Health, CDH, 2019 sales in units. “I don't think a pharmacist's assessment should be imposed on women who do not seek it out,” says Dunn. No prescription or ID required.” The store locator on the website lists pharmacies and stores with pharmacies. Otherwise ask anyone in the store where it’s located. For shoppers, product placement can make an obscure product practically invisible. There was no section called family planning, there was nothing that made it obvious.

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If you're using emergency contraception because you've had unprotected sex, make a follow-up appointment with your OB-GYN within the week for STD testing. “We feel that the scheduling factors are too narrow, and dated, to consider all the patient care issues with emergency contraception.

† Find a pharmacy.

Mid-Atlantic regional grocer and pharmacy chain Harris Teeter is continuing to direct customers to the pharmacy or the customer service desk in order to purchase the emergency contraceptive. Nor will it, until Plan B One-Step finds itself on the shelf where the FDA has permitted it …

Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are expected to act on the recommendation immediately, while Newfoundland, British Columbia and usually Saskatchewan require 6 weeks to 3 months to do so. This matters because emergency contraception is a product needed urgently by people who have just had unprotected sex and don’t want to get pregnant. Selling levonorgestrel off-the-shelf should increase its availability for women who need it, says Dr. Sheila Dunn, medical director at Toronto's Bay Centre for Birth Control, who has studied women's access to emergency contraception (CMAJ 2008;178[4]:423-4). What should I expect? Plan B 0.75mg may deplete folic acid .

Available for all women who need it . You lift up the box and place it on the counter. † Find a pharmacy. Don't miss out on all the great benefits an APhA membership has to offer. Caroline Reilly & Jordan Davidson.

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