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Jojo - Nice. In this case you must guard cancel buffer high. j.s.c is important in attacking SS and double jump can cause SS to whiff entirely. The game, apart from upscaled graphics, includes tweaked dialogue and fonts as well. This version of Star Finger while not being the best meaty Jotaro has, works best as a follow-up during Jotaro's okizeme. The game supports online play that includes the ability to filter opponents by location and connection speed, similar to the lobby systems seen in newer Capcom fighting games such as Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. While there are definitely things to keep in mind, these techniques are very fluid and shift largely based on personal playstyle, so keep on open mind to whatever feels right in the moment. Jojos Bizarre Adventure HftF - Jotaro (Star Platinum) Pokemon R/S/E Version, Users who like Jojos Bizarre Adventure HftF - Jotaro (Star Platinum) Pokemon R/S/E Version, Users who reposted Jojos Bizarre Adventure HftF - Jotaro (Star Platinum) Pokemon R/S/E Version, Playlists containing Jojos Bizarre Adventure HftF - Jotaro (Star Platinum) Pokemon R/S/E Version, More tracks like Jojos Bizarre Adventure HftF - Jotaro (Star Platinum) Pokemon R/S/E Version. The purpose of these combos is to easily damage your opponent. Both DIOs interact with the player. He has an average guard cancel, and it does not benefit his gameplan very much. It can be canceled into s.214+A/B/C at any time. Adv. What makes this worth mentioning is the fact that this move can be done near instantly from stand on using s+5A. This is probably because of memory constraints in the PlayStation, where the mode is only available.

Additionally, star breaker is a large help in dealing with Ice overextending on offense. Stands themselves tend to act as akin to the source material, physical extensions of their users, where damage inflicted upon them carries over to the User via mirroring the connecting attack's hit effects. Look like a super badass with this combo. It is crucial that you get the links from 6B to 214B and 214B to j.C down. The only good thing about this follow up is that when it's done from the A version of Blazing Strike, it will cover a very long distance.

Once he does get a hit he can start an incredibly dangerous tech chase game that can result in large damage. Extremely safe on both block and hit, Star Finger grants Jotaro some very safe 50/50 play.

Then 50/50 with either j.C or 6B/2A, followed by a released Star Breaker.

Your safest combo ender. Instant Jojo! The Jotaro mirror is incredibly volatile due to small stand gauge and both Jots wanting to be close, meaning most hits result in either oki or death.
Note that in some situations you can replace s.214B with its A version. Star Platinum performs a powerful backfist attack. d.5A - A confirmable, fast normal that can stuff enemy ground approaches incredibly well. Be the first!

You will get used to this with time, but stand ON neutral is typically easier to grasp at a beginner level.

More notes in the video. s.5B xx s.214B > s.214A - A very useful confirm into knockdown from one of the best pokes in the game. 6B 214B hh.C 5A 6B 214S {5AAB 623X} d.o.5C 2B !SC 623[X] d.o.5C ]X[ d.o.5C 6B 214S {TS}... 6B 214B hh.C 5A 6B 236S s.214A !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... d.5C 6B 214B hh.C 5A 6B 236S s.214A !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... j.C 2B 236C d.j.C 5A 5A 6B 236S !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... 214S {5BB 2B 5AB 623X} d.o.5C 2B !SC 623[X] d.o.5C ]X[ d.o.5C 6B 214S {TS}... s.5A s.5A s.5B s.236C(2) s.214A s.214B !SC cl.s.5C s.214A s.214C. Block low until you see Chaka leave the ground. It is an incredibly strong anti hop option, and paired with s.2c it can completely invalidate a majority of Khan’s air approaches. For example, the aforementioned aspects of Stands and their users sharing their taken damage upon one or the other is a crucial strategic element, since many of the special moves and attacks send the Stand away from the User, adding the difficulty of protecting both of them at the same time; if a character is damaged while their Stand is far away, the damage received is doubled. This paired with how potent his counter is means you always have to keep wakeup counter in mind. It is loaded with I-frames, and can be held to be later cancelled or released, removing a large amount of risk for using the move and creating a mix up oppurtunity.

Once a life lead is secured, Jotaro can shut out a lot of Ice’s offense with buttons such as s.5b, s.5a, and 7 s.j.b. (Notably, Jotaro, who gains new variations for his Blazing Strike, among others). You will get dominated on the ground, as s6b s5c s214[x] is an incredibly potent space control tool.

SoundCloud. This leads to Star Finger, the biggest thing about Jotaro's overall gameplan.

Some extra sound effects have been added and changed, including the aforementioned Super Combo chime, and the K.O.
A major variation of Polnareff is available (Anubis Polnareff, referred to as Black Polnareff in the localization).

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