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One can infer that the school’s apostasy is due to the global outrage – that a Jamaican school would even dare challenge the right for a citizen to wear their hair in dreadlocks. Kensington Primary School will provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment in which British Values and respect for cultural diversity, celebration of achievement and commitment to shared values fosters the growth of confidence and self esteem in every child and their families. ), ( Kensington Primary, the alma mater of Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Khamara Wright, welcomed her with open arms on Wednesday with a function in the school auditorium.

), ( Alvin Bailey, chairman of the board of Kensington Primary School, located just outside Kingston. ), ( The article continued; In an opinion released Monday, Judge Sonia Betrtam-Linton said the school was within its rights to impose its policy of “no braids, no beads, no locking of hair.”, “The school, through its then Principal, indicated that her locks are prohibited as there is a possibility that the hairstyle would lead to a lice or ‘junjo’ [mold] infestation. 58a Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10 56 Caribbean American Vote – 2020 Virtual Event.

Why Did Kanye West Visit Jamaica and Haiti? 155 Welcome to Kensington Primary School Welcome to the Kensington Primary School website.

School information : We ask you to be honest and make this site work by giving your personal opinion on this school below: ... Jamaica, W.I. Whether you are already a member of our school community, a family wishing to enrol at Kensington Primary, or browsing out of curiosity, I hope the information offered assists you to learn more about our school.

Jamaica’s Natasha Mayne is “The Vogue Attorney” & A WHOLE VIBE! 446

“There is no question as to the admittance of the child,” said the Rev.

), ( Phone Number: Not Available. Returning Residents | Your Safety and Security Guide to Resettling in Jamaica, Returning Residents | Returning Citizens’ Information Guide, Jamaicans Overseas & Consular Affairs Department, Eligibility and Basic Provisions for Returning Resident Status, Administrative Assistant - Office Management, Director - Research, Print and Production Division, JIS Career Opportunities - Copywriter and Copy Editor, TAJ’s NCB Corporate Clients Get Additional Payment Option, Westmoreland Community Health Aides to Participate in Virtual Diabetes Forum, Gov’t Plans to Procure 268 Megawatts of Energy from Renewables by 2025, Jamaica’s Promise Features Calabar High as the winner of the 2020 First Tech Robotics Challenge, Jamaica’s Promise Shares Tips for Home Schooling Students, Jamaica’s Promise features the launch of Trelawny School Garden Feeding Programme, Jamaica’s Promise feature Brae’s River Primary School, Education Ministry reports that everything is in place for the 2020 Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Examinations, Jamaica’s Promise Talks Features Penwood High School ICT Centre, Health Ministry to Assist Youth Groups in St. James to Make Masks.

We ask you to be honest and make this site work by giving your personal opinion on this school below: ( Suhh let’s continue to fight for what makes us JAMAICANS.

Kensington Primary School Jamaica’s Promise | July 14, 2015 On today’s programme we hear from principal of Kensington primary school in Portmore, St. Catherine, a school which has established itself as one of the best in the island.

Mr. #RacismInOurOwnBackyard, A post shared by King Beenie Man (@kingbeenieman) on Aug 1, 2020 at 11:41am PDT. According to the WashPost; The court ruling on Friday sparked a national conversation on dreadlocks, Rastafarianism and identity that has connected with the global movement against racism ignited by the death in Minneapolis of George Floyd.



Press play to hear more about this initiative on Jamaica's Promise.

), (

89 Address: 4 East 3rd Street. Soca Icon Blaxx Battling Kidney & Lung Failure, Needs Financial Support. Many Jamaican citizens have voiced their outrage, including Beenie Man: What are we really celebrating? How Do I protect Myself From Cybercrimes?

The 800 students at Penwood High School in St. Andrew, are now benefitting from a recent infrastructure upgrade with the School now boasting a new state-of the-art information and communications technology (ICT) Centre.


Fayval Williams (left), in conversation with Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, Marlene Street Forrest, at the virtual launch of the ‘One Laptop or Tablet per Child’ initiative on October 29, which is designed to promote inclusivity in the education sector. Tweet | More. Kensington Primary. CONGRATS: Nicki Minaj Weclomes First Baby! 71

My Love for Spelling began in grade 4 while attending Kensington Primary in 2003.

1 (876) 926-3740-6. The principal and staff of the Kensington Primary School and Campion College. Press play on this edition of Jamaica's Promise to get updated on the latest with the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Examinations. This news rocked the world and brought global outrage, that Jamaica (of all places) still held this archaic belief system! ), (

Nuh empowerment nuh in a dis! In case you missed the recent madness in Jamaica, on July 31st, the nation’s highest court ruled that a Jamaican school was within its rights to demand that a 7-year old girl cut her dreadlocks to attend classes, however, a few days later the school has now lifted the ban, stating the little girl will be allowed to attend classes this September. The parish of St. Elizabeth is known for several attractions including the YS Falls, Lovers’ Leap, the famous Bamboo Avenue more popularly known as Holland Bamboo and the Black River Safari. Welcome to Kensington Primary School. Jay Blessed • August 7, 2020 • Featured, News.

The judges ruled that the girl’s constitutional rights were not breached in 2018 when Kensington Primary’s then-principal told her parents they had to cut her hair to secure her place at the prestigious public school. Jamaica’s high court rules school can ban dreadlocks, Jamaican school now says 7-year-old girl with dreadlocks may attend. Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Respected NYC Principal Nadia Lopez Resigns. Office: How can we cultivate the minds of the youths, if we restrict them from being their true self ??? The Dancehall/Reggae music fraternity is expressing outrage after the Jamaican Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the decision by the Kensington Primary School to bar the seven-year-old daughter of reggae music producer Dale Virgo, from attending the institution with dreadlocks, was not unconstitutional. Jamaican School Removes Dreadlocks Ban After Public Outrage! What Are The Damages That A Hurricane Can Cause? The judges ruled that the girl’s constitutional rights were not breached in 2018 when Kensington Primary’s then-principal told her parents they had to cut her hair to secure her place at the prestigious public school. Press play to learn more on this edition of Jamaica's Promise. ), ( ), ( It is my view that hygiene [is] a legitimate aim,” Bertram-Linton wrote. Oh Shoot! ), ( Jamaica, W.I, Tel:

15 In my history knowing lice in children’s heads, those with straighter hair were more prone to…nevermind.
12 1 (876) 926-3590-4 A post shared by King Beenie Man (@kingbeenieman) on Aug 1, 2020 at 12:31pm PDT.

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