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It lifted me up from the dark hole where I used to spend all my time. To be honest, there is nothing on television for us. Hey guys I just wanted to tell you guys that I would really appreciate if you guys do more episodes of KYLE XY. Inside the cabin, there was not much until they found a secret passage to the basement. Why wouldn't Julie Plec release a novel/short story/epilouge etc to give us the ending we all deserve? I started watching this show first run, well at least the first four episodes. Kyle figured that the ashes he scattered were not Baylin's, and he and Jessi attempted to communicate with Adam. Shame it ended abruptly, I would have bought the entire show on Blu-Ray!

He looked up, and there was Adam Baylin.

I really liked kyle, josh, and declan they were really good.I also liked how nicole,Steven Lori and josh accepted kyle to stay a while longer with them.I thought that Jessie, Amanda and Lori did a great job and were really pretty.

Its just like the firefly/serenity fan-base. I have to say found it one of the best series and have to agree it had the worse ending. I have it memorized. I just love Kyle XY! O HAPPY DAY!!!!! Hey, I don't know if you are reading this.Like it or not, your series has become part of people's life.I feel like Nicole is my mother and Stephen is my father. I loved the show I ducks it was cancelled. eventhough the next season not gonna be happen..deep in my still hope there will be next season for kyle xy....however..thanks for the explaination above... :DFROM SINGAPORE. its unfair what you did to the fans, leaving us in suspense.

I feel like there is something else going on too. Another attempt to kill Kyle almost kills Tom, who finally tells Kyle enough to convince him to go with the couple. And I found this site , which was a total bummer when I realized the show had been cancelled like 4 years ago and I started reading the comments , which made it even worse since I saw all the protesting that had been going on and that it made no difference .

But I don't think you guys completely understand what you're talking about. Grace kills herself after Latnoch is ruined, as there is nothing left for her in the world. I still HOPE there's a chance to bring it back. And with Disney it seem to be the new trend. I dose not matter if it is a show or maybe 2 or 3 movies. They could have let them make one more episode to bring closure to the fans. It's criminal how these execs only see entertainment in putting people in competion or suffering for money. He very soon shows that he is special by catching a snake as it is striking, then letting it crawl away. They move in together in the house that Adam left for them, and the camera pans away from the house as the sun is setting just in the background, glinting through the windows. This TV series NEEDED resolution. Also Amanda was an annoying character. The world of seasonal movie I built while watching Kyle XY has been brought to ruins, and now its gonna be difficult watching any other interesting seasonal movie except the next season of Kyle XY. I saw the pack and then I said the words out aloud cause the title sounded unique.

Its been 6 years since you cancelled it, and people are still interessed in wanting it back.. In the four years since the cancellation,Kyle XY's international syndication has seen it aired in over 60 countries, and each time the dreaded final episode ends there follows a whole new wave of confused and angry viewers, desperately groping in the dark for answers and news of the next season...and falling into the same pit of despair as many before them when realizing there will never … I am saddened by this show's ending and the way that Julie Plec described the endings to some of the character's story arcs, primarily Jessi.

There are so many people who want to revisit these characters again and see how their lives turned out. Brian masquerades as the Peterson's lawyer and told the Tragers that they had died in a car accident. He helps Josh with his school work, and they play basketball.
Had real potential. i don't want it to end like this please, Kyle XY is so amazing and interesting. One thing you ABC family should know is that you dont just wake up one day and declare whatever you want without thinking of others; crews, fans...A real family dont do that.

I feel sorry for the cast and crew who had been a lot closer to everything . I begann to see the Show because of Jamie Alexander. It would be amazing if they bring back the show or atleast make a closure movie. I have just seen for the first time all this show in Italy on SKY. its already 2015 and we can't stop thinking of this show , and still mad about how it ended . Daamn. This is what has happened with KYLE XY.ABC Family NEEDS A RULE written in the TV series contracts where a story is linked to the next episode. Kyle questions his strengths, spirituality, and if he's the same person as he once was, or even a good person.

in it he explains taht they have two choices they can put the rings together and kyles has one half of the map (remeber he actually used the other guys ring the first time) and saras ring holds the other half of the map. It's been 10 years since my obsession started, can't tell you how many powerpoints I used to make with the casts pictures using a Matthew Perryman Jones song as the melody.

I hate you abc family. Someone should purchase the rights and go for it. A family show that portrayed how a family can be. I really want to ask for a big favor. In that time I came to love Kyle XY. I did wright a big rant but forgot to sign in so heres the simplified version. I HATE ABC Family for cancelling this show, I can't get myself to watch their channel anymore. I read a comment above about this show had the same fans as the Star Trek franchises and I agree there aren't that many good SyFy shows. Because of my work schedule I didn't see anymore episodes. i wish someone could of done more but yet it seems quite late now.Kyle XY will live on in my memory forever, the way it touched me in such positive ways i will never forget. This medium through Kyle is a powerful spiritual educator where Kyle can uncover real-world 'truths' in digestible forms for the common person and our youth and children. I am so sad seeing it go. I was so angry when Kyle XY was canceled but I still continue to watch reruns and I always will. You guys can't be that Stupid! I know of many dropped series' that have been brought back exclusively to Netflix, Hulu and other streaming channels. My family screamed when the end credits came on of the last episode. He is scared away when Amanda suddenly notices him.

BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!! Hillary gets a job as an intern for a magazine. I found that out today which was sad. Personally didnt like amanda and think kyle and jessi shud have ended up being together. Kyle is awesome and when I'm rich and I do plan on being rich I WILL make sure this show get brought back.I will make clones of ALL the freakin actors and put them in those pods so the show would still look the same......Great this show made me crazy. He wants to help people from the shadows with his research, while Jessi tells him that she wants to take a different approach and be worldly known. When l got to the last paragraph and Julie, (writer/producer) remarked about Kyle XY traveling the world and doing things to end world hunger, produce alternate clean energy, end conflict in troubled areas of the world, ect.
Fun Facts About Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Hollow Man’ As The Film Turns 20 In 2020! The first is Continuum which is excellent, the other is called Orphan Black. Josh also continues to study to be a doctor. Abandoned ship. And would love to see how the relationships end and they better end well. Joshes gal shud come back and thr producers of kyle xy should bring the god damn show back like 7 years ago. I am 50 years old, surely not the demographic, but I really loved this show. There will be funds for this - just look more widely, and see it as a mission for helping the world at its most vulnerable. I just got done with the 3rd season on Netflix n I was like alright wheres the next episode? If memory serves me right I think I can remember not watching this show only because I mixed it up with another show I didn't like at the time as well the advertisements did not to anything for me. I can not believe that they would just end it like that. Kyle XY is the best series I have ever seen and I promise that if I ever come across a fortune I'd make sure it was done. Kyle was ell written,had great story line and terrific acting. we need to know what will happen. The Trager kids tried to leave the home but Nicole told them that they were on Lockdown because of Jessi.

This show by far is the most amazing show i've ever seen. and they should start up a new season :) it would make a lot of people happy, its so unfair that abc shut down the would be great if it went on. I knew I had to do something . Lesa Wrinkle I love your ending! to be honest, its one of the bigger pains in my life.there was something magical about it, and the story that captured my heart.i would love a movie, even a straight to dvd thing. He skimmed Julius Caesar for a few moments. I was so, so annoyed when it finished so abruptly on such a cliffhanger. left me spellbound, and for the next 10 days I continued to watch it, even into the late hours of the night. I highly wish there was some way of bringing back the show with the same cast.

Aside from that Jessi and kyle are soul mates and abc family has denied me the privilege of fangirling over them.Even a book or fanfiction version would do... i personally think that fitch from baby daddy is kyle xy undercover as i cannot recall seeing fitch's bellybutton and already three of the main kyle characters have appeared there. Such mistakes can be dangerous for a network.

This will at least bring us some closure. The man who has been watching Kyle from the beginning becomes the security guard for the neighborhood, allowing him access to the house and everything about Kyle's life.

really, there must be other ways...come on, i'm like stuck now and my mind is gone wild thinking what would happen next...seriously, bring Kyle XY back and i don't care if matt has become a gay... BRING KYLE XY BACK.

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