lake nottely public boat ramps

Elevation:1,762 ft Lake Nottely Facts & Figures from the TVA: I’m always available to answer questions and I’m here to help you find your perfect North Georgia home. Nottely Dam was built during World War II.

The park maintains a 22-acre lake that welcomes non-motorized boats.

The lake's relatively fertile water supports a diverse fish community. Map It: Lake Nottely & Blairsville. Unlike many north Georgia lakes, Nottely is a fertile reservoir with low fishing pressure, making it one of the best bass fishing lakes in the region.

Search Nottely Lake Resources     Poteete Creek Recreation Area offers the only on-lake campsites from April through October. Nottely Reservoir serves a number of purposes other than recreation, including flood control and power generation. The closest state park is Vogel State Park, located just 11 miles south from Blairsville. Boaters, anglers, and water skiers can gain access to Lake Nottely through two marinas and several public boat ramps located along the lake's shorelines. Atlanta is about ten miles further from the lake than Chattanooga, if you'd prefer to use that route. If you want to learn more about this lake, you can search for it under various names -- Lake Nottely, Nottely Lake, or Nottely Reservoir. The lake's relatively fertile water supports a diverse fish community.

Boaters, anglers, and water skiers can gain access to Lake Nottely through two marinas and several public boat ramps located along the lake's shorelines. Major City:Chattanooga, TN Call anytime! Nottely Boat Club & Marina continues the proud tradition of serving Lake Nottely and Blairsville, along with a variety of visitors from Georgia and other states across the Nation.

In a year with normal rainfall, the water level in Nottely Reservoir varies about 20 feet from summer to winter to provide seasonal flood storage. Surface Area:4,180 acres Approximately 70 percent of the surrounding shoreline is undeveloped and under U.S. Forest Service jurisdiction in the Chattahoochee National Forest. I'll be sharing some exclusive content from my adventures with you as well! Review the Lake Resource Guide for additional lodging. Poteete Creek Park offers lake access, a sandy beach swimming area, campground, boating ramps and picnic facilities. In the store you can find snacks, drinks, boat supplies, bait, and watersports equipment. For info concerning attractor locations call the Wildlife Resources Division office at 770-535-5498. 770-843-0310. As lake levels continue to rise, keep an eye out for floating or partially submerged debris. Construction began in 1941 and was completed in 1942. Nottely Dam is a hydroelectric facility. © Copyright 2012-2018 Kristy Petrillo Nottely Lake Fishing and Recreation - This 4,180-acre TVA reservoir is located in Union County near Blairsville. Built originally for flood control, this lake provides visitors with ample opportunities for water recreation. Normal Water Clarity:3 ft Blairsville, also located in Union County, is the closest town. Amenities are typical to campgrounds including bathrooms, beach area, picnic tables, pavillion, rental cabins, campsites and pull-throughs with hook-ups. Unfortunately, because Nottely Lake is gradually drawn down by 30-40 feet in late summer, access to this lake can become difficult. Union County Recreation Department includes Poteete Creek Campground with over 50 sites for campers and tents and is open half the year from April through October. You can find tent and RV camp sites, cottages, and a group shelter here. Maximum Depth:100+ ft Lake Nottely has two marinas and several public boat ramps that offer access at different points. This year, several partners plan to help set a number of PVC fish attractors at selected cove sites throughout the lake. Poteete Creek Park provides the only campground on the lake, and it offers a white sand beach, swimming, 59-site campground, and boat ramps. Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the closest large city within a two-hour drive from the lake, and is accessible by several routes from the lake to I-75 in Tennessee. A wide assortment of fish populate this lake, including largemouth, spotted, hybrid, and striped bass, crappie, bream, catfish, and carp. With its proximity to the Chattahoochee National Forest, Cohutta National Forest, and other wildlife management areas, Nottely Lake visitors can enjoy a wide variety of camping experiences beyond the lake.

Boat Ramps (4) Bridges (1) Fishing Information: Nottely Lake Map: Weather Center: Boats For Sale: Safety Regulations and Information Georgia Boater Exam State Boating Laws (Reference Guide) Useful Boating Links Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) Boating Knots Marine Signal Flags IPX Waterproof Product Specifications Moon Phase Calendar (See at night) Nottely Lake Boat Towing; View Details | …

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