lampropeltis mexicana mexicana care sheet

This all black kingsnake is a nice change in the colourfull genus. and then small and ultimately adult mice. It may defecate, musk or urinate on you when you pick it up. Books to Read - This care sheet is by no means Nuevo Leon kingsnakes require no special lighting if the cage is in a room with natural light. Soak the moss and wring it out. All three of the above sub-species are cared for in the same manner so for the remainder of this article they will be referred to as simply Kingsnake so that which ever species you decide to keep the general information will apply. Use deep Aspen shavings and place some sort of cover or hide box on top of one side of the substrate. Lampropeltis mexicana (&ssp), (Garman, 1884).

In each enclosure make sure there is a temperature and humidity gradient that is measured using the Zoo Med Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge. Branches collected from the wild will need to be debugged by soaking first in chlorine/water solution, then rinsed thoroughly, soaked in clean water, then left to dry in the sun. For newborn/hatchling Lampropeltis mexicana a shoebox sized enclosure is sufficient for its first year.

The hiding place should be just large It allows for spot cleaning, although it is not as absorbent as Aspen. Refill your vivarium with white kitchen roll and leave the cage furniture to a minimum. Newspaper: Layers of newspaper have been used for years in animal keeping. Young snakes may shed more frequently than adult snakes, but in general the shedding process occurs several times a year. Hatchling kingsnakes tend to be a bit feisty, but will soon tame down with regular handling. They can be Login and password don't match any record in our database!

L. z. multifasciata.

The Lampropeltis alterna was seen as a subspecies of Lampropeltis mexicana for years but on bases of its range and scalation is now classified as a separate species. It is relatively absorbent when several layers are used, and inexpensive to replace. It is better to err on the side of

Be sure to consult experts if you have further questions or have any problems. Branches and plastic plants can be bought from pet shops and over the internet these provide a place for climbing and resting, they also aid the snake when shedding its skin. How to Care for Mole and Prairie Kingsnakes. T.F.H.

by Gregg Feaster, Reduced Black Male Prod.

T.F.H. If successful, the female's abdomen should start to swell and after about 1 month, she will shed her skin again. or write or call This care sheet is a simple step-by-step guide to successful King Snake keeping, but if you have anymore questions or need more specific information about the keeping of King snakes, please visit our forum.

They are non-aggressive but they can be very shy so will require hiding places in the vivarium to make them feel at ease.

This email address has already been taken! reasonable size, Since many originate in the Temperament There is no set “schedule” for feeding kings.

To keep feeding costs down, many keepers will breed their own rodents purely for feeding to their Kingsnake, if this does not appeal to you, you can purchase frozen pinkies or even chilled ones, if using frozen, always defrost thoroughly before feeding to your snake. Warning: King snakes are known for their cannibalistic tendencies, so it is important that they are always housed individually to avoid any mishaps. Provide fresh water in a bowl on the cool side of the enclosure. King Snakes appreciate being able to climb, as it will keep them active and provide vital exercise.

Also, captive bred animals usually adapt more Either login or email address is required, Account has been recovered, please check your email for further instructions, Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser, therefore this website will, Cookies seem to be disabled in your browser, therefore this website will, A guide on feeding aquarium fish frozen foods, How to grow Anacharis - Egeria densa in aquariums, A page and forum devoted to keeping Blood parrot cichlids, A guide on raising African Dwarf Frogs with pictures and forum, A guide on breeding, feeding and caring for L333 Pleco, Details on keeping Siamese fighting fish with images and forums, How to care for the Flowerhorn fish with discussion, Forum and expert information on caring for Bristlenose Catfish. Prod. Advanced Vivarium Systems, Inc. Enjoy your Nuevo Leon kingsnake! Water can also help your snake during shedding at this time your snake may be found bathing in the water. Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana, granite . The vet may prescribe an anti-biotic called Baytril, which is safe enough to be given to your snake. As with printed newspaper, it is relatively absorbent when several sheets are used, especially when layered with paper towels. A water bowl can usually achieve this but if you want an optimum humidity gradient it is best to fill a container with damp sphagnum moss. 0 Likes. only to subsequently regurgitate it. Juvenile specimens of the Kingsnake will require more regular meals, twice a week is the normal while larger specimens may be happy with one large meal a week. This article is a part of our "exotic pets series", thus not dedicated to fish, but to Kingsnakes instead! Create an account for faster check out and to see an overview of your order history. This potential behavior is natural and it is only defending itself with what Mother Nature gave it. The first year they can be fed every five days. But a setup like this eliminates the possibility for observation and enjoyment in taking care of these animals.

Gradually increase the handling periods until the snake is perfectly relaxed with you and settles on your arm with no signs of agitation! Visit his website at for all your Mexican kingsnake needs and information. and their diet can be easily replicated in captivity. Place this container so that a portion of it is on the hot side and the rest on the cool side.

This could be a cardboard box with a hole cut into it, which can be easily replaced if it becomes soiled. by Rod McLeod. If you have additional questions about kingsnakes or milksnakes try to attend one of the LIHS Contrairement à ce que l'on pourrais penser au premier abord cette espèce ne fait pas partie des faux-corail mais elle appartient bien à la famille des serpents rois. King snakes, like all other snakes, shed their outer layer of skin periodically throughout their lives. Although there are several different food King Snakes may sound wheezy with excessive saliva and nasal discharge. Ecdysis is the act of shedding, which is usually started by your snake rubbing it's head on rocks or decor to loosen the skin around it's head. will insist on live prey initially, but even these can usually be switched over

Publications. With King Snakes, there are a couple of different substrates that can be used: Aspen Shavings Heat mats underneath the enclosure or heating lamps can be used ( if using the lamps ensure that they are covered with a wire mesh to prevent any accidental burns to your snake), the daytime temperature should range from 25-27°C (78-82°F) but one area of the enclosure should be slightly higher than this to allow the snake to bask, the use of a basking lamp will provide this for you.

A growing kingsnake will want to eat two to three times a week. Astroturf® is cheap enough that several pieces can be cut for each enclosure and rotated each cleaning day. by John Cherry, LMT003 - white line /Vivid F1 male Produced by Greg Huston, Aramberri/white line/Vivid Male Sire LMT003, Dam LMT020 Prod. If you don't have an account here, register one free of charge, please. The vivarium should allow a minimum of 1 square foot of floor space to each foot of snake and be approximately a third of the snake’s length in height.

Use lidded containers with air holes added and now the fun begins! heated side of the cage and remain there for several days digesting the meal.


Some live plants may be harmful to your King Snake, if in doubt don't use them in your Vivarium.

by John Cherry, LMT022 - Female Cherry Leopard Line Prod. Always support your kingsnake with both hands when handling it.

Frequency of feeding is determined by the age/size of the kingsnake. All Snakes are excellent escape artists, so care must be taken when planning their housing. Click here to recover it! Housing:  Kingsnakes are an easy species in captivity when it comes to care and feeding. Ideally, your cage would have two hide spots, one on the heated portion and one to pre-killed.

by David Perlowin, 1992. Nuevo Leon Kingsnake – Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri. The common name of variable Kingsnake is due to the wide range of colourations and markings that this Kingsnake can display, even batches of young from the same mother can vary a great deal in their markings. They grow slightly larger than the two sub-species above but show the same temperament as the others and are also ideal for novice snake keepers. Hardware shops usually have two or more grades. Re wet the moss weekly.

Their natural habitat are dry steppes, hills, desert and plains with lots of rocks and withered low vegetation. Flower pots also make good hides for King Snakes. Prod. Since then, carpet manufacturers have come out with many grades of artificial grass. The enclosure should have a cool side at one end with temperatures in the mid 70s so that the snake can conserve energy.

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