long distance elderly transportation

A caregiver will be familiar with the needs for the elderly patient and may feel confident to attempt a transport alone but there could potentially be a number of concerns that arise before, during and after traveling with their patient. Making one call to our transport coordinators will help alleviate that and you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of in the most professional manner. You want to select a transportation company with newer crash compliant vehicles, fully loaded, maintained, sanitized, and inspected weekly to ensure cleanliness, safety, reliability, and comfort. Subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter for updates of all recent posts so you dont miss a thing. Our luxury medical transport vehicles are large enough so that you can stand in them, and there is plenty of room for up to seven people to sit … Depending on the health and living situation, each family will need to make the decision to do what is best for their loved one but keep in mind that deciding to travel alone may appear to be less of a financial cost; however, in the chance that the elderly person has certain medical needs, the personal and unexpected costs for their safety and well-being begins to outweigh the guaranteed financial cost from a professional service. Here’s what you need to know before booking long distance transportation. How Does Aging Affect Traveling Ability? When seeking a quality transportation company, always ask about any additional charges you might incur. The driver responsible for transporting you and your loved one for a long-distance trip should be fully trained and well-qualified. Here’s how ACC Medlink does better than competing transportation services. Many times one does not consider the regular medical needs an elderly person may have and how to accommodate those needs on a long distance transport. Family and loved ones are more than welcome to accompany the patient to their new location. Drivers and members of the transportation team must always be attentive, focused on the safety and comfort of passengers to make the journey as pleasant as possible. © 1989 - 2020 Med Transport Center | All Rights Reserved. At Stellar Transport, we provide all these services and more for seniors needing long distance transportation. About 40 percent of caregivers spend at least five hours a week providing or arranging transport, according to a 2018 survey from the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC), a program administered by n4a and Easterseals that promotes accessible transit. Our luxury medical transport vehicles are large enough so that you can stand in them, and there is plenty of room for up to seven people to sit comfortably. The vehicles should be fully loaded with all needed equipment to accommodate patients of all mobility levels in complete comfort. Transporting the sick or elderly can be difficult. Long Distance Transportation for Seniors – Here’s What You Need to Know. Depending on your budget and medical needs, ground transportation is a preferred way to travel due to if an emergency arises you could travel to the nearest hospital. When choosing long distance transportation for you or your loved one, you want to ensure a comfortable and safe trip with drivers and personnel you can trust. Embark – Helps you plan your route in at least 12 different major public transit systems across the country 3. Phone: (321) 222-6222, The above contact information if for our headquarters in Melbourne, FL. If someone would like to travel with the person being moved then that is great and we actually encourage it. Depending on your budget and medical needs, ground transportation is a preferred way to travel due to if an emergency arises you could travel to the nearest hospital. Like our blog? Some areas to consider before transporting an elderly person long distance: If the elderly person has medical concerns or uses a wheelchair, many common vehicles are not equipped and may require special accommodations that the typical vehicle would not have available. At Stellar, from drivers to vehicles, to comfort and safety, you can expect exceptional service on every trip – local to long-distance. Do not opt in for a cheap transportation company, because you may end up with your loved one sitting on a gurney in an ambulatory van for multiple hours, which is very uncomfortable and an unpleasant way to travel long distance. We are your best choice because we specialize in long distance transportation of elderly … Typical Long Distance Patient Transport Vehicles, 18 Symptoms of Mental Illness in the Elderly, Traveling with Arthritis by Ground Transportation, Med Transport Center versus other Non-Emergency Long Distance Medical Transports, Tips for Traveling with Arthritis by Plane, Challenges a Family Caregiver Can Experience, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 10 – Ask for Help, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 9 – Find a Support Group – Find a Trusted Friend to Prevent Isolation, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Tip 8 – Know your Community Resources, 10 Tips on Preventing Caregiver Burnout – Step 7 – Take a Daily Inventory of your Feelings: Accept and Release. Risks Increase after an Elderly Person’s First Fall, 12 Unique Tips to Keep a Senior Mind Active, Encouraging & Motivating Seniors while Avoiding Caregiver Burnout, Tips on How to Transport a Bedridden Senior. Email: [email protected] These types of vehicles can range from cheap ground transports that may offer a gurney in an ambulatory van up to professional non-emergency medical vehicles with options that will provide many comforts from home in a safe environment with professional medical staff monitoring their health during the entire transport. But even so, use them sparingly if you're on a tight budget. If you have found yourself in a situation where the elderly person you are in care of needs to travel either to a new home, or facility that is out-of-state what do you do?

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