looting in america

When exactly did election rioting become as forecastable as inclement weather?

Dr Corbould points out that from the perspective of those targeted and traumatised by police, property damage and looting are justified. They were illegal before 1983, which has given them giant wooden falls. You’re like Elon Musk. At the same time, though, and particularly when considered in the context of the terrible Civil War that cost so many lives, it is worth pondering just why and how such a far-fetched plan was ever able to win the support of a leader of the stature and wisdom of Abraham Lincoln. That’s right. “It forces us to ask: ‘Is there, in all republics, this inherent, and fatal weakness?’ ‘Must a government, of necessity, be too strong for the liberties of its own people, or too weak to maintain its own existence?’ So viewing the issue, no choice was left but to call out the war power of the Government; and so to resist force, employed for its destruction, by force, for its preservation.”. An analysis of home loans from 2012 through 2018 by NPR affiliate WBEZ and City Bureau, a local journalism nonprofit, found that for every $1 banks loaned in Chicago’s white neighborhoods, they invested 12 cents in the city’s Black neighborhoods. The whole idea is to create a long line that will hopefully turn-off ‘X’ number of voters. They are going to use those lawyers. Violent riots and looting have spread like an infectious disease across America in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. What’s super striking about it again is that few folks go into a Walmart and steal the TVs. “But what shall we do with the [blacks] after they are free?,” Lincoln said. He said, “There are people out there who will do exactly as they please until stopped by force”. This time, some of the stores targeted in the lootings have included bigger brands such as Target, Walgreens and Macy's as well as local retailers.

Now we can have a three-hour discussion about how to do that. Virginia Allen We are about to have a democratic election.

Martin Luther King Jr. said he came to the Windy City more than 50 years ago because he believed that “if the problems of Chicago ... can be solved, they can be solved everywhere.”. In other words, the rich, the typical rich person today would be better off with a smaller share of a rapidly growing economy. So who’s doing the real looting in America? That’s right, and actually a fraction of its potential. I mean, it’s hard to really reckon with what a tiny fraction of our economy is of its potential. The government sets the rules of the game and the real issue is who is influencing government in terms of making those rules. Also, we have permitted corporations to bust unions resulting in membership of unions plummeting from 35% of private sector workers in the 1950s to just 6.2%, now thereby radically reducing workers’ bargaining power relative to big corporations. Now that was a change that was engineered and demanded by big corporations and wealthy individuals and that is a form of wage theft. But in more and more places in the country, people are just rolling their eyes at that stuff today. Chicago’s Black neighborhoods have also been plundered for decades. no, actually, when Biden’s supporters have been rioting not just at the drop of a hat, but without any hats dropping. – All police officers will be asked to use their phones to record videos of every violent or destructive person they encounter. The mainstream corporate media has really used the word looting quite a bit and has conflated that word with peaceful protests that have been around police violence and advocating for black lives and black lives matter. Impossible, and undesirable even if possible? And they deserve to be addressed. Exactly. Because they fired all the people who do the audits. It just is really shocking and abhorrent. That’s a really profoundly unfair way of… It’s a little tap on somebody on a big corporation’s wrist.

", Nov.03 -- Results from the 2020 election are starting to come in. My kids are not getting ahead. Yeah.

Police in America are looting black bodies," Noah said. You can’t produce things without intention, and all of those rules and structures and norms are what society and government are. Today we are talking to Robert Reich, who is the former US Secretary of Labor and a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and has been talking a long time about how our system is fixed and who has rigged it, and in fact has a book on this topic.

For example, the death of anti-trust is one form. The Science Is Not Settled on COVID-19 Guidelines, National Guard Moves Into Chicago to Quell Possible Election Unrest, ‘We’re Gonna Be Ready for Them’: LA Sheriff Says There Will Be ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Post-Election Violence, Roots of Antifa: This ‘Idea’ Has Violent Consequences, Can We Restore America? /

Right. It’s found in nature, and government chooses to intervene or not intervene as the case may be. All of this amounts to a historic pattern of perpetual, systematic looting of Chicago’s Black community. ..Oh, that’s right, McGhan won’t talk..! I believe that “close proximity” was kneeling on his neck for eight minutes and forty-six seconds while he said he couldn’t breathe. For instance, the fantastic drop in the number of audits the IRS is doing on very, very rich people, right? Think about that for a moment. I take some solace in the fact that those, that there are certainly, the good people at the American Enterprise Institute are still busy promulgating those lies. But no one is going to prison: https://www.vox.com/2020/10/21/21526868/purdue-pharma-oxycontin-opioid-epidemic-department-of-justice. The Daily Signal depends on the support of readers like you. Kurtz, he was there to jerk.people around. A side note.

Throughout his political career, Lincoln persisted in believing in the colonization of the [blacks].”108, Frederick Douglass, a gifted African American writer and activist who knew Lincoln, characterized him in a speech delivered in 1876:109.

We are losing part of the bedrock on which a civilized nation is build, that the innocent will be protected by their government from evil doers, no matter the costs. It just never comes up anymore.

Yeah. But I just really think that folks need to hold their political leaders accountable to a set of rules that are more fairly applied that if we’re going to criminalize theft, we have to criminalize it at the top and bottom. On the Republican side, President Donald Trump has been denouncing mail-in voting as a Democratic conspiracy to steal the election. Yet, Democratic members like Clyburn are already stating that either Biden wins or the election is stolen. This is a dirty trick but it won’t matter in the end. It’s like a false religion. While there is a good chance this month’s episode of looting was fueled by fake rumors online, it showcases the inequities that belie Chicago’s standing as one of America’s liberal bastions. FOR WHAT. They want clarity and reinforcement like Clyburn assuring them that any close election or Trump victory is by definition a stolen election. This expectation has been magnified by the unrelenting media coverage supporting Biden and his campaign. Biden voters riot and we all get tarred with it? You just listed off such a comprehensive and obviously probably not even long enough list of all of the different ways the system has been rigged to hurt people and take their economic productivity from them. Comedian Trevor Noah tried to distil some of the debate around this with the following remarks. Inquiring for a friend. You can’t have a farm without farmers, right?

She is the co-host of The Daily Signal Podcast and Problematic Women. No wonder officials are declaring a violent front moving into major cities with political doppler readings with developing protest vortexes and political depressions. According to a 2017 report by nonprofit Prosperity Now, the average white-owned business in Chicago is worth 12 times more than the average Black-owned business; the median yearly income for a Black household in Chicago is less than half that of the median white household; and a third of Black households have a net worth of $0, compared to 15 percent of white households. This is where other podcasts would usually play an ad and we don’t have ads, but we are going to ask you for your help today in another way.

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