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Just for visual ppl or something?

It's like QSS, but better since you don't have to buy it. Ex: Mikaels crucible from 20% heal and shield to 15% heal and shield back into 20% The only way they've lost players is when they introduce major changes such as champion reworks or the funneling technique simply because they disfavored what …

This is Yuumi's main poke tool, should you choose to use it.

Can be run bot lane, though I that's only viable if your team is 3 AD Jungle/Top/Mid. Can rush Mikaels first, though unless the Morgana is REALLY good i wouldn't do this - Athenes is too good. While she's invisible during her ultimate, you are as well. [10.22] Bizzleberry's Season 10 Yuumi Guide, [Patch 10.22] Yuumi (and Book!) June 13, 2020 June 11, 2020 admin. Because it's traditional for WA items to be dropped. What happens if you use QSS while airborne is that you won't be able to move but it allows you to use mobility abilities. It will remove ignite, exhaust, probably snowball, not sure about red smite DOT. 70 / 94 / 118 / 142 / 166 / 190 (+40% of ability power). Stay away from his front wave of minions, if your ADC lets Braum W onto him for free he'll likely just straight up die. Kai'Sa's passive is incredible with the free attack speed Yuumi provides, as well as the whole free invisibility thing. Lol. It basically turns anyone into an Olaf. My issues is that since I very very rarely build it, if I do build it I never even use it.

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP) She's not in the best spot right now but she's definitely viable. Maxing either W or Q second is doable here, I'd only max Q second if you were really ahead and wanted to be able to chase people down more effectively. It removes summoner spell debuffs and disables. Can easily 2v2 her with Tristana/Lucian/Draven at level 2.

Nobody ever imagined that one day the it would become the hugely popular game known only […], We respect your privacy and we won't share your information, Please direct any inquiries to Aaron@HOWLA.com or Nick@HOWLA.com, Sign up today and get early access to the latest news and information in eSports, *This website contains affiliate link(s). Malz - if you orange his ult, just go fucking kill him since he will still do damage to you up to ~1200 range (+/- 200).

Although this item is usually used on your teammates, sometimes you have to use it on yourself. Rush Mikaels after Athene's for the fear. Grab heal/barrier/ghost instead and try to run away after or something.

Sometimes, you just need to move on : Not everyone can carry. It's incredibly weak in its early levels and scales well, it can do quite a bit of damage if you choose to level it up. Patch 10.22 Please read over our rules section before posting! If you do get bombed, hop onto your ADC with Aery to shield most of the damage.

Press J to jump to the feed. I remember when I was lvl 15 and spamming mid I didn't want to pick ignite because I always forget to use it. Mikael's Crucible. That's awesome about Gangplank and Malzahar. If you get hooked, you die.

And that's super scary. only ignite. Discussion about good use of Mikael's Crucible.

She stops your Q's and that's about it. Mikael's Crucible - This item will save you the game many times over in many matchups - buy this when your adc is vulnerable to hard cc, snares, stuns, etc. 1) Dropping items when quitting can also be used to save time. Like switch out mana gem to a health gem or perhaps even kindlegem to give it CDR too. TF gold card, Elise cocoon, etc.). [10.10] [Diamond] Yuumi : The Magical Healing Statstick. If you get auto'd, you die. Not quite as bad as Leona or a hook champion, lower engage range and is incredibly susceptible to your ult.

So no knockups, suppressions and blinds.

Sort by. Watch for him ulting his jungler in post level 6, beyond that he's basically just a glorified Cleanse for his ADC. Consider asking ADC to take Cleanse over Barrier. Annoying poke and good all in post level 6, but quite weak before then. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ""Not anymore. Knockups are a different story.

If your ADC is getting pulled constantly, honestly I don't think there's much you can do - at that point you need to decide if you should be on your mid laner or top laner.

Can be a kill lane for your ADC or a kill lane for theirs - if your ADC can dodge, you win lane. However, you cannot use it while stunned/taunted/suspended etc. Max E and hope your ADC doesn't walk into Zenith Blade. better to buy raw HP/armor/MR. If your main carry doesn't use attack speed, don't buy this. If she's ahead, Mikaels will more often than not save your ADC or whoever else is unlucky enough to get snared. Removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an allied champion and heals for 150 + (10% of the target's maximum health). If he misses Q feel free to wet noodle auto him. The reason I never buy Mikael's is because by the time I've hit the key to cast it on a team mate they're either not stunned anymore or dead. There's so many uses for this skill and the fact that you even get to share adaptive force is just insane. -shudder-, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the leagueoflegends community.

Does cleanse also remove DOTs, or is it only ignite that it removes the DOT for?

One of my favourite top laners to have. If you think you'll be stunned because they had tons of cc you can also build QSS. The 35-second debuff that halves all other incoming summoner heals. Remember that Crucibles DOES NOT decrease duration on knockups (Nami's bubble is a stun, don't ask me why, my answer is: rito at their finest). He's too slippery. Please don't pick this right now. Oranges are wonky though, because it only removes the CC and not the damage. Deciding if you want to use this ability to engage or to peel for your ADC will often be the decision that leads you to a win or a loss. I'm not sure how many people know this, but Mikael's Crucible has a travel time that's similar to the health and mana you get from killing a jungle camp. Athene's Unholy Grail grants a minimum total of 50 AP to champions that use mana, as Dissonance grants 20 AP from the item's own mana regeneration.

Braum is an anti-all-in champion, and as Yuumi your job is to keep your adc alive, not get them fed. Did this guide help you? Edit: and don't forget Unbreakable Will (Alistair Ult) and Ragnarok (Brolaf Ult), they work similar to Oranges. It would probably be picked then on some champions every now and then. Cookies help us deliver our Services. "Unique Active: Removes all stuns, roots, taunts, fears, silences and slows on an ally and heals them for 150 + 15% of their missing health. Once he's 6 if he lands his harpoon your adc and you are probably dead. MOBAFire is a community that lives to help every LoL player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Heal and execute is OP.

). @_@ Definitely a cool tip, but yeah if I can't even manage to use the item in the first place I probably won't be doing cool things like this soon lmao. You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! You start the cast, the stun hits, and the cast finishes so you are free of CC right away. INCREDIBLY scary champion, keep in mind that if he's on your ADC and you jump out any direction than directly away you'll be in his auto attack range. You can use all summoners except for flash and teleport under all forms of crowd control except stasis and suppression. Since this ability comes in waves, spell shields and fiora's Riposte are unable to stop it from rooting - Even if the 3rd wave is blocked for fiora, the 4th wave that hits will stun, same with spell shields. Could we get a Venn Diagram for this? Her ability to anchor herself to a hypercarry and provide support to enable them to do what they do best -- not to mention the whole time she's completely invulnerable to most all effects. 28th October 2015 at 03:40 Reply. Gorilla Style. Farm lane, just press E a lot. mikael’s crucible Tag: mikael’s crucible LOL Game And League of Legends Account. It's usually 1~2 ppl with lowest ping looting everything.

Kind of scary with Lucian/Draven and the stun for all ins, but beyond that he's extremely kiteable and not someone to be scared of. I feel like my reaction time is too slow to cleanse (unless I expect the enemy to engage). When it comes time to upgrade to Deathcrown, make sure the deathcap is in your first item slot so it gets upgraded. Probably the weakest melee support into Yuumi - the once mighty river demon has grown weak.

You can tank her bubbles and save your adc if they get bubbled by hopping out into the line of fire from Paddle Star. It doesn't remove suspensions either. An affiliate link means the owner(s) of this website may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase or commitment through the links without any extra cost to you. How does attempting to stop RWT = cutting playerbase lol, Level 144 | Level 129 Arch Mage (Fire/Poison), https://mapleroyals.com/forum/threads/s-21-wa-pgc.103055/, https://mapleroyals.com/forum/threads/close.79566/#post-413054, Guide for Donor Tag or changing IGN/Forum Name, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. save hide report. High risk, high reward. does the final part of the ult damage. Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sparky95, Jan 20, 2019. Idk, Here it is. Unless you're on Draven/Lucian, i'll be hard to find the damage to break through her shields. Scary hook champion. I'd max W second with Veigar. It's just about being familiar with the cast time and the object. The heartstopper update without any sort of compensation has already caused many people to quit playing. Press J to jump to the feed. Make sure you don't let him upgrade any item but your Deathcap. Vayne is one of the best lategame champions for good reason, exactly the kind of girl Yuumi wants to be paired with - they even have matching skins! Fingers do the job just as well. His E is incredibly close to your passive range if not the same or bigger - if you're trying to auto him, expect to get your W cooldown triggered. This thread is archived. Survivability is key. Much safer. If so please give them a vote or leave a comment. This is what keeps Yuumi and her ADC in the game to reach where they dominate : an incredibly strong albeit costly heal that when paired with your passive will keep your 1v2 lane going long enough for your hypercarry to be able to properly kill the whole team. You must be logged in to comment.

Very rare to see Neeko bot, but it happens. Note that for Crucible I only included the stuff you can remove on yourself (you can't use Crucible under hard cc.). If you get Polymorphed, you're going to have a bad time. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! 20. Easy farm lane. So no knockups, suppressions and blinds. It doesn't remove suspensions either. Annoying champion, but easy to bait out tethers and hop into someone safely as Yuumi.

15% + Spirit Visage + Mundo ult. 4 years ago.

Athene's Unholy Grail is a finished item in League of Legends. There is no way I'm pre-casting this on myself. does cleanse remove the summoner heal debuff? Slamming this ability onto your ADC gives them the health and attack speed steroid required to turn fights and demolish frontlines.

Absolutely amazing lv2 kill potential on many many many lanes. Want to support MOBAFire with an ad-free experience? Finally, Yuumi's ultimate - more often than not, her saving grace and an ability that'll be able to turn fights, help you escape when you shouldn't be able to and of course, set up absolutely disgusting teamfight wombos with champions like orianna and malphite. I've seen very little of this item, but I think it's only a matter of time before this item is pervasive in 5v5 play. This is a subreddit devoted to the game League of Legends.

But no, no other DOTs. Lulu is a better of Karma who's slightly better all in and better in skirmishes.

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