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Running in this race? font-weight: 300; Mike Siegel is a professional stand-up comedian, TV host and actor. width: 35px !important; padding: 10px; } Siegel's campaign website said, "Every American deserves comprehensive healthcare. This broken system has devastated communities of color. In Fayette County, the Fayette Coal Plant was built 40 years ago with the promise of “clean” coal power, but has instead poisoned the groundwater, polluted the air, killed livestock and crops, and created a corridor of cancer cases, childhood asthma, and other calamitous health impacts. margin-top: 1em; Siegel is a native of New York, Jewish and a political conservative.

.race_header.republican { } .survey-result {padding:10px;} And I’ve seen the threats from those who would sell our public resources to the highest bidder, and attack our system of education as a way to reduce political opposition. Immediately implement the PRO Act which will protect workers who are fired for engaging in union activity, require employers to treat unions in good faith, and generally protect the right to organize, Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act and end “Right to Work” laws (which are really just “right to work for less”), End “at will” employment and require just cause for termination, Make it easier to join a union by implementing “card check” and enforcing penalties against companies that refuse to negotiate in good faith, Expand public sector collective bargaining, End exploitation caused by misclassification of workers as “independent contractors”, Increase the minimum wage to at least $15 per hour, indexed to inflation or the cost of living, Equal Rights Act: equal pay for equal work.
.cc_office .cc_val p:nth-of-type(1) { Invest in alternative responses to emergency calls, including the use of mental health first responders, social workers, and conflict resolution experts. overflow-y: scroll;
The plant should be immediately closed; funds allocated to clean up coal ash waste and other pollution; and new industry developed to employ local workers in a sustainable industry for the 21st Century. position: relative; [7] Sigel has the ability to shoot pool both left-handed and right-handed. } background-color: green; margin-left: 30%;

width: 50px; vertical-align: top; } color: white; Let’s end the segregation of our health care system and unjust, racially-biased outcomes. He earned the nickname from his ability to hook his opponents with safety plays. font-size: 12px;

From the Jim Crow south to the War on Drugs, communities of color have been over-policed, given harsher sentences, and disproportionately subject to the enduring stigma of incarceration. During this tenure, he promoted the movement to make Long Island the 51st state (with himself as its first Governor), and advocated "smoke-ins" to protest the county's smoking ban. } Siegel’s career experience includes working as a public school teacher with Teach for America. .indicate_scroll {


} .votebox-scroll-container { display: block;

padding-bottom: 5px; Mike Siegel (born 1945) is an American radio talk show host. End qualified immunity which allows police to escape accountability when they violate our constitutional rights.

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