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In addition to the White Sharpness, Vice has 496 Raw Attack Power, 20% Affinity, 150 Fire Element Damage, Speed Boost, and has one augmentation slot. The Insect Glaive possesses amazing evasive and speed capabilities, and to use them to its fullest potential, you're first going to want to get the Attack Extract from your Kinsect, after that you'll be able to maximise your damage output.
Days Gone is getting a PlayStation 5 glow up, Microsoft phasing out Xbox party chat P2P voice connections to beef up security, FeatureSomeone should make a game about: the music business, Ubisoft investigating potential Watch Dogs Legion source code leak, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021's schedule includes over 170 charity speedruns, Friday the 13th getting final patch, shutting down dedicated servers in November. It’s also a “generic” weapon. When using this weapon, be sure to use abilities that raise its low base strength.

The idea is that the Beta mail has a free gem slot, which (if you're lucky) will boost your attack even further. Not only that but it looks amazing - it comes styled with Diablos horns and scales decorated all throughout the blade. Combined with Master’s Touch and the right gear, that can easily make up for its poor sharpness (the lowest of the three). Plus you get the extra water damage to boot. Combined with the +15% Affinity gained from Critical Eye, as well as an additional 30% from Weakness Exploit, we can actually drive this build even further, should the RNG Gods Smile upon you with rare Decorations. This weapon has 20% Affinity, 589 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, has an Element Boost, adds 300 Dragon Element Damage and has a high Elderseal. Derived from the Kulve Taroth Monster, this weapon is a need for those that can get use out of water weapons or to use against monsters that take considerable hits against Water Element Damage. It has many high aspects to it - a high Raw Attack Power, high Sharpness, and high Elemental Damage. MHW Best Insect Glaive – Iceborne Guide (June 2020), MHW Best Gunlance – Iceborne Guide (Updated January 2020), MHW Best Charge Blade – Iceborne Guide (Updated January 2020), ‘Surprise’ MHW Monster, Safi’Jiva, Gets a Siege and ‘Awakened Weapons’, MHW Brand New Brute Event Quest Guide – True Armor Sphere, MHW A Farewell to Zinogre Event Quest Guide – Decoration Farming, Everything We Know About Monster Hunter Rise So Far. Insect Glaives tend to burn right through sharpness, making an armor loadout with Master’s Touch (which keeps you from losing sharpness any time you crit) into a godsend. The Xeno Shmaena is a solid weapon with its pros and cons. Derived from the Lunastra Monster, the Empress Cane "Ruin" has 620 Raw Attack Power, White Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 120 Blast Element Damage, Speed Boost, and a Hasten Recovery Skill. First on the list is Vice, an elegant blade made from the Odogaron Monster and has a great affinity for sharpness. The rationale behind this is to activate a skill named Critical Eye, which increases your weapon Affinity, which is essentially going to increase the chances of you dishing out at attack which goes beyond your weapon's standard attack range. And with that, we’ve reached the end of our MHW best Insect Glaive list. That can pair well with either Master’s Touch or a set with Critical Element. All Rights Reserved. This glaive is styled with the Drachen Alpha Armor Set, a set of gear most popular for hunters that use the insect glaive. Coming in at number eight is the Tyrannis Glaive II. Given how few monsters in Iceborne are weakest to Dragon damage, the other options probably edge it out. And, when you're ready to take it on, Shara Ishvalda.

Remember all those Odogarons you've farmed?

It has 620 Raw Attack Power, Blue Sharpness, 0% Affinity, 180 Dragon Damage, and Blunt Boost Kinsect Bonus. That’s thanks to the weapon’s fast, consistent damage. Besides doing more-than-respectable raw damage, it also comes with incredible gem slots. Its ability to reach White Sharpness (with the Handicraft skill) and its high Affinity also gives hunters a reason to keep this in their weapon arsenal.

Comments for this article are now closed. Never miss a thing. With the Odogaron set all equipped, we will move onto the piece de resistance of this armour set, the Dragonking Eyepatch Alpha. It also comes with 713 Raw Attack Power, and Blue Sharpness, making the damage output insane. The Forz has the maximum possible movement speed of any Kinsect in the game. This glaive is also great to use with a Non-element jewel. You can now consider them for (almost) all elemental weapon choices in the game. A huge advantage to using the Insect Glaive are its aerial maneuvers. That way you can get a little extra oomph against every monster with whatever weaknesses.

Let's just say that the Elder Dragons should probably be running away from you. To forge Catastrophe's Light, you need the following: We're now going to want to pair an ideal Kinsect with it. We're going to want to farm a lot of High-Rank Odogaron. Improved graphics, smoother performance, 120Hz multiplayer, VRS and much, much more. This is just an all around good fire Insect Glaive. It also has one slot available.

Although a few Insect Glaives stand out more than others! Not to mention purple sharpness and a dollop of Blast damage round it out into easily the best non-event Insect Glaive in the game. Please enable cookies to view. Blast is the only status effect without this problem! Our best Insect Glaive armour recommendation. That being said, Namielle armor can pair well with an aerial Insect Glaive style, given the weapon’s consistent damage and the armor’s stamina bonuses. In the case of the Insect Glaive, specifically, the Kjarr Glaive “Paralysis” and Kjarr Glaive “Water” are now top contenders. Once you've got the Kinsect back to you, you should see a glow underneath your Sharpness Bar. In fact, it doesn’t hurt to make one of each elemental damage type in the game. While unattractive, this weapon is useful and pretty powerful. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

Nor does it have quite as much sharpness. Head over to the Smithy, and under 'Kinsect Management' you'll be able to select 'Nurture Kinsect' which will open up a brand-new tree, not too dissimilar to any other weapon's upgrade tree, for you to check out all the different Kinsect types.

You really can’t go wrong with just about any Safi’Jiva Insect Glaive, though. You'll want to Vault with R2 and X on PS4 / RT and A on Xbox.

Whatever makes for the best MHW Insect Glaive gets quite a lot of wiggle room. This glaive can easily become White Sharpness with one Handicraft skill. Additionally, the Kinsect will leave Dust, which you can hit to trigger an effect type.

Have fun and take care out there, hunters! Not only is the Insect Glaive a sword-and-spear-like weapon, it has a Kinsect, which allows you to control an insect that harvests extracts from monsters. MHW The Place Where Winter Sleeps Guide – Arch-Tempered Velkhana, MHW Tears From Nirvana Event Guide – Skull Scarf Layered Armor, MHW Mighty Muscle Monkey Madness Guide – Buff Body Layered Armor, MHW Kadachi Twins Event Quest Guide – Kadachi Scarf Layered Armor, How to Unlock Master Rank Layered Armor – MHW Layered Armor Guide, The Black Dragon Guide – MHW Fatalis Weakness, Tips, and Steps, The First 13-Second Look at the Monster Hunter Movie Is Here, MHW USJ: Ballet of Frost Event Guide – Large Azure Era Gem & Armor, MHW USJ: Shine On Forever Event Guide – Azure Starlord Layered Armor, MHW Yukumo Layered Armor Set Guide – How to Get the Layered Armor, MHW The Cold Never Bothered Me Event Quest Guide – Sealed Feystone, MHW Day of Ruin Event Quest – Sealed Feystone Farm. In other words, aerial abilities are definitely guaranteed.

An obsessive writer broadcasting to you live from the middle of nowhere. There are cool weapons invented within a game and the Insect Blade, or the Insect Glaive, from Monster Hunter: World is no exception. Finally, Deathstaff Vaal Entoma does a great deal of Dragon damage, but sacrifices an awful lot of raw in the process. Is it only these six Ladytarge elements, and how do they respectively upgrade?] Here's how to start Monster Hunter World Iceborne and beat the first monster, Beotodus. If you're crafting, then learning where to find rare materials such as Purecrystal and Monster Slogbone is useful. Empress Cane "Ruin" has great Raw Attack Power, but the reason it comes in the top five are two reasons: the default White Sharpness and the Hasten Recovery skill. Now that you're able to upgrade and nurture your Kinsect to become more powerful, you can also imbue the Kinsect with Elemental Damage, the range of Elemental types is as follows.

That might be the difference between Weakness Exploit 2 and Weakness Exploit 3, after all, which gives you an additional 15 percent Affinity against monsters’ soft spots. Even if you don’t agree with our picks, we hope they help you determine what works best for your individual playstyle, no matter which creature you’re up against. Ladytarge is just the particular Kinsect I have equipped, with its own upgrade tree explained through the "Nurture Kinsect" Section. This will trigger a Vaulting Dance, which will essentially reset your combo. It’s the third highest Affinity on any Insect Glaive in the game. Watch Dogs Legion review - a bleak and buggy retread of Ubisoft's formula. The 10 most popular stories of the day, delivered at 5pm UK time. Thanks for taking part! To string together a chain of air attacks and evades, you're going to need to land the hits and keep an eye on your Stamina bar to keep evading and stay in the air. This will make the Kinsect glow red. Paired with a maxed out LV3 Weakness Exploit, you're looking at a base Affinity boost of 30% at all times, with an additional 50% on monster weak points. The only cost is a single unit of Slinger ammo every time you want to reapply the buff.
Plus it has respectable damage and deals Blast damage through its powder. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want.

While the negative Affinity isn't ideal and the Raw Attack Power is lower than Tyrannis Glaive II, all the previously mentioned make it well worth the trouble. This rationale can be applied to different parts of a monster which will give you different coloured buffs. This turns your Kinsect into a none-too-terrible damage dealer all on its own for a considerable time. Because of that, we give a slight nod to the Namielle option. For example I sometimes use high power low speed kinsects for the extra damage and they work perfectly fine. This glaive will make you a worthy opponent to any monster you face. It is a weapon from the Deviljho Monster and is styled with the Deviljho Alpha Armor Set.

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