monster rancher 2 phoenix combinations

Beginner & Intermediate Game tips to consider mixing into the No-Rest method (include Money Making tips if you can't afford the No-Rest method yet). Oh yeah, you don’t start with the ability to train every monster. 80098DEA 03E7 Max Spd. When its stats and loyalty are high enough it’s time to send it to a tournament. 82 = Desire.

In Monster Farm Online and Monster Farm Lagoon, items and the type of food you feed your monster can alter their traits and appearance. I don’t know what this thing is but it’s absurd and badass all at once. Max Life 80098A4C 03E7 Max Pow. If you're really lucky, you can use this to get purebreed monsters even if they're only a sub-breed. The main points to consider are the two monsters' stats levels in conjunction with the baseline of the resulting monster. It is rumored to be the incarnation of a, "The Phoenix is a model of bravery and wisdom. Ruby Knight, the fusion of General Durahan and his goons with Master Moo's soul. You can give it orders yourself or let it command the fight on its own.

All our cheats and codes for Monster Rancher 2 on PlayStation, More Questions and Answers for Monster Rancher 2.

That being said, the Monster Rancher Cartoon is only vaguely related to the anime series. Description not provided. Slow Roasting - raising a monster stats over a long period of time by sending it to Goat Coast 4, one of the most cost effective ways to raise its level without the use of items. Sub-Type 80098A48 00?, "This is a legendary monster that never gives up.

8009888A 03E7Slot 8 Type 80098A44 00? 80098326 03E7Slot 5 Type 800984E0 00? for example, you want the a neighbors Punchy a rare Garu . 80098A56 03E7Slot 9 Type 80098C10 00? All special breeds are notated as Primary/???. Monster fusion is actually deceptively simple: you need two frozen monsters in the lab and the 500 gold to combine them. Max Life 80098880 03E7 Max Pow. It is unclear whether theyOnly be translated by a team of you.S.

The combination succeeds and Pixie is transformed into Granity. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (Version 2 cart) If you find a CD that will not allow you50002601 0000 to breed, please email me with details.30099386 0001************************************************** *************************** Monster CODE************************************************** ***************************RaceMain: 80097A18 00? 80098A54 03E7 Max Int. Each monster is a combination of a species and a sub-type. Monster Rancher Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. So in this case using a the monster Mushtan  a rare Plant monster, would give you the best results. 80098882 03E7 Max Def. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Release.6F = Woven Silk. The unique monsters have a??? Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. Say you have a few monsters of your own, a Mushtan that you obtained from Tagi area 2 by getting its Disk, and a Chaos Durahan, a monster you got from say, the 100 monster medal gacha. Its story about a group of adventurers who need to defeat the monster emperor Moo by finding the Phoenix monster who will resurrect all of the monsters Moo has destroyed. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ". 80098DE8 03E7 Max Ski. Their outward traits meld together, but just as importantly Big Blue's spirit remains within her and saves her from Metalner's possession. Approach 80097B98 0001 80097B9A 0001 80097B9C 0001 80097B9E 0001 80097BA0 0001 80097BA2 0001Short attacks 80097BA4 0001 80097BA6 0001 80097BA8 0001 80097BAA 0001 80097BAC 0001 80097BAE 0001Med. Phoenixes are now available at the Shrine. if you combine a pure-bred Tiger with, say, level 8 Speed, Skill, Intelligence, with a pure-bred Pixie with level 8 Speed, Skill, Intelligence, it will be a powerful combination that will go well with any of the four possible results). Phoenixes are large birds with flames engulfing their bodies. Certain monsters have specific techs known as cross-techs, which are only available to monsters with a certain sub-breed. While it is possible to use monster Breeds (a combination of two Species) to do this, for sake of example we will only be using Purebred monsters, Golem and Suezo. It may have been removed from the you.S. Monster Rancher 2. reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens ; Topic: Items. No name or description is listed.3E = Cigarettes. Legend has it that long ago, the Phoenix fought an evil beast, saving the world. To obtain a Phoenix in Monster Rancher Advance 2, you must first unlock Dragon, Durahan, Joker, Zan, Gali, Henger, and Monol, beat the Emperor's Cup and collect all six Monster Orbs. 80098888 03E7 Max Int. Seems like no matter how much you build them up, you loose so much in combinations. Max Funds80098FBC E0FF80098FBE 05F5Date Now80099228 xxxxXxxx = 0000 (04/01/1000)1 Week = 0001 (h)All Monster Cards(Caetla / Enhancer Game) B00CC002 00 million 8009908C 0101(GameShark 2:42 + and 5000CC02 0000"Pro") 8009908C 0101Full zooming in Mode ViewD001C3CC 28218001C3D0 0000D001C3CC 28218001C3D2 0000************************************************** *************************** Breeder CODE************************************************** ***************************Breeder Grade300098FC0 00xxXx = 00 (Beginners), 01 (Grade 9), 0A (Expert)Ranch Size30098FC1 000x (x = 0-4)Size of Stable30098FC2 000y (y = 0-2)Max Purse80098FC8 E0FF80098FCA 05F5RESULTS80098FC4 xxxx = Wins80098FC6 xxxx = Losses8009903C xxxx = K.O.Xxxx = 0000-03E7Final RankE = 8009902A xxxxD = 8009902C xxxxC = 8009902E xxxxB = 80099030 xxxxA = 80099032 xxxxS = 80099034 xxxxXxxx = 0000-03E7All Emblems Won80099060 000180099064 000180099068 00018009906C 000180099070 0001Authorization Breeder NOTE:B0260001 00 million It took almost a full day for hacking30099386 0001 find the right memory location to edit, and there may very well be less.

Breed is specified this way because of the inconsistency of name and form for the monsters between the games. The Phoenix is one of the most powerful monsters in the game, and excels especially in intelligence. 80097DC2 03E7Slot 2 Type 80097F7C 00? My Monster Rancher Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Seems like no matter how much you build them up, you loose so much in combinations. 80097DBA 03E7 Max Def. This game has them. L2 & SELECT for Max IntestineD00938AE 0101801FFCFC 00FF************************************************** *************************** FROZEN Monster CODE************************************************** ***************************Slot 1 Type 80097DB0 00? or "n / a" missing name in the game but still there and / orDescription, and I will be unobtainable through regular play. In the anime series, combining allows two monsters to fuse together with the main monster's soul taking over the new body while the sub monster's soul ceases to exist.

Meaning there is a chance you could loose Both rares, and end up with the common cross breed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This is a list partially translated from Tecmo's Japanese Monster Rancher 2 site. WITHERING?! The game is split between monster acquisition, training, and battling. sub-type and are only unlockable through certain CDs. 80097F8E 03E7Slot 3 Type 80098148 00? For example, in Monster Rancher 2, inserting the Monster Rancher 1 disc creates a rare breed of Suezo called "Sueki Suezo", which is Suezo/???.

( Log Out /  8009831C 03E7 Max Life Max Pow.

Monster Rancher 2. reviews; user reviews; cheats; FAQs/Guides; screens; Topic: Combinations. Description not provided.

Learning your monsters tells is also a great way to earn its loyalty… and it’s fun. Close. Monster Rancher 2 Item List.

Description not provided. The base stats of each monster are different depending on which CD was used to first create it.

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