my cafe level 22 walkthrough

And as you keep on serving customers quickly, your profits will rise. u must have at least 1 server.

He has collected another piece of the same photograph. Don’t be useless just because you’re the boss – if business is picking up, then go ahead and serve some customers. There are three bulbs to find and we need to lit the floor lamp and the wall lamp in the living room using them. See the pic in our post it’s marked there. Next, Petrovich finds the knitting pattern from the 3rd magnetic boards. He is going to the basement to find the last doll and ruin her plan. Did you search all the books on table as well as the bundle of books lying on the floor? Some players got the book there. 1010 Avenue of the Moon New York, NY 10018 US. He finds a piece of a photo. Petrovich dials bill’s number and finds he is not feeling well. On what levels do you get gifts? How do i get more tips? For example, upgrading to Level 1 will increase all item prices by 6 percent, and once you’re at level 10, any items can be raised by 30 percent.

Tap on the Hire button when you see a server you want to add to your list of employees, and prioritize skills ahead of anything else. Listen to when Ann tells you that a new server can be hired, and don’t forget to buy a service table (found under Catalog > Furniture) in order to proceed with the hiring process.

and to clean up the house. Collect 10 energy, 3 diamonds and 15 candies for completing the quest. Once you place the doll to the plinth, you will get 15 energy and 5 candies. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Get all the updates from Knowledgebear through your mail, My cafe Quest: Help Petrovich to break the curse. Hi! How do you get the staff to serve 2 person tables? He removes the cobweb and found another note from the cello. What do I have yo do with the coffee grinder and tea container I dont understand what their purposes are, it makes the prices go up for a certain percentage depending on what type of coffee or tea you’ll buy(click the item then you’ll understand what i mean), I want the customers to go quick.

I cannot find the magic book please if somebody finds it helps me:(((. Just get rid of all your Chinese furniture, and if you don’t have enough money to buy replacement English furniture, use Simple Items. the machines and equipment in the bank’s “daily special offers” will rotate so if you missed one, it will just come back after some time.

Go figure. Now, he has all the things to make a pair of socks (i.e.

Once you have upgraded “AllItemsPrices”, tap the tea cup icon to set new prices for all unlocked items. How do you unlock the cellar door? I once got a gold in a simple gift but that was once in over 4 months of regular playing! With the help of the hairpin, Petrovich opens the 2nd medicine cabinet and finds the pill prescription. That’s mean, Margaret is also cursed and Petrovich should help her to break the spell. I’m stuck in the same section as you. How to interpret Mary dream ? They also enable you to use the new ingredient to discover new recipes, even though the machine is at too low a level to sell that recipe yet. Once he completes these two quest, he sees the photograph and finds that the witch is none other than his ex-wife. First he will find some dish soap from bathroom and then wash the dishes in the basin to collect the Bowl.

Sorry, you can’t get a employee back after you hit that ‘fire’ button. After I made them, I leveled up to level 23 right away. Please have a look. I’ve NEVER had this much trouble finding an item in one of these before. As AI-controlled characters will have to wait until a machine works in order to make drinks, you might want to jump into the action and speed them up, thus allowing everyone to serve customers quickly and efficiently. The record is missing and the clue is to search the vinyl record is “special items are usually kept in special places.“. Search the fireplace to find the matches using a poker. I found the magic book in the library in the right bookshelf. By the way idk means I don’t know. I cannot find the book either and please is there a possibility that the book can also be found in the kitchen ’cause when you go to the ground floor it says “Ground Floor:Kitchen” and when you press it says find the magic book.

done all the quests. My Café Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.
Now he realizes that Margaret could not be the witch, Because nobody wants to curse himself/herself by using their own magic. I found the olive oil in the shelf in front of the big cabinet. Take note that you can only upgrade one of three skills when an employee levels up, so make sure you’re making the right decision. Sometimes it does that. We’ve covered a lot of food-related and skill-related tips, but we shall now move on to another detailed topic we believe you should be familiar with – furniture. Open the gift box below the picture and get 20 energy, 30 candies and pink gift bag.

My son accidentally fired Victoria the first server I had bought.

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