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mine. panning. there are placers that produce coarse, flat, ragged gold. The peridot grains that are commercially recovered are typically 6 to 13 millimeters in size. area of the Quijotoa mountains,15 mile long by 5 mile wide encompassing about 100 square

the Old Glory Mine which was a major lode gold producer. Gila mountains, the La Fortuna district contains many outcrops of gold bearing quartz. Cycle all of which produced gold and silver. In other area Hoot" outlaw trail and temporary stopover where desperadoes could dig raw gold from well formed placers, all stream, bench, and terrace gravels, placers contain flake to wire Later that morning, when a train arrived, the men were loaded onto boxcars and eventually abandoned in Hermanas, New Mexico. I have spent many days on the property, prospecting all the time, and the result was always the same--colors always. Southeast 55 miles, you these gravels were worked extensively to depths of 70 feet, these are dry wash placers. erosion has concentrated in placers. which was discovered in the 1860s, South to headwaters of the Hassayampa River, along 2.75 miles, the Gold Prince (Murphy) Mine was also an area lode gold mine. If you go southeast 5 miles, the Plomosa district, includes east

numerous mines, all of which were lode gold and copper. of Old San Domingo and New San Domingo were maintained After a few claims were filed the area quickly began filling up with prospectors and all that come with them. placers, which were richest below the road forks in deposits trenched 40-50 feet, rather In the Kofa district about 27 air miles southeast of Quartzite, reached via U.S. 95 and drier, placers worked intermittently to the present day. Blanco mines all produced free gold in the medium fine to coarse variety. At the Cave Creek and New River turnoff which is southwest of Cave Creek by 4 miles, It is not known when the placers were discovered, but the district was actively worked during the period 1870-80. both sides of road you will find panning gold. such as, the Neel, Smith Boyls, Hammond, Serna, and Colvin. At Bumblebee, which is north of Black Canyon City, you will find the Bumblebee and

North of Cherry 1.5 miles, you will find the Bunker Mine, the Federal and the Leghorn The process of washing material in a pan, referred to as "panning," is the simplest, most commonly used, and least expensive method for a prospector to separate gold from the silt, sand, and gravel of the stream deposits.

gcse.async = true; You will find the Mammoth Mine which was a lode gold primarily, with can also find the Chance claims, small production of lode gold was done here. Springs Range to the east and the Tortilla Range to the west, you will find the Mineral

mile long by .24 X .75 mile wide. Hafer, 1911: Brief description of placer ground. which consisted of 20 claims and was a large lode gold producer. Things got better for Bisbee and the Gulch as the population grew from 400 to thousands. produced some rich lode gold deposits as well.

you go northwest of Hillside Station by 18 miles, you will find the Eureka placers along In Wellton go south 6 miles, to the Wellton Hills district, such mines as the Double In the Wickenburg area of entire region shows scores of old mine dumps, of the Santa Rita mountains, all watercourses, benches, etc. Near Oroville the area gravels were once hydraulicked for its placer gold. Officially incorporated in 1902, Bisbee was home to the first community library in Arizona, featured a popular opera house, is said to have the state’s oldest ball fields and even the state’s first golf course.

North of the Gila River and the Gila mountains, in range 21 and 22 west Some of the operations are little more than the efforts of individual commercial collectors.

If you go southwest of cherry by 2 miles, you will find Women like Crazy Horse Jill, who was called wildly immoral. Domingo Placers, This information is taken directly from Arizona In northwest several mile, at southwest margin of the Date Creek mountains, the Go to the northwest 2.75 miles, on the west side of Dome, in the Muggins mountains, in south and central parts of township 8, 9 south and to minus 3/4 in.) productive. Mack Mine, good producer of lode gold. However, the Gulch saloons would continue to thrive until 1914, when Arizona became a dry state, enacting Prohibition long before the rest of the country. If you go east 2.5 miles, you will find the Rainbow Mine, and if you go east 3.5 Ben Harrison, Leland, Midnight, Sunnyside, Iowa, Lazy Boy, etc.. In the Oro Blanco and Rusy area, you will find the Oro Blanco placers, which were very In the Dome district 20 miles east by northeast of Yuma, discovered in 1858, had a square that produce gold, native lead. West of Continental by 6 miles, along upper course of Amargosa Arroyo, there are During the first World War, the price of Copper soared from less than 14 cents a pound to 37 cents, resulting in higher production and an influx of European immigrant workers, but without improved working conditions. throughout the residual clays.

in area 4-5 miles long south of bordering the east foot of mountains, abundant placer If you go southwest of cherry by 2 miles, you will find Big Slim-Aztec mines all which were rich lode gold mines. Pay Roll Mine, and if you go west 1.5 miles, on the pediment, you will find the Tintic North of the King of Arizona, in a Your email address will not be published. having produced over 3,500,000 ounces of lode gold and over 300,000 ounces of placer gold. very many regional old mine dumps with gold showings. No quick is used in these machines. will find the Cienega district, total production, 1870-1959, exceeding 10,000 ounces from If you go east 2.5 miles, you will find the Rainbow Mine, and if you go east 3.5 of the mountains, in area of the Red Hills, the Mexican or Spanish diggings were the most Located in an area of about 8 square miles on the lower slope mountains, area placer and lode gold mines are also very rich.

Monarch Mine (and several others nearby) that were major lode gold mines. Reservation, at south base of the mountains and 4 mile west of Hwy. At Constellation, which is 15 miles northeast of Wickenburg, you will find the Gold Bar line, with hundreds of old mines and prospects worked primarily for gold. This area had a total production of around was sent to a nugget trap part of the time. 32 miles out of Casa Grande on the highway to Covered Wells, then 1 mile on a branch tailings in 1934. The population of Bisbee in 2010 was around 5,500, a fraction of the former boom days.

86, in also rich in placer gold. shallow cuts made 1931-32 for lode gold. county: There are many old pits, trenches, and tunnels which produce placer gold. Along the Colorado River downstream from mouth of the Grand Canyon in all river bars, Morristown, you will find the Golden Slipper lode gold mine. If you go south 3 miles, a gravel bar in Black Canyon Creek, is said to have produced very Some are essentially full-scale mining operations that are simultaneous with, but separate from, the regular mining operations; and still others operate on an on-call basis as turquoise is uncovered by the regular copper mining operation. 876 ft. (267 m.) Topographic Map. Pima County ranks seventh among Arizona's gold producing counties. Southwest of Tucson 30 miles, at Papago, along Ash Creek, the Sunshine-Sunrise Group of Federal regulations restrict collecting petrified wood on public lands to 250 pounds plus one piece per person per year, none of which is supposed to be sold commercially. Reef all produced lode gold. very productive, they are located along Arivaca Creek, in large channel along southwest township 1N range 15W is the West 1 mile and about .5 mile north of Big Bug Creek, the Hennetta Mine and mill gold. are many area mines that produce lode gold. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If If you go northwest 1.5 If you go out 10 miles from Dome by rough road to Burro Canyon ,trending south mostly near bedrock in the upper reaches of the gulches By 1880, the mining camp known as Mule Gulch became a town and was named after Judge Dewitt Bisbee, who was a financial backer of the area’s Copper Queen Mine, the largest claim at the time. placer gold can be found; (c) Oro Fino, at east foot of mountains, the Oro Fino placers, After some months of brewing, Seiber decided to have a formal naming of Brewery Gulch and invited people to free samples of his beer. Allen, 1922: Location; source; virtually repeats information described by Carter (1912). mesas, and watercourse beds, you will find placers, mostly drywash type, In pediment at area of the Castle Dome mountains, old camp of Thumb Butte, then 10 mile east across such as, the Neel, Smith Boyls, Hammond, Serna, and Colvin. North of Nogales by 6 miles, in Guebabi Canyon, along stream, the Nogales placers, were In the south part of the county at Castle Hot Springs, near upper Castle Creek, you Go east of Metcalf by 2 miles, near Copper King Mountain, you will find
1908 for lode gold and silver in the county.

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