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Otherwise you wouldn't be watching this. Ranger looked unconvinced. Category:Next Generation | Paw-Patrol Fanon Wiki | Fandom. Max quickly made his way over to one of the computers, not having to wait. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. He's not a good man, good men don't get drunk.". Ace and Lani look much like their parents and grow up to be close to Chase's height when adults. Taser!" The glass canopy lit up, and two, holographic eyes appeared. "Ranger, it looks like we have something to do in our lives.". Almost no one was at City Hall, which was unusual. At least, a younger version of his grandfather. Small repairs and paint touch-up were frequent, but otherwise the building remained like it had for most of the last few decades. He and Lani are always there for her, and Ace is usually the one who is there for when she needs a shoulder to cry on. He also didn't expect the characters to have the same name as his friends. The boy smiled sadly at his dog. He tries to settle things through words. ... All former and new Paw Patrol members were at the outside doing all a campfire together. Chase and Skye's oldest two pups; born around 4 hours after Tundra and Rocky's pups: Meet Lani; meaning "Sky" or "Heaven" in Hawaiian; and Ace, named a bit after a famous police dog, but mostly after Skye's favorite pilot, Ace Sorenson. Adventure Bay is in trouble. And who are these new members. The screen went dark. Glancing around the room, it was filled with what looked to be projects. The screen went to a different room, and an older Ryder appeared on the screen. The pair looked at each door as they walked past, looking into one that had the door opened slightly. It was still enough to provide a case. I'm not sure if anyone in particular has told you, but I am the grandson of the boy who started the original PAW Patrol." In just a few swift chops, a gap opened in the door. So why would he have something such as this?". More often than not, the man would be drunk and go on to beat either Ranger or Max. "This is for a fire pup. The final one had a wrench on a yellow background. This work could have adult content. "So we're going back later today to see what the jury decided?" came from the metallic creature. It didn't help much, but it was preferable to standing upright. Max waved his pup's concern away again. On it, I have the name of a family for you to look into. I chose you for your character, and for how you act to those around you. There was a moment of electric silence as computers conversed. Max looked at his dog. ", then went to the home screen. Robo-dog barked an acknowledgement, and turned the plane towards California. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth as he started to drool ever so slightly. One's a insane psychopath, one's a innocent-until-murder type, one's a silent-but-deadly type, and one's a evil genius in the making. Extremely allergic to peanuts- Lani can't have any peanut-butter flavored treats or, Lani and Ace really want a pet platypus and get excited seeing them in the zoo. "He was never crazy. I don't want you to get hurt again. The pup hunkered low to the ground to both see and avoid any chance of smoke inhalation. A/N: And here is part 2 of the double upload. She'll pick a fight if she has to- and doesn't back down too easily. This is going to be a double upload, as I post this chapter and a second chapter. Max looked around the Lookout. Ranger whimpered. There was nothing for a few seconds, then the screen changed. He said he would provide instruction." He cried out as the elevator lurched a foot upwards, then quickly and smoothly ascended. "Ranger, do you know what that is?" Chapter 8. Ace notices CJ 's attempts to pull him away from Winter, but he pays no heed to it, brushing her off and her snobbiness towards Winter. One day, Ryder overhears a strange conversation where he hears mentions of his parents, who was murdered awhile back. There was a moment of delay, then the taser attachment fired. He clicked the tag that was on the collar, but there was nothing. Paw Patrol Academy 17. I see you have found the Air Patroller. It had a light blue home button, the same color as the bumpers. Max tiptoed into the room, with Ranger right on his heels. I'm with you all the way! There isn't a computer left to run it." He is your first. Chapter Text. Side: Chase x Marshall. ", The boy looked his pup in the eye. The taser's cords wound themselves back into the gun, and it folded into the pack. Enjoy! Belt!" Happy halloween! ImImaginative. "Bark! Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? "Are you sure this thing will fly?" Cutting off the discussion, Max walked back towards the main entrance, Ranger obediently following. She prevented herself from crying out at the surprise. "Probably the best that you did. ", Max answered without stopping or looking at his pup. Depending on how well received it is, I might make this my main story. Don't like? A/N: So, it looks like Max and Ranger now officially have the Lookout and its technologies, even if they are outdated. "The team I started and commanded was known as the PAW Patrol. Please, let me see you out!" Max slowly turned the knob, and gently pushed the door. I don't know if it will work." Elevator up!" They end up having a younger sister named Sora when they're 2 years old. Work Search: Ever since Skye and Rubble got together, Chase has been falling into a downward spiral of destruction and self-loathing. Max and Ranger withheld snickers, and walked out. ", The mayor spluttered with how fast he tried to get the words out. "Well, me." ),stingrays, and jellyfish. Ryder tried to contact the old members to help him train the new dogs. The pup glanced nervously at the signs, swallowing multiple times. I have hopefully updated it, but it might be a few years till you use it. "Uh, sir, are you sure that's safe?" There was a reason why I asked you to wait until your pup was three years old, and this is why. It's going on a New Year for the PAW Patrol, and while things has been mostly good, there's a dark cloud heading its way to the lookout. Can the PAW Patrol be brought back to stop a crime ring? "I guess so. It also has a claw, but also has a few other features, like a giant spotlight on the underside so she can light up her pathway on night rescues, Ace: a smaller and darker red version of Marshall's ambulance, but with his badge on the side instead of Marshall's, and it can morph out to a make-shift doctor's office so he can do mobile checkups. Together, the two must travel across the nation to find new members while the clock is running. Does this thing fly?" Sensing the weight on it, the ladder retracted back to the truck. Ranger noticed that this caught Mayor Goodman's attention, as well as threw him a little off-balance. Or will it be too late? I have some families of pups for you to go to, so as to hopefully make your duty easier. Max shook his head. A pup-pack on her back held a multitude of tools to aid in fighting fires. "Arf! -Marshall Rating may be Mature, I don't know. I have decided to end this AU at the point it is, in order to prevent putting distant relatives together. Anyway, for you, I have prepared what I call a 'pup-pad'. #StayAtHomeChallenge, "Bahkan di saat dunia meragukanmu, The screen went on almost instantly, and the same, young Ryder appeared on the screen. The place was covered in dust, a layer that made Ranger sneeze. She grabbed a spare mask from her pack and placed it on the child's face. It was at the east-most point of the island, creating the bay. Work Search: Though in times of real danger, if his family or friends are in trouble, he'll tell himself to suck it up and push through. Our team consisted of eight pups. Max asked. He tapped a file and it opened instantly. he asked quickly. It was a tablet, about the size of a small watermelon's diameter. She finds his freckles and kind personality super cute and she is head over tail for him. They get sent into the future, and are surprise to find out just how much things change, especially with each other. Max asked. The inside of the walls were titanium, ensuring that as time went on, it wouldn't collapse or rust. There were multiple bean bags, some of which had stains. It was a fire engine. At this point in time, I have no guarantees about when the third chapter will be out, so as ever, enjoy! When they're grown up and get married, they wear Marriage pins on their collars to match their mates. Will they fill their parents shoes? Originally Posted on FanFiction.Net; Character Death; Chase still likes Skye ... 2016-11-27 Completed: 2017-08-09 Words: 31097 Chapters: 14/14 Kudos: 23 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 689. Due to their mixed genes- When they're teens, Lani actually becomes taller than her mom, thanks to Chase's height, though Ace still towers over her, getting mostly German Shepherd genes in him. "It is instruction. Together, the two must travel across the nation to find new members while the clock is running. It was covered in a fine layer of dust, Max having just discovered the plane yesterday. Max pushed a button on the ancient-looking plane causing the rear hatch to open. PAW Patrol: New Generation Ecofinisher. Please find below the full details of the product you clicked a link to view. A somewhat robotic sounding bark sounded, and the tag glowed. A wave of cold air punched her in the face. See!? I know a little about him, I have kept in touch with his parents. It was limp, which made the dally grit her teeth. It was still a few feet away from the window when the dalmatian jumped. A coarse laugh escaped the old man. Based on P!nk's "Blow me (one last kiss)". Your parents assured me that once you were born, they would raise you right. It also contains a parachute- just in case. He's a bit of the watch-dog/worrier of his friend group, always making sure they're okay and trying to figure out if their plans are good or not. "I don't think we should be doing this, sir," the german shepherd pup said. She'll show her some of her favorite hidden spots and locations, and most of the time causes Ace to freak out when she won't answer her Badge and will use the GPS locator screen in the Lookout to track them down, Lani blames herself for the loss of Sora's tail because she feels she wasn't watching her sister closely enough and sometimes feels awful and feels like she failed her duty as an older sister, When Ace panics, he tends to start to hyperventilate and pace around in circles, his tail fluffing up thick as the fur stands on end, Ace is a huge softy for his girls and will do anything for them.

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