persepolis feminism essay

“Then came 1980: the year it became obligatory to wear the veil at school” (Persepolis 1. The Islamic Revolution had a strong impact in regards to women’s rights, specifically the legislation which was meant to improve conditions for women, but unfortunately resulted in a setback. Whereas, the “historical perspective, look at the political, social, racial, cultural, and economic structures in place as well as the traditions and counter traditions of the literature.” (p. 4) Consequently, Edna battles the... ... Many women, may in fact, agree with Satrapi’s definition of feminism, viewing many feminist arguments and viewpoints as overcompensating for sexism, and instead of campaigning for equal rights of men and women as human beings, are unjustly focusing on the rights of women.

The environment was unpleasant. Marjane has two influential female role models: her mother and her grandmother.

… And that if I didn’t want that to happen, I should wear the veil… ” (74). Professor Jesse Dobson Her parents openly demonstrate against the senselessness of the Shah’s rule and the ridiculous restrictions and laws forced upon them by the Shah’s secret police. Persepolis: A Feminist Perspective. They said that women like me should be pushed up against a wall and fucked. Neo-Marxism is a new version of Marxism theories, but without the social classes determinism. In her words, “From the time I came to France in 1994, I was always telling stories about life in Iran to my friends. She choose a theme which is different from the traditional issues—the issues of romantic involvements and the sentimental stuff. The author of Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi was born during the Islamic revolution, where things were in an extreme condition compared to condition of our modern society. Similarly to her perception of women, Marjane’s view on men is supported positively by both her father and her uncle Anoosh; both men are politically liberal and seem to strongly support women’s rights and education. The execution of her beloved Uncle, would only anger and strengthen her views even more, and her outspoken personality forced her parents to send her away, as it is unacceptable in their society for a female to voice her opinion in such a manner. For example, when I visited Tanzania... ...Feminist Lens: A Perspective - The Awakening The protagonist, Marjane, experiences, of the text for analysis: Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi

For instance, in Persepolis, women were depicted as guardians of the nation since they are understood to be the careers of tradition through motherhood.

When a group of men assaults her mother for not wearing the typical conservative dress, her mother cries: “They insulted me. “Feminist criticism questions the ways in which women have been defined through a literary tradition dominated by male authors and critics…many feminists argue that the forms and conventions of traditional literature allow only a certain type of female character to be portrayed, and that women as well as men are conditioned to respond in certain ways to those characters” (Pike & Acosta, 2010, A-7). In the 19th century, women were viewed differently than they are now, and those differences play a major part in the roles women played in the literature of their time. Marjane experiences both positive and negative moments throughout the memoir such as growing up alone in Austria, speaking against, The Torah : The Foundation Of The Abrahamic And Davidic Covenant, Comparing Hinduism And Buddhism In Siddhartha By Hermann Hesse, Clovis And Charlemagne : Influence Of Christianity In The Ages, Maya Angelou : I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. However, although many believe that the Koran promotes the veiling of women, the origin of this custom in fact dates back to “ancient Middle East, veiling was introduced as a practice by the lawmaker Hammurabi of Babylon, who required that women who were the property of individual men in marriage should be veiled in the streets to show their respectability, while those who were held in common by men, -prostituted women- should remain bareheaded to show their lowly status” (Lerner, 1987). Marjane experiences both positive and negative moments throughout the memoir such as growing up alone in Austria, speaking against women's dress codes, and her constant struggle to make her grandma proud, all which help her learn independence and help form her into a strong feminist woman. Additionally, she has to wear headscarf all the time. Marjane, her mother, and her grandmother all unite under the shared experience of Iranian women – they must all suffer through their country’s systemized oppression together. From the role Marji plays to the role of her mother. Persepolis takes place during the childhood of Marjane Satrapi. This means that the spaces that exist externally from us are affecting and shaping us up in a certain way. The main character and also narrator of Persepolis was raised in Iran during the Islamic Revolution, the second Iran war as well as the Iraq war. This particular question is one that has stymied mankind from the beginning, author of Persepolis, depicts the political turmoil in Iran by including the degrading rights of women.

Now what if I introduced history where that piece of cloth sparked a revolution impactful enough to split an entire nation? 20 February 2013 Here are some Persepolis essay topics to for your paper. South University Online As a young child Marji is permitted to protest with her friends in the gardens, under the close watch of her parents, and at the age of 14 she is finally allowed to join her mother at a meeting against fundamentalism. When the veils become mandatory, Marjane’s mother wishes to take her to an opposition demonstration: “She should start learning to defend her rights as a woman right now! Marjane has an almost romanticised view of her grandmother, and views her as the moral compass in her life, encouraging her independence when she decides to divorce, and reminding her of the sacrifices made to fight for rights and justice in Iran when Marjane acts without “Integrity!”(Persepolis, p.293). The environment and space around us affects and shape us since we were young.

English 113B In the early 1950s when Britain discovered Iran’s amazing oil, the shah, a western controlled puppet was put into power to control and nationalize this resource.

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