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She wanted to come over to CTU, but Lynn refused to meet her there. Audrey and Curtis objected, saying that CTU should hand the tip to the Secret Service. As the terrorists drove to an unknown location, CTU heard Jack say that they had one of the canisters with them.

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Suspicious, Lynn looked up her phone records, but she had erased them with Chloe's help. Lynn agreed and they continued working. Audrey and Lynn agreed it was too risky, but Buchanan gave him the greenlight. Lynn then relayed the orders to Jack and told the tactical teams to move out of the mall. They listened to Jack answering, as Erwich gave him a meeting place to exchange for the chip. ("Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm"). While Jack was in transit, Audrey received a call from James Nathanson, who demanded to be put in touch with Jack. Looking for movie tickets? Bill, who agreed with Lynn, told them they had to call the President. As they kept on following them, they realized that the terrorists' target was the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall. After he stopped the flow of the nerve gas, Lynn ordered Curtis' team to move in to evacuate the mall. After briefly meeting Chloe - who claimed she didn't remember him - he spoke to Bill Buchanan and asked for an update on the situation. When Jack refused to go on with the order, giving the terrorists a false unlock code for the trigger on purpose, Lynn ordered him to comply with the order of the President. Jack excused himself and headed to CTU medical clinic. Audrey continued to use Chloe to operate behind Lynn's back. Audrey complied and left to meet Diane.

Directed by Renato De Maria.

At this point, Ivan Erwich called Cummings' while CTU listened, and threatened to use the nerve gas on US soil.

His action allowed Chloe O'Brian to restart the ventilation system and clear the air, ensuring no further loss of life among the survivors. He tried to contact President Logan, but he didn't answer.

Sign up for a FANALERT® and be the first to know when tickets and other exclusives are available in your area. When Lynn asked what were they doing to trace the canisters, Chloe told him she had pulled Erwich's voice-print from his previous call to Cummings and was scanning all sat-com frequencies for a match. Jack confessed that 18 months prior, Palmer had informed him that someone inside Logan's administration wanted to kill him, which prompted him to fake his own death. He confessed to Harry Swinton, also trapped in Holding Room 4, that the attack was his fault because he was too embarrassed to report the theft of his key card. Picking up on the tactic, Lynn had Bill taken into holding and put a Section 2.3 redundancy into effect, mirroring all stations through his office so that he could keep tabs on things. In the following episode, when he assumed custody of Jack from. Lynn then brought Jack up to speed with the finding of the nerve gas, and Jack told him that they should find whoever ordered the hit on Palmer since the two events were probably related. Lynn arrived at CTU Los Angeles shortly after 10:00am to oversee the rescue effort at Ontario Airport, which had been taken over by Dawn Brigade terrorists trying to stop the anti-terrorism treaty between the United States and Russia.

Bristling at the rebuke, Lynn ordered Jack taken into custody, over the objections of Bill, Audrey, and Curtis Manning.

"He may be in charge, Bill, but he's not in control." Lynn had a sister, Jenny McGill, who struggled with drug addiction. Lynn then walked into the Situation Room where Bill Buchanan, Audrey Raines and Chloe O'Brian were meeting.

Meanwhile, the gas was eating through the protective seals and threatening to kill everyone who was left.

("Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am"). At around 12:45pm, Jack contacted them with President Logan with the intel from Walt Cummings. When Audrey tells him about the mitigating evidence of Chloe's testimony on Jack's favor, Lynn insists that the situation is still too complicated and that Jack needs to be brought back to CTU.

After explaining what he had found, Bill asked Chloe to confirm quickly which she did.

Once Lynn verified with Chloe the intel that Jack gave them, he told her to make sure that the team knew about the contents. Lynn argues that Jack being out of contact for so long is suspicious so he asks Bill to send him the transcripts from every conversation they've held with Jack after the crisis started. As they drove out, Lynn ordered Curtis not to intervene but to reassemble his team for a follow operation. As pressure mounted from the White House to stop the terrorists, he became increasingly erratic and paranoid of his employees' activities, eventually leading Audrey Raines and Curtis Manning to invoke Section 1.12 of the CTU charter and remove him from his post. Bill, who is bothered by his presence, resists telling him how busy he is coordinating the rescue efforts at the airport. “Ruthless,” a new Off-Broadway musical comedy based on “The Bad Seed,” opens July 13 at St. Luke’s Theatre (308 West 46th St. in Manhattan). He called the White House to inform everything was on track. Jack then suggested to Lynn and Buchanan that he could pose as Rossler to see if the terrorists led him to the canisters., In his first appearance, when he introduced himself to Chloe, McGill said he was from District.

"[2], In 2013, film critic Glenn Erickson gave the film a positive review, writing, "Financed as a one-shot project by an agent-turned producer, Ruthless plays its quietly subversive theme right out to the bitter end. Lynn (りん, Rin, born June 1) is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with Arts Vision.After involving in the entertainment industry, she made her debut as a voice actress in 2010.

Jack promised both he and Harry that their families would be notified of their sacrifice. We know life happens, so if something comes up, you can return or exchange your tickets up until the posted showtime. As they waited for feedback from Jack, Lynn received a notification from Division to stop the search for the nerve gas, on orders from the White House. Bill ordered a lockdown, and then an evacuation, but was too late to stop the attack. When he suggested allowing the terrorists to release the nerve gas, Logan was outraged. Collect bonus rewards from our many partners, including AMC, Stubs, Cinemark Connections, Regal Crown Club when you link accounts. Audrey was reluctant, but Lynn insisted arguing that her personal relationship with Jack could allow her to connect with Diane. He then told Jackie he wanted to talk to Buchanan. Lynn then went to tell Division to restrict the flow of information. As the only person on site with the clearance to do that, Lynn continued to refuse, suggesting that they pass the information along to the National Security Agency, who would have to submit to a lengthy approval process before giving the intel to the Secret Service. It has excellent performances by a cast of not-quite big stars, some of them recently relieved of studio contracts. Performances are handicapped by the direction of Edgar G. Ulmer. After the raid, Lynn went to the Situation Room where Buchanan apologized to him and told him how if he hadn't found out about Jack's duress code, they would've walked into a trap. Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies.

In episode two of Tyler Perry’s Ruthless, Brian’s wife, Lynn, goes to the Rakudushi compound without telling him, in order to try and find the missing girls, … ... (Diana Lynn), to foot the bill for his Harvard education. Adaptation from the Dayton Stoddart novel, Prelude to Night, is involved and confusing. On leading roles, she played Nozomi Kaminashi in Keijo!

However, after the terrorists activated the canister, Jack managed to wake up and kill one of them. ("Day 5: 10:00am-11:00am"). See the full list of Ruthless cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Lynn gives Jack level 2 security clearance. Somewhat bothered, Bill asked Lynn why he was there and he informed Buchanan of the pressure coming from the White House to save the hostages, particularly with Jack Bauer's involvement. Bill Buchanan, arrested earlier for defying Lynn's orders, was reinstated as director.

After the terrorists got out of their van, Chloe started sending redeployment orders to tactical teams to intercept them. Security escorts Lynn to a holding cell, after Curtis Manning relieves Lynn of his duties. While she looked for him, Lynn called Donna to inform her everything was ok. As he was talking with her, Bill came in the office. However, Rossler asked for full immunity, unfreezing of his assets, and transportation to a foreign country. Lynn was the closest person to the computer console that could restore control of the ventilation system, so he agreed to do the job.

High-strung and controlling, McGill had a reputation for firing most of his subordinates soon after taking command of a new office.

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