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In fact, the quote came from the Twitter account @pepys_diaries, one of several Pepys impersonations that have sprung up in recent weeks. … But I put off the thoughts of sadness as much as I can.”. In 1703, he joined her.

During the plague, this sort of paranoia also abounded. But he wasn’t sure whether any of this was effective.

The day, he wrote, gave him “matter for as much content on one hand and melancholy on another” as any day in his life. It was a well-intentioned joke, whose authors can’t be blamed for it being shared out of context. We fact-checked the claims of those who sought to downplay the seriousness of the pandemic in the weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election.

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None wrote about them like Samuel Pepys, naval administrator, Member of Parliament and bon viveur. Just as we follow these numbers closely today, Pepys documented the growing number of plague victims in his diary. He fastidiously kept a diary from 1660 to 1669 – a period of time that included a severe outbreak of the bubonic plague in London. Pepys continued to live his life normally until the beginning of June, when, for the first time, he saw houses “shut up” – the term his contemporaries used for quarantine – with his own eyes, “marked with a red cross upon the doors, and ‘Lord have mercy upon us’ writ there.” After this, Pepys became increasingly troubled by the outbreak. “They are afeared of us that come to them,” he wrote in mid-July, “insomuch that I am troubled at it.”. Fake authorship is an old and inevitably political game, one that Pepys’s forebears and contemporaries played deftly. “The Coronavirus Diaries of Samuel Pepys.” Biden still has a commanding lead in the polls but there has been so much interference and disenfranchisement of voters already that there's no telling what will actually end up being counted so – anyone can win.

Some of the most popular measures to combat the plague involved purifying the air by smoking tobacco or by holding herbs and spices in front of one’s nose. Medusa was punished for being raped—so why do we still depict her as a monster? Photo 12/Universal Images Group via Getty Image, but also informed by the medical theory of the era. Fearing that his entire house would be shut up if a servant came down with the plague, Pepys mobilized all his other servants to get Will out of the house as quickly as possible.

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Here’s a chart showing the rise in visits, and where they come from: It shows that we usually have around 1800 users per day, which goes up to over 6000 on 23 March.

He probably added to it.

By mid-August, he had drawn up his will, writing, “that I shall be in much better state of soul, I hope, if it should please the Lord to call me away this sickly time.” Later that month, he wrote of deserted streets; the pedestrians he encountered were “walking like people that had taken leave of the world.”. Claim. It can require constant risk assessment: How close is too close? Look again, Register now to attend the 2020 Think Tank Awards ceremony, Homes for all: what new social and affordable housing can do for Britain, Watch: The Big Pivot—the third sector post Covid-19, Tips for winning the Bennett Prospect Prize, Reforming fundraising will be vital for charities’ survival, Only a locally-led planning system can fix the housing crisis, The importance of staying connected: how video games can help tackle loneliness, More people than ever now rely on a steady, fast internet connection. Humans are social animals and thrive on interaction, so it’s no surprise that so many have found social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic challenging. God preserve us all.”.

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